Dude might want to consider a different line of work

An alleged one-man crime spree got himself arrested again early this morning after a Dorchester resident went downstairs to investigate noises and found the guy rifling through his kitchen, Boston Police report.

The Richview Street resident was awoken around 2:50 a.m. by noises downstairs; police say he got down just in time to see Derek Bouchard, 33, running out the door - with his iPhone, iPad and portable car DVD player.

Not long after, officers on patrol spotted Bouchard near the Butler trolley stop:

The officers noted the man in the Cedar Grove Cemetery, climbing an eight foot wall and then jumping to the sidewalk on the Butler Street side. The officers approached the man to conduct a threshold inquiry. When asked, the man stated that he was cutting across the cemetery to get to the train station. When told that the train station had closed three hours ago, the man stated that he always took this way as a shortcut home. The officers noticed that the man was very out of breath and acted very nervous when answering questions.

Bouchard was allegedly part of a two-man purse snatching in the South End last November that ended when some passersby tackled them and held them for police.

Bouchard has breaking and entering convictions out of Fall River, Lynn, Roxbury and Woburn.

Innocent, etc.