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Boston crime

9/20/20 - 7:45 pm
Boston Police report arresting Hyde Park man they say jumped behind the wheel of a Peapod delivery truck outside 10 East... Read more
9/18/20 - 7:45 pm
NBC Boston reports three people were shot on Hammond Street near Westminster Street around 7:45 p.m.
9/17/20 - 7:29 pm
Victim identified as Wildeny Tejeda-Mejia, 24, of Lynn. Boston Police report two men sitting in a car were shot outside 74... Read more
9/17/20 - 1:49 am
Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man on various charges, including attempted murder, after they say he refused to stick... Read more
9/13/20 - 6:58 pm
Boston Police report arresting a local man on a variety of gun, drug and driving charges after a maniacal drive that started on... Read more
Cops searching Friend Street
9/13/20 - 11:17 am
Around 11:15 p.m., a man apparently came out of the 222 Lounge at 222 Friend St., near Valenti Way, walked into the neighboring... Read more
9/12/20 - 10:09 pm
Somebody began firing a gun shortly before 10:10 p.m. on Lewiston Street at Ellard Road in Hyde Park. One bullet went through... Read more
9/12/20 - 8:10 pm
Boston Police report arresting a 14-year-old they say showed up at Roberts Playground in Dorchester with a loaded gun and... Read more
Stabbing scene
9/11/20 - 8:07 pm
Live Boston reports a man was beaten and stabbed by three to five other men on Temple Place in Downtown Crossing around 8 p.m.... Read more
9/10/20 - 6:54 pm
Boston Police report arresting Willis McGhee, 50, on charges he punched and kicked a 72-year-old man in a robbery at 30 Fremont... Read more
9/10/20 - 2:30 am
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on gun, drug and driving charges after an officer spotted him driving on the... Read more
9/8/20 - 9:40 pm
Around 9:40 p.m. where Waverly, Warren and Copleland streets meet. No reports of injuries or damage to nearby buildings or cars.
Lot of cash
9/8/20 - 6:40 am
Boston Police report drug-unit officers staking out Hyde Park Avenue and Arlington Street around 6:40 p.m. on Tuesday spotted... Read more
9/7/20 - 10:28 pm
Boston Police report arresting people from Hyde park, Quincy and Roxbury on gun charges last night after they allegedly ran a... Read more
9/7/20 - 4:13 pm
A 17-year-old was shot at Parker and Smith streets shortly after 4:10 p.m. Injuries not considered life threatening.
9/6/20 - 9:05 pm
Update: The Globe reports the victim was WCVB reporter Ted Wayman, while working on a story. Boston Police report arresting a... Read more
9/6/20 - 3:45 pm
WFXT reports on the double trauma around 3:45 p.m., captured on one resident's door-bell video system.
Shot-up Jeep
9/6/20 - 1:20 am
Live Boston reports a man escaped serious injury early Sunday when somebody started firing at his Jeep from just a few feet... Read more
9/5/20 - 9:29 pm
One victim was shot in the hand on Spencer Street, between Wheatland and Talbot Avenues shortly after 10:20 p.m., the second in... Read more
9/5/20 - 7:20 pm
Around 7:20 p.m. on Saturday, at the field off Wentworth Terrace and Washington Street, Live Boston reports. Shots may have... Read more
Detective about to put a gun in a box in Roxbury
9/5/20 - 3:37 am
Boston Police report arresting two men they say were wandering around Roxbury Friday and early today, one on foot, the other in... Read more
9/4/20 - 10:55 pm
Shortly before 11 p.m., one bullet came into the kitchen in a house on French Street and another hit a car on nearby Crossman... Read more
Detective photograph large bullet hole
9/3/20 - 1:30 am
Live Boston reports a hail of gunfire in the area of Dewey and Dacia streets around 1:30 a.m. sent bullets into two second-... Read more
East Boston crime scene
8/30/20 - 9:43 pm
In Lombardi Park, at London Street and Cunard Way, shortly before 9:45 p.m. The homicide unit was called in, just in case, due... Read more
Shooting scene
8/30/20 - 2:30 am
Live Boston reports a man was shot on Blue Hill Avenue at Elliington Street around 2:30 a.m., in the middle of what had turned... Read more
8/28/20 - 9:45 pm
Shots fired shortly after 9:45 p.m. at Franklin Street at Walnut Street. Gunman may have been aiming at somebody specific, but... Read more
Kion Thomas
8/27/20 - 11:24 pm
Live Boston reports a man walked up to a Boston EMT responding to a call at Blue Hill Avenue and Seaver Street, took out a... Read more
Man in ambulance in Dorchester
8/26/20 - 10:43 pm
Victim identified as James Martin, 26. Boston Police report a man was shot at 336 Adams St., at Neponset Avenue, around 10:40 p... Read more
8/25/20 - 9:15 pm
Update: Two arrested on gun charges. Police have recovered some 30 shell casings on either side of Martin Luther King Boulevard... Read more
8/25/20 - 4:29 pm
Boston Police report arresting two men, one from Hyde Park and one from Randolph, on gun charges at Ross Playground in Hyde... Read more
8/25/20 - 12:01 am
Shortly after midnight on Woolson Street near Wildwood Street. At least one car hit.
A lot of evidence markers
8/24/20 - 11:15 pm
Nobody injured during the gunfire around 11:15 p.m. in the area of Park and Claybourne streets. Live Boston reports at least 29... Read more
8/23/20 - 2:45 am
Live Boston reports police are looking for a woman who plowed into another woman getting into her own car at Devon and Normandy... Read more
8/22/20 - 5:53 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Braintree man for robbing somebody at gunpoint outside a Dana-Farber research building on... Read more
8/22/20 - 4:43 pm
Boston Police report that officers responding to a report of gunfire on Woodlawn Street, near Washington Street, around 4:45 p.... Read more
Shot-up car at Boston Medical Center
8/21/20 - 11:35 pm
Live Boston reports a man was shot five times in an apparent gun battle that ranged across several blocks and left several cars... Read more
8/21/20 - 6:05 pm
Live Boston reports seven rounds were fired outside 25 Mt. Ida Rd. around 6:05 p.m. Nobody hit, but police found a young boy... Read more
8/20/20 - 3:00 am
Dacoopas Pizza, 474 Saratoga St., reports that sometime overnight, somebody smashed their front door in and lifted the cash... Read more
Man wanted for bank robbery: Hefty
8/18/20 - 9:49 am
The FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force reports it is looking for a man it says held up the Rockland Trust branch, 229 North... Read more
Wanted for bank robbery: Man wearing Got Old shirt
8/17/20 - 12:14 pm
State Police report they are looking for a man who held up the Needham Bank branch at 1457 Tremont St., near the Roxbury... Read more
Boston EMS gets patient ready for ride to hospital
8/17/20 - 2:00 am
Live Boston reports a man was stabbed at Washington Street and Temple Place around 2 a.m. As he was being transported to a... Read more
Boston investigators try to figure out fatal Ashmont crash
8/15/20 - 11:45 pm
Live Boston reports the driver of a green Kia Sportage is being sought for hitting a pedestrian on Dorchester Avenue in Peabody... Read more
Detective photographs evidence on Park Street
8/14/20 - 10:25 am
Live Boston reports that shortly before 10:30 a.m., somebody in one car started shooting at somebody in another car on Park... Read more
8/11/20 - 11:50 am
Boston Police report arresting a woman from a Seattle suburb on charges she used a taser at a downtown hotel to hold up a guy... Read more
Wanted for Great Wok holdup
8/11/20 - 12:57 am
Boston Police report they are looking for two guys they say held up the Great Wok, 1284 Massachusetts Ave. in Edward Everett... Read more
8/10/20 - 9:25 pm
Shortly before 9:30 p.m. The victim fell to the ground, then ran through traffic a half block down Massachusetts Avenue before... Read more
8/10/20 - 1:30 am
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man and a Roxbury teen on charges they held up a man with what turned out to be a... Read more
8/8/20 - 11:05 pm
Shortly after 11 p.m. One victim was found by the basketball courts, the second victim, shot in the chin, walked to Walnut... Read more
8/7/20 - 1:50 am
WHDH reports a man in his 60s was stabbed in his driveway off Christy Lane, across from Stony Brook Reservation and near... Read more
8/6/20 - 10:55 pm
Shortly before 11 p.m. outside the Lee School on Talbot Avenue. No reports of people, vehicles or buildings hit.
8/6/20 - 9:09 am
Victim identified as Lovenson Pierre, 26, of Quincy. Boston Police report a man was found shot at 4 Hazelton St., off Blue... Read more
8/5/20 - 10:25 pm
BPD officers responding to reports of gunfire along Martin Luther King Boulevard around 10:25 p.m. found shells or shell... Read more
Suspect being taken into custody
8/4/20 - 12:01 am
Update: Victim identified as Michael Dezrick, 48. Boston Police report a man was fatally stabbed around midnight outside 1024... Read more
8/2/20 - 9:10 pm
Update: Victim died, identified as John Ramsey, 25, of Dorchester. A man driving on Ellington Street near Blue Hill Avenue was... Read more
8/2/20 - 2:00 am
Boston Police report a woman walking on Prince Street near North Square around 2 a.m. on Sunday was approached by a man who... Read more
Crime scene on Washington Street in Roslindale
7/31/20 - 7:40 pm
Around 7:40 p.m. outside the two Nick's shops - the pizza place and the liquor store. Washington Street inbound is now shut at... Read more
7/31/20 - 12:31 pm
Boston Police report arresting Tyrone Goforth on gun and drug charges inside Frugal Bookstore, 57 Warren St. in Nubian Square,... Read more
7/31/20 - 10:30 am
Boston Police report arresting a New York man on charges he tried to steal a bicycle from a Commercial Street shop yesterday,... Read more
7/31/20 - 7:27 am
Boston Police report Damien R. Hughes, 27, was fatally stabbed outside 112 Southampton St. around 7:25 a.m. Police report... Read more
7/29/20 - 11:15 pm
Victim identified as Jason Brandao, 28, of Dorchester. Around 11:15 p.m. at 121 Adams Street at Leedsville Street. A man was... Read more
7/29/20 - 9:55 pm
In the foot, shortly before 10 p.m. on Rosedale Street near Washington Street. Several rounds fired.
Moreno in 2018
7/26/20 - 5:11 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dedham man they say really, really wanted to steal stuff from the 7-Eleven on Washington... Read more
7/26/20 - 2:08 am
Victim identified as Amadou Jalloh, 28. Boston Police report a man was shot around 2 a.m. at Sumner and Conrad streets.... Read more
7/26/20 - 1:58 am
Victim identified as Sarbryon Loving, 39. Boston Police report a man was shot shortly before 2 a.m. at 38 Erie St. in... Read more
7/25/20 - 11:15 pm
In the back and leg, around 11:15 p.m., Live Boston reports. Police are investigating whether he was shot somewhere else, then... Read more
7/25/20 - 12:33 am
Boston Police report officers looking for double-stabbing suspects that left one victim with life-threatening injuries on at... Read more
7/24/20 - 12:50 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man they say walked into Boston Medical Center with a loaded gun Friday afternoon.... Read more
Dudley Street crime scene
7/22/20 - 4:55 pm
Two people were shot around 5 p.m. on Dudley Street at Howard Avenue, WFXT and Live Boston report, adding the injuries are not... Read more
7/22/20 - 12:24 pm
Boston Police report Andronique Dos Santos, 23, of Dorchester, was shot to death at the Holiday Inn Express, 69 Boston St. in... Read more
7/22/20 - 2:00 am
Boston Police report arresting a Jamaica Plain man after gunfire on Martin Luther King Boulevard near Malcolm X Park, and a... Read more
7/21/20 - 1:30 am
WBZ reports a man was shot around 1:30 a.m. on Waumbeck Street at Crawford Street. A BPD officer on patrol saw three men jump... Read more
Evidence markers on Maple Street
7/19/20 - 11:20 pm
At 77 Maple St., near Schuyler Street, around 11:20 p.m. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of the victim's... Read more
7/19/20 - 4:45 pm
The teens, one 16, the other 17, were shot around 4:45 p.m. at 46 Wildwood St., on the Dorchester side of Morton Street. Boston... Read more
7/18/20 - 11:25 pm
Around 11:25 p.m. on Circuit Street near where it intersects with Walnut Avenue and Warren Street, the same location where four... Read more
7/18/20 - 9:40 pm
Shortly after 9:30 p.m. at 209 Paris St. The homicide unit was called in due to the severity of one of the victim's injuries.
Draper Avenue crime scene
7/18/20 - 2:10 am
Live Boston reports the man was shot around 2:10 a.m. He was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries.
Shot up car
7/17/20 - 11:50 pm
A man was shot on Cawfield Street, off Elder Street and Columbia Road around 11:50 p.m. Not long after, he was dropped off at a... Read more
7/16/20 - 9:25 pm
In three separate incidents after 9:15 p.m., one at Blue Hill Avenue and Dewey Street, one a couple blocks away at Blue Hill... Read more
7/14/20 - 9:14 pm
The victim was found unconscious inside a convenience store at 718 Shawmut Ave. at Williams Street around 9:15 p.m. The... Read more
7/13/20 - 11:04 am
Boston Police report charging the same man twice in two days - first on Marlborough Street across from the Public Garden in... Read more
7/13/20 - 2:06 am
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester 14-year-old at Roslindale's Washington-Beech development on gun charges Monday... Read more
Detectives and evidence markers
7/12/20 - 10:05 pm
Numerous shots were fired, possibly in a gun battle, on Levant Street near Tebroc Street, shortly after 10 p.m. Live Boston... Read more
Regis Road crime scene
7/12/20 - 1:58 am
Victim identifed as Dwight Stamp, 35, of Quincy. GoFundMe for his family. Boston Police report a man was shot at 25 Regis Rd.... Read more
Roxbury murder scene
7/12/20 - 12:49 am
Boston Police report a man was shot at 18 Adams Street in Orchard Park in Roxbury around 12:45 a.m. He was declared dead at the... Read more
7/11/20 - 10:00 pm
Boston Police report somebody lit a statue of the Virgin Mary on fire at Saint Peter Parish Church, 284 Bowdoin St., shortly... Read more
7/10/20 - 12:05 am
Two men, around midnight at Talbot and Southern avenues. Jeff Durham videoed the scene - which was right outside his house. "... Read more
7/9/20 - 9:10 pm
Around 9:10 p.m. The victims got themselves to two local emergency rooms. Numerous cars and at least one house on Bowdoin... Read more
7/9/20 - 4:18 pm
A Somerville man police say was shooting off fireworks on the Cambridge Street bridge around 4 p.m. yesterday now faces drug... Read more
7/8/20 - 8:50 pm
Travel New England had a front-row seat for a crash on American Legion Highway at 6:30 this morning that we'd love to hear the... Read more
7/7/20 - 12:47 pm
Boston Police report that when officers pulled over an SUV driver in Mattapan for blowing past a stop sign at West Selden... Read more
7/7/20 - 2:20 am
Boston Police report arresting a man on gun charges by officers responding to a report of gunfire in Grove Hall around 2:10... Read more
Seized fireworks
7/5/20 - 4:32 am
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on gun charges - and seizing "a large quantity of illegal fireworks" from his... Read more
7/5/20 - 3:10 am
Victim identified as Felicity Coleman, 34, of Dorchester. Boston Police report Boston's seventh murder in less than a week: A... Read more
7/5/20 - 12:10 am
In the hand, sometime after midnight at 36 East Newton St., near Father Gilday Street. Somebody then drove the victim a couple... Read more
7/4/20 - 11:20 pm
On Torrey Street at Moody Street, shortly before 11:30 p.m.
7/4/20 - 9:35 pm
At the basketball court in the park between Dunreath and Copeland streets around 9:35 p.m. One victim was found on Copeland... Read more
7/3/20 - 11:03 pm
Shortly after 11 p.m. at 40 Dabney St. in Warren Gardens. Boston Police report recovering two guns at the scene.
Fields Corner crime scene
7/3/20 - 11:03 pm
Victim identified as Onell Colon, 36, of Dorchester. Boston Police report a man was stabbed around 11 p.m. on July 3 at 205... Read more
7/3/20 - 10:15 pm
Victim identified as Shonn Bailey, 50. At 42 Theodore St. around 10:30 p.m. Boston Police report the stabbing came during an... Read more
7/3/20 - 9:55 pm
On Lexington Street at Putnam Street shortly before 10 p.m.
Crime by neighborhood

Murder by year

Other crime news

Date Type Street Neighborhood
9/20/20 - 7:45 pm Man charged with absconding with Peapod truck in the South End while driver was making a delivery Larceny of a vehicle 10 E. Springfield St. South End
9/18/20 - 7:45 pm Three shot on Hammond Street in Roxbury, one dead Murder Hammond St. and Westminster St. Roxbury
9/17/20 - 7:29 pm Two men shot on Decatur Street in Charlestown; one dead Murder 74 Decatur St. Charlestown
9/17/20 - 1:49 am Police: Man slams into reverse at a traffic stop, drags officer, crashes into a tree, is nabbed with a loaded gun, oxycodone Illegal gun possession 57 Regent St. Roxbury
9/13/20 - 6:58 pm Police: Man was parked in Dorchester with six guns, plenty of spare ammo, drugs, knife and $25,000 in cash, then he tried to run down officers, nearly smashed into several cars, crashed into light pole Illegal gun possession 16 Galway St. Dorchester
9/13/20 - 11:17 am Shot fired on Friend Street Gunfire 222 Friend St. West End
9/12/20 - 10:09 pm Bullet goes through wall of house in Hyde Park gunfire Gunfire Lewiston St. and Ellard Rd. Hyde Park
9/12/20 - 8:10 pm Teen brought loaded gun to Dorchester field and showed a willingness to use it, police say Illegal gun possession 56 Dunbar Ave. Dorchester
9/11/20 - 8:07 pm Man critical after beating, stabbing in Downtown Crossing Stabbing 49 Temple Pl. Downtown
9/10/20 - 6:54 pm Man charged with permanently blinding elderly man in one eye in violent Mattapan robbery Assault with a dangerous weapon 30 Fremont St. Mattapan
9/10/20 - 2:30 am Man caught druggily tooling down the wrong side of Mass. Ave while packing a gun loaded with 27 rounds, police say Illegal gun possession Massachsuetts Ave. and Melnea Cass Blvd. South End
9/8/20 - 9:40 pm Gunfire at Warren and Waverly streets in Roxbury Gunfire Waverly St. and Warren St. Roxbury
9/8/20 - 6:40 am Police: Guy was driving around Hyde Park with $36,000 in cash - as well as lots of Xanax, pot and a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Hyde Park Ave. and Arlington St. Hyde Park
9/7/20 - 10:28 pm After teen shot on Mission Hill, three arrested with a gun in a car matching one seen fleeing the scene, police say Illegal gun possession Norfolk St. and Flint St. Mattapan
9/7/20 - 4:13 pm Teen shot on Parker Street on Mission Hill Shooting Parker St. and Smith St. Mission Hill
9/6/20 - 9:05 pm Man charged with scissors stab attack in Copley Square Stabbing Boylston St. and Dartmouth St. Back Bay
9/6/20 - 3:45 pm Man shot, then run over on Everton Street in Dorchester
9/6/20 - 1:20 am Jeep shot up in Roxbury at near point-blank range; man inside not hit, but cut by shattering glass Shooting Harold St. and Seaver St. Roxbury
9/5/20 - 9:29 pm Two men shot in the hand in separate Dorchester incidents a few minutes apart Shooting Livingstone St. and Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
9/5/20 - 7:20 pm Four stabbed at Roberts Playground in Dorchester Stabbing Wentworth Terrace Dorchester
9/5/20 - 3:37 am Two repeat offenders arrested with loaded guns in separate incidents in Roxbury, police say Illegal gun possession Malcolm X Boulevard and Roxbury St. Roxbury
9/5/20 - 3:37 am Two repeat offenders arrested with loaded guns in separate incidents in Roxbury, police say Illegal gun possession 1 Gannett St. Roxbury
9/4/20 - 10:55 pm Bullet into kitchen, car damaged in gunfire off Delhi Street in Mattapan Gunfire French St. Mattapan
9/3/20 - 1:30 am Bullets fly into two apartments on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury Gunfire Dewey St. and Dacia St. Roxbury
8/30/20 - 9:43 pm Man shot in East Boston park Shooting Cunard Way and London St. East Boston
8/30/20 - 2:30 am Unofficial Carnival street party along Blue Hill Avenue ends with man shot Shooting Blue Hill Avenue and Ellington St. Dorchester
8/28/20 - 9:45 pm Gunfire in Dorchester's Port Norfolk Gunfire Walnut St. and Franklin St. Dorchester
8/27/20 - 11:24 pm Roxbury man charged with trying to stab an EMT responding to a call Assault with a dangerous weapon 605 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
8/26/20 - 10:43 pm Man shot to death on Adams Street in Dorchester Murder 336 Adams St. Dorchester
8/25/20 - 9:15 pm Bullet lodges in second-floor living-room wall during barrage of gunfire along Martin Luther King Boulevard Gunfire Kensington St. Roxbury
8/25/20 - 4:29 pm Police say two men showed up at Hyde Park field with a loaded gun Illegal gun possession 145 Westminster St. Hyde Park
8/25/20 - 12:01 am Gunfire on Woolson Street in Mattapan Gunfire Woolson St. and Wildwood St. Mattapan
8/24/20 - 11:15 pm Bullet comes through bedroom window in area of Park and Claybourne streets in Dorchester Gunfire Park St. and Claybourne St. Dorchester
8/23/20 - 2:45 am Driver, passengers run away after slamming into woman in Grove Hall Hit and run Devon St. and Normandy St. Dorchester
8/22/20 - 5:53 pm Braintree man charged with armed robbery in the Fenway Armed robbery 21-27 Burlington Ave. Fenway
8/22/20 - 4:43 pm Gunfire in Forest Hills followed by recovery of stolen, loaded gun Gunfire 11 Woodlawn St. Jamaica Plain
8/21/20 - 11:35 pm Man shot repeatedly on Fairmount Street in Dorchester Gunfire Faimount St. and Capen St. Dorchester
8/21/20 - 6:05 pm Several shots fired on Mt. Ida Road in Dorchester Gunfire 25 Mt. Ida Rd. Dorchester
8/20/20 - 3:00 am Somebody smashes into East Boston pizza place, takes register Breaking and entering 474 Saratoga St. East Boston
8/18/20 - 9:49 am Masked man of heft sought for Allston bank robbery Bank robbery 229 N. Harvard St. Allston
8/17/20 - 12:14 pm Masked geezer sought for Mission Hill bank robbery Bank robbery 1457 Tremont St. Mission Hill
8/17/20 - 2:00 am Man stabbed in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Washington St. and Temple Pl. Downtown
8/15/20 - 11:45 pm Man killed in hit-and-run near Ashmont T station Hit and run Dorchester Ave. and Ashmont St. Dorchester
8/14/20 - 10:25 am Shootout behind school on Park Street in Dorchester Gunfire Park St. and Claybourne St. Dorchester
8/11/20 - 11:50 am Cool under pressure: As cops question her about taser holdup of hotel guest she met on a dating app, woman starts FaceTiming another guy, police say Armed robbery 1 Ave. de Lafayette Downtown
8/11/20 - 12:57 am Two sought for armed holdup of Chinese takeout place on Mass. Ave. in Dorchester Armed robbery 1284 Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester
8/10/20 - 9:25 pm Man slashed in the neck at Mass. Ave. and Albany Street Stabbing Massachusetts Avenue and Albany Street South End
8/10/20 - 1:30 am Police: Man robbed of phone at fake gunpoint on Seaport Boulevard; pings lead officers to suspects a mile away Armed robbery 65 Seaport Blvd. South Boston
8/8/20 - 11:05 pm Two shot in Malcolm X Park Shoting Malcolm X Park Roxbury
8/7/20 - 1:50 am Hyde Park man critical after guy comes out of woods and stabs him Stabbing Christy Lane Hyde Park
8/6/20 - 10:55 pm Gunfire in front of the Lee School in Dorchester Gunfire 156 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
8/6/20 - 9:09 am Man murdered on Hazelton Street in Mattapan Murder 4 Hazelton St. Mattapan
8/5/20 - 10:25 pm Shots fired towards either side of MLK Boulevard in Roxbury Gunfire 15 Mayfair St. Roxbury
8/4/20 - 12:01 am Man stabbed to death on Massachusetts Avenue; second Methadone Mile murder in five days Murder 1024 Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester
8/2/20 - 9:10 pm Driver is shot, crashes into wall of Blue Hill Avenue building Murder 632 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchestetr
8/2/20 - 2:00 am Woman sexually assaulted in the North End Sexual assault Prince St. and North Square North End
7/31/20 - 7:40 pm Man shot in the head on Washington Street in Roslindale Shooting 4590 Washington St. Roslindale
7/31/20 - 12:31 pm Man with long record arrested while browsing in Roxbury bookstore with a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession 57 Warren St. Roxbury
7/31/20 - 10:30 am New Yorker charged as window-smashing would-be bicycle thief in the North End Assault with a dangerous weapon 77 Commercial St. North End
7/31/20 - 7:27 am Man stabbed to death on Southampton Street; suspect arrested Murder 112 Southampton St. Dorchester
7/29/20 - 11:15 pm Two shot, one fatally, on Adams Street near Ronan Park in Dorchester Murder 121 Adams St. Dorchester
7/29/20 - 9:55 pm Man shot on Rosedale Street in Codman Square Shooting Rosedale St. and Washington St. Dorchester
7/26/20 - 5:11 pm Police: Man punches South End store clerk in the face in failed shoplifting attempt, then returns with a switchblade Armed robbery 1747 Washington St. South End
7/26/20 - 2:08 am Man fatally shot at Sumner and Conrad streets in Dorchester Murder Sumner St. and Conrad St. Dorchester
7/26/20 - 1:58 am Man fatally shot on Erie Street in Dorchester Murder 38 Erie St. Dorchester
7/25/20 - 11:15 pm Person found shot at entrance to Sullivan Square station Shooting Sullivan Square Charlestown
7/25/20 - 12:33 am Man arrested on gun charges at Dorchester block party, a few days after two men were stabbed at a block party on the same street Illegal gun possession Livingstone St. and Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
7/24/20 - 12:50 pm Reminder: You can't bring a loaded gun into a Boston hospital Illegal gun possession 800 Harrison Ave. South End
7/22/20 - 4:55 pm Two shot on Dudley Street in Dorchester Shooting Dudley St. and Howard Ave. Dorchester
7/22/20 - 12:24 pm Dorchester man shot dead at South Bay Holiday Inn Murder 69 Boston St. Dorchester
7/22/20 - 2:00 am Gunfire in Roxbury followed by chases, crash and arrest on Mission Hill, police say Gunfire 165 Martin Luther King Blvd. Roxbury
7/21/20 - 1:30 am Man shot on Waumbeck Street in Roxbury; three arrested Shooting Waumbeck St. and Crawford St. Roxbury
7/19/20 - 11:20 pm Man shot in the chest on Maple Street in Roxbury Shooting 77 Maple St. Roxbury
7/19/20 - 4:45 pm Two teens shot to death on Wildwood Street near Morton Street, where another teen was murdered last year Shooting 46 Wildwood St. Dorchester
7/18/20 - 11:25 pm Car, apartment building hit by gunfire on Circuit Street in Roxbury, where man was murdered last month Gunfire Circuit Street and Walnut Ave. Roxbury
7/18/20 - 9:40 pm Two stabbed at East Boston party Stabbing 209 Paris St. East Boston
7/18/20 - 2:10 am Man shot in the back at Homes Avenue and Draper Street in Dorchester Shooting Draper St. and Homes Ave. Dorchester
7/17/20 - 11:50 pm Man shot in possible drive-by on Cawfield Street in Dorchester Shooting 14 Cawfield St. Dorchester
7/16/20 - 9:25 pm Guy with rod whacks three people in the head with it in Grove Hall Assault and battery Blue Hill Ave. and Maywood St. Roxbury
7/14/20 - 9:14 pm Man found shot in the head inside store on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury Murder 718 Shawmut Ave. Roxbury
7/13/20 - 11:04 am Police: Bitey self pleasurer with drugs and cash attacks cops in the Back Bay on Monday; goes to Roxbury police station on Tuesday and attacks cops again Assault and battery 2 Marlborough St. Back Bay
7/13/20 - 2:06 am Police: 14-year-old already on GPS was tooling around Washington-Beech in Roslindale with a loaded gun in his underwear Illegal gun possession 59 Beechland Circle Roslindale
7/12/20 - 10:05 pm Man shot on Levant Street in Dorchester, around corner from where two people were shot last week Shooting Levant St. and Tebroc St. Dorchester
7/12/20 - 1:58 am Man shot to death on Regis Road in Mattapan Murder 25 Regis Rd. Mattapan
7/12/20 - 12:49 am Man shot to death on Adams Street in Roxbury Murder 18 Adams St. Roxbury
7/11/20 - 10:00 pm Virgin Mary statue set on fire at Dorchester church Arson 284 Bowdoin St. Dorchester
7/10/20 - 12:05 am Two shot in Codman Square Shooting Talbot Ave. and Southern Ave. Dorchester
7/9/20 - 9:10 pm Two shot, at Tebroc and Bowdoin streets in Dorchester Shooting Tebroc St. and Bowdoin St. Dorchester
7/9/20 - 4:18 pm Cambridge Street in Sullivan Square in daylight perhaps not the best place and time to set off fireworks, man learns Illegal weapons possession Sullivan Square Charlestown
7/8/20 - 8:50 pm American Legion Highway? More like Crash Highway Illegal gun possession American Legion Highway and Cummins Highway Roslindale
7/7/20 - 12:47 pm Police: Man was riding around Mattapan with a gun loaded with 16 rounds Illegal gun possession W. Selden St. and Woodale Ave. Mattapan
7/7/20 - 2:20 am Grove Hall gunfire followed by arrest Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Powellton Rd. Dorchester
7/5/20 - 4:32 am Some guys didn't fully blow their wad on the Fourth Illegal gun possession 29 Stanton St. Dorchester
7/5/20 - 3:10 am Woman shot to death on Stonehurst Street in Dorchester; suspect arrested Murder 37 Stonehurst St. Dorchester
7/5/20 - 12:10 am Person shot on East Newton Street in the South End Shooting 36 E. Newton St. South End
7/4/20 - 11:20 pm Person stabbed on Torrey Street in Dorchester Stabbing 12 Torrey St. Dorchester
7/4/20 - 9:35 pm Two shot on Dunreath Street in Roxbury Shooting Dunreath St. Roxbury
7/3/20 - 11:03 pm Man shot in the leg on Dabney Street in Roxbury Shooting 40 Dabney St. Roxbury
7/3/20 - 11:03 pm Man stabbed to death at Fields Corner Domino's Murder 205 Adams St. Dorchester
7/3/20 - 10:15 pm Man fatally stabbed on Theodore Street in Dorchester Murder 42 Theodore St. Dorchester