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Dorchester crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
12/1/23 - 11:18 am Cop trying to break up one fight in Codman Square gets pepper sprayed by participant in second nearby fight, police say Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon Washington St. and Talbot Ave.
11/6/23 - 11:00 am Drunk waves gun at bus riders on Columbia Road, only it turned out to be a gun-shaped lighter, police say Assault with a dangeous weapon Columbia Road
10/13/23 - 2:10 pm Man fatally shot in the head on Corona Street in Dorchester Murder 46 Corona St.
10/12/23 - 3:27 pm Geneva Avenue litterbugs arrested - for the loaded gun police say they had in their car Illegal gun possession Geneva Ave. and Bowdoin st.
10/9/23 - 5:10 pm Teenager fires gun in Codman Square, police say Gunfire 60 Southern Ave.
10/6/23 - 11:27 am When his mother reported a man was masturbating in a car in front of her, son rushed into action and smashed the guy's windshield, forcing him to flee, DA says Lewd and lacivious behavior Clayton St.
9/21/23 - 11:00 pm For third time this year, woman of Asian descent is attacked on the Red Line, by teens who then smashed a train window, police say Assault JFK/UMass
9/17/23 - 8:40 pm Five shot, including 11-year-old, in Franklin Field development Shooting 50 Ames St.
9/9/23 - 4:38 pm Man stabbed in the stomach on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester Stabbing 1100 Blue Hill Ave.
9/9/23 - 5:26 am Two shot, one fatally, in hail of gunfire on Greenock Street in Dorchester Murder 12 Greenock St.
9/2/23 - 11:47 pm Man shot to death on Old Road in Dorchester; suspect arrested Murder Old Rd. and Michigan Ave.
8/27/23 - 4:52 pm Huge South Bay brawl ends with eight teens and pre-teens arrested Assault and battery 36 District Ave.
8/26/23 - 6:04 pm The bloody mile: At least nine shot, one stabbed, nine arrested, six with loaded guns, on short stretch of Blue Hill Avenue Stabbing 493 Blue Hill Ave.
8/26/23 - 7:45 am Mass shooting on Talbot Avenue this morning, but police say it had nothing to do with Carnival Shooting 18 Talbot Ave.
8/25/23 - 6:28 pm Dominoes kibbitzing turns violent in Dorchester; player charged with slicing one opponent's face with a machete, chasing the other around a parking lot with the weapon Stabbing 190 Westview St.
8/12/23 - 8:45 pm Gun battle erupts near basketball game at Lee School and Harambee Park, but at least the gunmen were terrible shots Gunfire Talbot Ave. and Wales St.
8/11/23 - 11:03 pm Man stabbed on Bloomfield Street in Dorchester; suspect arrested Stabbing 108 Bloomfield St.
8/10/23 - 2:24 am Driver rams pedestrian on Columbia Road near JFK/UMass, speeds away, police say Hit and run Columbia Rd. and Kosciuszko Cir.
8/3/23 - 9:00 pm Woman who asks some teens to quiet down on the Red Line gets shot in the face with a gel gun, police say Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon JFK/UMass
7/27/23 - 11:05 pm Man shoots gun on Kingsdale Street in Dorchester, then just keeps firing Gunfire Kingsdale St. and Wales St.
7/24/23 - 12:06 pm Resident of facility for homeless vets in Dorchester stabbed to death; another resident charged Murder 6 Hartford St.
7/16/23 - 7:44 pm 15-year-old was hanging out on Blue Hill Avenue with a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Blue Hill Ave. and Johnston Rd.
7/14/23 - 2:55 pm Man steals pickup in Dorchester, quickly returns to ditch the toddler still in the car seat inside, speeds off again, police say Carjacking Geneva Ave. and Leroy St.
7/13/23 - 9:02 am Dorchester man charged with smashing woman's nose in, trying to run her over after she didn't say 'good morning' to him as she watered her lawn Assault and battery Balsam Street
6/19/23 - 6:00 pm Another T bus driver shot with BBs by teens Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon South Bay Mall
5/26/23 - 9:55 pm Worker at South Bay Stop & Shop stabbed in the chest Stabbing 1100 Massachusetts Ave.
5/26/23 - 1:30 am Police say pair held up two men at gunpoint on Talbot Avenue in Dorchester, then stuck around the area making them easier to arrest Armed robbery 231 Talbot Ave.
5/23/23 - 3:30 pm Lower Mills Star Market worker charged with stabbing colleague in fight over job shirking, DA says Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon 4 River St.
5/23/23 - 12:15 pm Somebody fires several shots at Dot. Ave. and Gallivan Boulevard; nearby firefighters not hit Gunfire Dorchester Ave. and Gallivan Blvd.
5/22/23 - 4:57 pm Man shot to death on Columbia Road in Dorchester Murder 264 Columbia Rd.
5/18/23 - 10:05 pm Three stabbed, one in the back, on Norfolk Street in Dorchester Stabbing 247 Norfolk St.
5/10/23 - 12:10 am Two shot in Uphams Corner Shooting Humphreys St. and Humphreys Pl.
5/7/23 - 10:25 pm Apartments, cars shot up in Dorchester, possibly by running group of men who failed to hit their targets Gunfire Brunsick St. and Normandy St.
5/7/23 - 8:32 pm Man shows up at a Boston hospital with gunshot wounds, dies; police find shooting scene on Centre Street in Dorchester Murder 381 Centre St.
5/7/23 - 2:53 pm Scooter-driving guy holds up Woodrow Avenue market at gunpoint Armed robbery 67 Woodrow Ave.
5/4/23 - 4:05 pm Man shot in the head and back on Homes Avenue in Dorchester Shooting 81 Homes Ave.
4/25/23 - 8:11 pm Man charged with stabbing brother in the neck in Dorchester Stabbing 34 Oldfields Rd.
4/14/23 - 9:11 pm Police responding to gunfire call in Dorchester don't find shooter but do find six loaded guns, one with 30 bullets
4/13/23 - 2:30 pm 15-year-old nabbed walking down Devon Street in Dorchester with a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Devon St. and Laredo St.
4/2/23 - 9:00 pm Red Line rider emphasizes her side in an argument by pulling out a knife, police say Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Fields Corner MBTA station
4/2/23 - 6:12 am Man stabbed in fight at Ashmont station Stabbing Ashmont MBTA Station
4/1/23 - 3:06 am Police say they nab couple driving around Dorchester with a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Harvard St. and Gleason St.
3/29/23 - 11:05 pm Feds nab another suspect for armed robbery of a Boston store this past spring Armed robbery 844 Blue Hill Ave.
3/27/23 - 9:53 pm Market at Washington and Erie in Dorchester robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 181 Washington St.
3/24/23 - 8:25 pm DA: Gun-packing sexual harasser ordered held without bail after affray at South Bay movie complex; two of four daughters also arrested Assault and battery 25 District Ave.
3/11/23 - 11:02 am Man came a long way to fail at robbing South Bay bank branch, police say Attempted bank robbery 1100 Massachusetts Ave.
3/8/23 - 10:45 am Person shot in the head next to playground at Thetford and Evans in Dorchester Shooting Thetford Ave. and Evans St.
3/6/23 - 1:10 pm Watertown man robbed Uphams Corner bank, but didn't get far, police say Bank robbery 535 Columbia Rd.
3/2/23 - 5:00 pm Guy angry at somebody inside a Red Line train waiting at Ashmont slams self into train window, cracking it, police say Assault Ashmont MBTA Station
2/21/23 - 7:40 pm Two shot, one dead, on Wilrose Street in Dorchester Murder 59 Wilrose St.
2/19/23 - 5:00 pm Woman beaten by two teens on MBTA bus in Dorchester, police say Assault and battery Washington St. and Columbia Rd.
2/18/23 - 8:46 pm Woman murdered on Fermoy Heights Avenue in Dorchester Murder 15 Fermoy Heights Ave.
2/16/23 - 7:00 am Police hunt guy they say sexually attacked a child on a bus in Dorchester and another guy who stroked himself on the Red Line Indecent assault and battery Columbia Road
2/13/23 - 8:10 pm Two shot, one dead on Dewey Street in Dorchester Murder 21 Dewey St.
1/30/23 - 2:45 pm Three students at TechBoston Academy in Dorchester stabbed in fight near school Stabbing Armandine St. and Washington St.
1/25/23 - 3:30 pm Group of teens attack another group of teens and a window on a T bus with bricks; two injured, windows smashed, police say Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon Blue Hill Ave. and Columbia Rd.
1/23/23 - 1:21 pm 12-year-old arrested on gun charges in Dorchester after running from stolen car driven by a 16-year-old, police say Illegal gun possession 205 Stratton St.
1/22/23 - 8:01 am Police: Guy running away from gunfire scene in Dorchester arrested after gun falls out of his clothes Illegal gun possession Brenton St.
1/20/23 - 9:18 pm Man opens fire in Bowdoin Street barbershop; one person grazed in the neck Shooting 243 Bowdoin St.
1/16/23 - 3:00 am Police: Man was speeding down Blue Hill Avenue with a loaded assault rifle, a loaded handgun, a pound of pot and a bunch of counterfeit credit cards Illegal gun possession Blue Hill Ave. and McClellan St.
1/15/23 - 5:30 pm Woman shot in Polish Triangle Shooting 629 Dorchester Ave.
1/12/23 - 10:30 pm Person stabbed in chest on Dorchester Avenue Stabbing Dorcheter Ave. and East Cottage St.
12/27/22 - 11:20 am Woman says devil made her set Dorchester three decker on fire today, DA says Arson 74 Mora St.
12/23/22 - 11:01 pm Man shot to death on Franklin Hill Avenue in Dorchester Murder Franklin Hill Ave. and Shandon Rd.
12/13/22 - 8:58 pm Officers had just finished a traffic stop in Dorchester when they noticed a guy walking by with what appeared to be a gun, police say Illegal gun possession 309 Bowdoin St.
12/13/22 - 1:30 pm Shots fired on Roseland Street in Dorchester Gunfire Roseland St.
12/10/22 - 12:30 am Gunfire early this morning on Talbot Avenue, where two men were shot on Monday Gunfire 128 Talbot Ave.
12/5/22 - 3:20 pm Two shot near Lee School in Dorchester Shooting 155 Talbot Ave.
11/27/22 - 10:25 pm Man shot in the chest on Lindsey Street in Dorchester Shooting 31 Lindsey St.
11/9/22 - 1:15 pm Excavation worker shot to death in front of his family on Harvard Street in Dorchester Murder Harvard St. and Paxton St.
11/6/22 - 9:45 pm Person shot on Westview Street in Dorchester Shooting 92 Westview St.
11/5/22 - 10:37 pm 14-year-old with an ankle bracelet and a loaded gun was driving around Dorchester Friday night, badly enough to attract police attention, DA says Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Quincy St.
10/31/22 - 9:30 pm Egg tossing turned knifey at Ashmont station; three arrested Assault with a dangerous weapon Ashmont MBTA Station
10/31/22 - 2:14 pm Kid arrested with loaded gun outside Dorchester school after he and two pals stomped another teen, police say Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon 155 Talbot Ave.
10/30/22 - 5:50 am Three shot, one in the chest, in restaurant on Hancock Street in Dorchester Shooting 299 Hancock St.
10/29/22 - 10:27 pm Man shot in the neck in carjacking attempt on Erie Street in Dorchester Shooting Erie St. and Merrill St
10/28/22 - 12:00 pm For second day in a row, police respond to a report of a student with a gun, this time in South Boston - although he was arrested in Dorchester Illegal gun possession Island View Place
10/26/22 - 7:17 pm Man shot to death in barbershop on Washington Street in Dorchester Murder 145 Washington St.
10/25/22 - 7:58 pm Shots fired in UMass Bayside parking lot Gunfire UMass Bayside Lot
10/23/22 - 10:28 pm Man shot to death on Geneva Avenue in Fields Corner Murder 482 Geneva Ave.
10/22/22 - 1:00 am Man shot to death on Baird Street in Dorchester Murder 39 Baird St.
10/16/22 - 8:52 pm Three shot, one dead, at Bowdoin and Geneva Murder 263 Bowdoin St.
10/10/22 - 5:58 pm Harambee Park cricket team: 1, Knife-wielding thief: Nil Armed robbery 930 Blue Hill Ave.
10/4/22 - 9:30 am Teen shot in stomach outside Burke High School Shooting 60 Washington St.
10/4/22 - 12:40 am Man shot to death on Westville Street in Dorchester Murder 38 Westville St.
10/2/22 - 10:45 pm Home, two cars hit by gunfire on Marden Avenue in Dorchester Gunfire Marden Avenue
9/19/22 - 7:55 pm Dorchester brawl ends with car chase, two arrested on gun charges, one of them just 16 Illegal gun possession Talbot Ave. and Lithgow St.
9/18/22 - 10:36 pm After gunfire off Norfolk Street in Dorchester, man ran away from officers with a gun in his hand, but was captured, police say Gunfire 24 Hannon St.
9/8/22 - 9:30 pm Dorchester woman charged in Ashmont T-stop restroom rage Assault and battery Ashmont MBTA Station
9/4/22 - 2:59 am Two shot dead on Melbourne Street in Dorchester; third man injured Murder 26 Melbourne St.
8/31/22 - 5:06 pm Man fatally shot on Van Winkle Street in Dorchester Murder 7 Van Winkle St.
8/30/22 - 1:21 am Man drove up from Dedham with a gun loaded with 32 rounds, police say Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Oldfields Rd.
8/27/22 - 5:41 pm Man shot to death on Blue Hill Avenue near Franklin Field in Dorchester Murder Blue Hill Ave. and Westview St.
8/1/22 - 12:06 pm Man shot to death on Norwell Street in Dorchester Murder 215 Norwell St.
7/31/22 - 12:30 am Barefoot man in ski mask was running down a Dorchester street with a loaded gun 45 minutes after three were shot there, police say Illegal gun possession Dakota St. and Greenbrier St.
7/27/22 - 7:25 pm Teen shot to death on Ellington Street in Dorchester Murder 28 Ellington St.
7/22/22 - 9:50 pm House, car hit by gunfire on Shandon Road in Dorchester Gunfire 1 Shandon Rd.
7/19/22 - 10:00 am Woman pours beer on bus driver's head in Dorchester, bites one cop, spits on others, police say Assault and battery Columbia Rd. and Washington St.
7/16/22 - 1:03 am Man stabbed to death on Harvard Street in Dorchester Murder 110 Harvard St.
7/15/22 - 10:17 pm House, car hit by gunfire near Ronan Park in Dorchester Gunfire Fox St. and Percival St.
7/13/22 - 3:30 pm Terror ride on the Red Line as man attacks other passengers with fists, feet and a metal bottle, police say Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon JFK/UMass
7/8/22 - 7:30 pm Police hunt man for attack that left victim unconscious at Savin Hill T stop Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon 125 Savin Hill Ave.
7/4/22 - 11:34 pm Police say 13-year-old was driving down Columbia Road with a loaded gun Illegal gun possession 144 Columbia Rd.
7/4/22 - 12:30 am Four shot outside Ashmont T station Shooting Dorchester Ave. and Bailey St.
7/1/22 - 1:15 pm Man in car shot on Carmen Street in Dorchester Shooting Carmen St. and Radcliffe St.
6/30/22 - 10:45 pm Police say young teens smashed Red Line windows at JFK/UMass, then attacked cabbie with hammer, bottle and spit Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon JFK/UMass
6/25/22 - 3:24 pm Gun-toting teen from Brockton and three other Brockton pals were joyriding through Dorchester on scooters, until they ran a stop sign, police say Illegal gun possession Whitfield St.
6/20/22 - 1:45 am Man stabbed repeatedly on Norton Street in Dorchester Stabbing 35 Norton St.
6/10/22 - 10:20 pm Man in car shot in foot Shooting Bellevue St.
6/7/22 - 2:20 pm Man opens fire on Dorchester Avenue near Ashmont station Gunfire Dorchester Ave. and Van Winkle St.
6/3/22 - 12:05 am Two shot on Whitfield Street in Dorchester Shooting 87 Whitfield St.
6/2/22 - 10:02 pm Man shot at Washington and Fenelon streets in Dorchester Shooting Washington St. and Fenelon St.
5/31/22 - 9:40 pm Argument turns into brawl that ends with gunfire at Barry and Hamilton streets in Dorchester Gunfire Barry St. and Hamilton St.
5/30/22 - 8:50 pm Man stabbed to death on Beauford Lane in Dorchester Murder 4 Beauford Ln
5/25/22 - 7:30 pm Shots fired, man arrested with gun loaded with 11 bullets in Dorchester, police say Illegal gun possession Norfolk St. and Milton Ave.
5/23/22 - 12:00 pm Teens punch two men in the head in armed-robbery attempt at Shawmut station Armed robbery Shawmut station
5/21/22 - 9:00 pm Man walks up to house on Middleton Street in Dorchester and opens fire Gunfire Middleton St.
5/21/22 - 7:49 am Teen had a loaded gun in his waistband on Dot. Ave., police say Illegal gun possession 1750 Dorchester Ave.
5/18/22 - 8:50 pm Two shot at Franklin Field Shooting Westview St. and Ames St.
5/14/22 - 2:40 am Man stabs officer in Dorchester, is shot dead, police say Stabbing 22 Glendale St.
5/5/22 - 6:05 pm 15-year-old on foot, two adults in a car were wandering around Dorchester with loaded guns, police say Illegal gun possession 156 Washington St.
4/23/22 - 11:05 pm Large house party on Dunlap Street in Dorchester ends with two arrested, two loaded guns seized, police say Illegal gun possession 35 Dunlap St.
4/15/22 - 9:10 pm Hail of gunfire sends bullets into three houses, leaves streets littered with shell casings in area of Speedwell and Topliff in Dorchester Gunfire Topliff St. and Speedwell St.
3/31/22 - 9:45 pm Man shot in leg on Bowdoin Street in Dorchester Shooting 34 Bowdoin St.
3/26/22 - 9:37 am Steak shoplifter tries to strangle cop at South Bay Stop & Shop, police say Assault and battery 1100 Massachusetts Ave.
3/20/22 - 9:35 pm Back window on car with three people inside shot out in Dorchester; none injured Gunfire Dudley St. and Folsom St.
3/19/22 - 12:03 am Teen shot in stomach, leg on Geneva Avenue in Dorchester Shooting 237 Geneva Ave.
3/15/22 - 5:40 pm Two shot next to Dorchester school Shooting Peacevale Road
3/12/22 - 11:25 pm Man charged with breaking into Fields Corner residence then locking himself into bathroom Breaking and entering Paisley Park
3/4/22 - 9:52 pm Multiple shots fired at Blue Hill Avenue and Paxton Street in Dorchester; one flies into apartment Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Paxton St.
3/4/22 - 8:50 pm Man smashed in the face on the Red Line at JFK/UMass; suspect arrested Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon JFK/UMass
2/27/22 - 11:45 pm Police: Argument on the Red Line turns into a stabbing at Fields Corner Stabbing Fields Corner MBTA station
2/13/22 - 4:00 pm Out-of-town teens with replica guns cause chaos at South Bay Mall Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 8 Allstate Rd.
2/13/22 - 10:15 am Man beaten in the head with a metal pipe on Bowdoin Street in Dorchester; manages to flee attacker Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Bowdoin St. and Hamilton St.
2/10/22 - 9:21 pm Car hit by gunfire at Fabyan Street and Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester Gunfire Fabyan St. and Blue Hill Ave.
2/5/22 - 2:00 am Maniacal driving down Columbia Road ends with two arrested, one for a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Quincy St.
2/3/22 - 4:46 pm Police say man liked robbing a Dorchester market so much he robbed it again, only this time they were waiting for him Armed robbery 1 Savin Hill Ave.
1/25/22 - 8:55 pm Gunfire in at least three Dorchester, Mattapan locations last night Gunfire Dorchester Ave. and Bailey St.
1/24/22 - 2:45 pm Man sought for Neponset Circle bank holdup Bank robbery 780 Gallivan Blvd.
1/15/22 - 3:40 pm Man charged with pulling out a loaded gun as an argument grew heated outside Grove Hall Stop & Shop Illegal gun possession 468 Blue Hill Ave.
1/14/22 - 10:30 pm Close call for man in car on Melbourne Street in Dorchester: Hail of gunfire damages car, grazes his clothing, but leaves him untouched Gunfire Melbourne St. and Centre St.
1/2/22 - 6:30 pm Three shot in Codman Square, one dead Murder Lyndhurst St and Washington St.
1/1/22 - 3:38 pm Man nabbed with loaded, mostly plastic 'ghost' gun in Dorchester; was already wanted for killing somebody with his car, police say Illegal gun possession 52 Jacob St.
12/31/21 - 8:30 pm Police hunt driver who hit pedestrian in Grove Hall, then kept driving Hit and run 27 Washington St.
12/27/21 - 1:35 am Board to consider whether Dorchester American Legion post shares any blame for December attack that left a man in critical condition Assault and battery 500 Gallivan Blvd.
11/30/21 - 3:37 pm Man arrested in Dorchester after gunfire near Roslindale elementary school
11/21/21 - 12:00 am Police say Hyde Park woman helped beat, kidnap and rob Dorchester man she'd been friends with; she's under arrest, two others at large Armed robbery 67 Kingsdale St.
11/9/21 - 3:30 pm Three officers shot, suspect dead, after hours-long standoff on Ferndale Street in Dorchester Shooting 27 Ferndale St.
10/24/21 - 2:25 am Man charged with shooting gun early this morning at Bird and Ceylon streets in Dorchester Gunfire 114-124 Bird St.
10/19/21 - 1:44 pm Wanted man was tooling around Codman Square with a loaded gun, two knives, 86 extra rounds of live ammo and a spent shell, police say Illegal gun possession New England Avenue and Woodrow Ave.
10/17/21 - 1:10 am Police say man expressed his impatience with a Red Line train not leaving the station by punching a T worker in the face Assault and battery JFK/UMass
10/11/21 - 6:40 pm Man stabbed to death on Virginia Street in Dorchester Murder 9 Virginia St.
10/5/21 - 12:05 am Man shot in Uphams Corner; suspect arrested Shooting 605 Dudley St.
10/2/21 - 12:08 am When the cops are only a few feet away, it might be too late to kick your gun away, allegedly Illegal gun possession 69 Bailey St.
9/29/21 - 7:23 am SUV driver slammed into kid on Columbia Road in Dorchester, kept driving, police say Hit and run Columbia Rd. and Intervale St.
9/25/21 - 8:58 pm Two shot, one dead in Franklin Field Murder 240 Westview St.
9/25/21 - 2:40 am Man stabbed in the back on Dot. Ave. Stabbing Dorchester Ave. and Linden St.
9/15/21 - 10:45 am Teen arrested after bringing loaded gun to school in Dorchester, police say Illegal gun possession 11 Charles St.
9/3/21 - 10:10 pm Multiple windows shot out on Greenheys Street in Dorchester Gunfire Mascoma St. and Greenheys St.
8/31/21 - 4:47 am Police say man fires gun on Talbot Avenue, then retreats to his apartment there, where he is arrested Gunfire 245 Talbot Ave.
8/29/21 - 10:57 am Dorchester teen charged as dog killer Gunfire 97 Brunswick St.
8/28/21 - 6:30 pm Man fatally shot in the chest on Erie Street in Dorchester Murder 11 Erie St.
8/28/21 - 9:28 am Police: As officers were beginning to investigate fatal stabbing on Blue Hill Avenue, they found a guy with a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Blue Hill Ave.
8/28/21 - 9:21 am Teen stabbed to death at Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road Murder Blue Hill Ave. and Columbia Rd.
8/17/21 - 9:30 pm You snooze, you lose - especially if you're in a car blocking traffic on Gallivan Boulevard with a loaded gun on your lap, police say Illegal gun possession 489 Gallivan Blvd.
8/15/21 - 11:18 pm House shot at from behind on Stanwood Street in Dorchester Gunfire 148 Stanwood St.
8/12/21 - 4:35 pm In a car jammed with eight people in Dorchester, two had loaded guns, police say Illegal gun possession 135 Whitfield St.
8/9/21 - 12:29 am Six shot, one dead on Irma Street in Dorchester Murder 27 Irma St.
7/12/21 - 9:30 pm Mother with young child stabbed on Dorchester Avenue in Dorchester; suspect arrested Stabbing 1261 Dorchester Ave.
7/10/21 - 6:10 pm Four shot on Cameron Street in Dorchester Shooting 34 Cameron St.
7/10/21 - 11:30 am Man shot on Delano Street in Dorchester; suspect arrested Shooting 7 Delano St.
6/20/21 - 8:30 pm Two shot, one fatally, on Danube Street in Dorchester Murder 14 Danube St.
6/18/21 - 12:45 am Man shot in Uphams Corner Shooting 7 Stoughton St.
6/4/21 - 11:15 pm Man shot while sitting on his porch on Brinsley Street in Dorchester Shooting 8 Brinsley St.
6/2/21 - 4:25 pm Fitchburg man shoots up Edson Street in Dorchester, then crashes car, police say Shooting Edson St.
5/28/21 - 11:50 am Man shot to death on Park Street in Dorchester Murder 590 Park St.
5/24/21 - 10:00 pm Woman stabbed on Devon Street in Dorchester Stabbing 69 Devon St.
5/24/21 - 8:04 pm Man murdered on Blue Hill Avenue near Harvard Street Murder 917 Blue Hill Ave.
5/23/21 - 10:50 pm Three shot on Creston Street, one dead Murder 11 Creston St.
5/22/21 - 10:05 pm Man shot on Mt. Everett Street in Dorchester Shooting Mt. Everett St.
5/14/21 - 10:00 pm Person shot in the head on East Street near Dot Ave. Shooting East St. and Church St.
5/14/21 - 9:19 pm Man shot on Norton Street in Dorchester; suspect arrested Shooting 34 Norton St.
5/12/21 - 9:13 pm Multi-vehicle gun battle leaves Wales Street in Dorchester littered with bullets Gunfire 35 Wales St.
5/2/21 - 12:26 pm Two women stabbed to death on Taft Street in Dorchester; two children spared Murder 26 Taft St.
4/28/21 - 6:44 pm Man shot on Fayston Street in Dorchester; two arrested Shooting 26 Fayston St.
4/25/21 - 9:59 pm Man shot in the side on Clarkson Street in Dorchester Shooting 96 Clarkson St.
4/25/21 - 1:25 am Barrage of gunfire at Paxton and Harvard streets in Dorchester sends one bullet into a living room Gunfire Paxton St. and Harvard St.
4/25/21 - 12:15 am Two shot on Glenway Street in Dorchester Shooting 120 Glenway St.
4/20/21 - 11:30 pm Gunfire damages car on Levant Street in Dorchester Gunfire Levant St. and Delano St.
4/20/21 - 10:15 pm Gunfire damages car in parking lot off Normandy Street in Dorchester Gunfire 23-25 Normandy St.
4/17/21 - 10:00 am Fight dogs rescued, alleged trainer arrested at Fields Corner house where man was shot, police say Animal cruelty 5 Toledo Terr
4/14/21 - 6:30 pm Man shot in Fields Corner Shooting Toledo Terr.
4/10/21 - 5:56 pm Grandmother sitting on front porch shot to death by gunman aiming at somebody else Murder 19 Olney St.
4/4/21 - 1:20 am Man arrested after Franklin Field gunfire Gunfire 66 Stratton St.
4/3/21 - 1:20 am Man shot repeatedly at Dublin House in Dorchester Shooting 7 Stoughton St.
3/31/21 - 9:10 pm Somebody takes a shot at the South Bay Target Gunfire 7 Allstate Rd.
3/30/21 - 12:18 pm Teen shot, postal truck hit by gunfire in mid-day bullet barrage in Dorchester Shooting Quincy St. and Dacia St.
3/26/21 - 5:30 pm Man found shot in car riddled with bullet holes in Dorchester Shooting 270 Columbia Rd.
3/12/21 - 9:47 pm Police charge man tried run over officers, punch his way out of an arrest in Dorchester Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 329 Washington St.
3/11/21 - 7:40 pm Woman robs man of phone at Ashmont T station, then her pal threatens victim with a knife when he tries to get his phone back, police say Armed robbery 1900 Dorchester Ave.