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Boston crime

Michigan Avenue crime scene
6/16/19 - 1:18 am
Boston Police report a man was fatally shot at 6 Michigan Ave., near the intersection with Old and Columbia roads, shortly... Read more
6/14/19 - 3:32 am
Boston Police report a man was shot at 107 Devon St., at Laredo, around 3:30 a.m. He was taken to a local hospital, where he... Read more
6/13/19 - 3:59 am
Boston Police report arresting two people around 4 a.m. in connection with gunfire at Melnea Cass Boulevard and Massachusetts... Read more
6/10/19 - 10:15 pm
The man was sliced near the ear, the woman was knocked to the ground, around 10:15 p.m. at 185 Harrison Ave., near Nassau... Read more
Detectives at Egleston Pizza
6/10/19 - 8:26 pm
Somebody was shot tonight inside Egleston Pizza, 3086 Washington St. tonight, Stanley Stacos reports. Police records show the... Read more
6/10/19 - 8:07 pm
Boston Police report arresting Donquell Mayes, 18, of Stoughton, for an incident in which he allegedly threatened a woman with... Read more
6/10/19 - 10:00 am
Boston Police report arresting a man shortly after they say he robbed the TD Bank branch at 930 American Legion Highway in... Read more
6/9/19 - 12:22 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on charges he held up a Lyft driver on Codman Park in Roxbury with a loaded gun... Read more
6/8/19 - 10:40 pm
Eight shots fired around 10:40 p.m. at Hampden and Keegan streets. Nobody hit.
6/6/19 - 2:25 pm
Boston Police report arresting a local man in the South End yesterday after, they say, drug-control officers watched another... Read more
6/5/19 - 3:30 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on an armed-robbery charge for the way he ended his ride from Dorchester to... Read more
Possible suspect being loaded into car
6/4/19 - 11:00 am
UPDATE: WFXT reports the victim died. Ring Road is shut as police investigate a shooting outside the Colonnade Hotel on... Read more
6/3/19 - 1:08 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Chicago man - who seems to like coming here to cause trouble - for the robbery of the East... Read more
6/2/19 - 1:30 am
Boston Police report arresting an Allston man on gun charges while he was standing across the street from where they were... Read more
6/2/19 - 12:38 am
Boston Police report arresting a 17-year-old on charges he shot a car outside 100 West Newton St. around 12:30 a.m. today.... Read more
6/1/19 - 6:58 pm
At 96 Crawford St., between Harold Street and Humboldt Avenue, shortly before 7 p.m., Crime Hub reports.
5/31/19 - 10:53 pm
Shortly after 10:50 p.m., eight or nine shots were fired on Codman Hill Avenue between Milton Avenue and Nevada Street. Nobody... Read more
5/30/19 - 10:45 pm
UPDATE: Victim identified as Richard Frank, Jr., 47. A man was fatally stabbed at 19 Tremlett St. around 10:45 p.m.
5/30/19 - 6:36 pm
NorthEndWaterfront.com reports that Bob's Grocery on Endicott Street was held up by a masked man with a gun Thursday evening (... Read more
Marty's suspect
5/28/19 - 10:00 am
Boston Police have released photos of a man they say robbed Marty's, 103 North Beacon St., of an estimated $10,000 on May 28.... Read more
5/27/19 - 2:20 am
Boston Police report arresting three men they say tried speeding away from a gunfire scene on Degautier Way without their... Read more
5/27/19 - 12:09 am
A man was seriously injured in a shooting around 12:10 a.m. on Fuller Street, WCVB reports.
5/23/19 - 10:35 am
Boston Police report that after an investigation, they arrested a Roslindale man and seized what turned out to be 1,620 grams... Read more
Suspect in Codman Square bank robbery
5/22/19 - 10:51 am
UPDATE: Suspect arrested. Boston Police have released photos of a guy in a hoodie who held up the East Boston Savings Bank... Read more
5/21/19 - 9:25 pm
Only in Chelsea reports that around 9:30 p.m., Chelsea police officers found a car at 11 Congress Ave that was full of fresh... Read more
Millet Street shooting scene
5/21/19 - 8:45 pm
UPDATE: Suspect arrested in Brockton. Jeff Durham reports a man was shot at 95 MIllet St., between Wheatland Avenue and Park... Read more
5/19/19 - 1:30 am
Live Boston reports somebody was shot around 1:30 a.m. in the area of 140 Main St. in Thompson Square. Injuries not considered... Read more
5/17/19 - 11:05 pm
Behind 160 Heath St., shortly after 11 p.m.
5/16/19 - 3:30 pm
UPDATE: Police have ruled it vehicular homicide and have released photos of the driver and car. WCVB reports a woman was found... Read more
5/15/19 - 9:50 pm
Shortly after 9:50 p.m. at 14 Abbotsford St., off Walnut Avenue. Possibly as many 15 rounds fired.
5/13/19 - 11:04 am
Boston Police report South Boston drug-unit detectives traveled with a search warrant to 15 Valencia Rd. in Hyde Park Monday... Read more
Wanted for Corrib Pub safe robbery
5/13/19 - 7:27 am
Boston Police have posted photos of two guys they say broke into the Corrib Pub at Centre and Lagrange streets sometime early... Read more
Wanted for Shawmut armed robbery
5/12/19 - 6:20 pm
UPDATE: Arrest made. Transit Police have released photos of a guy they say arranged over social media to meet somebody with an... Read more
5/12/19 - 1:15 am
Boston Police are seeking help finding two men they say concluded an argument with a third man by beating him up on East 3rd... Read more
5/11/19 - 7:15 pm
UPDATE: Arrest made. WCVB reports a man was found shot at 1 Fairland St. around 7:15 p.m. on Saturday.
5/10/19 - 11:56 pm
UPDATE: Suspect arraigned. Boston Police report a driver rammed into three pedestrians at Columbus Avenue and Clarendon Street... Read more
5/10/19 - 5:07 am
Shortly after 5 a.m. on Dorchester Avenue near Leedsville Street, NBC Boston reports.
5/10/19 - 12:40 am
Transit Police report arresting a man they say started an argument with some people outside the Park Street T stop early this... Read more
Guy with stun gun
5/9/19 - 6:00 pm
Transit Police report stopping and then arresting a Haverhill man spotted fare jumping at the Andrew Red Line stop yesterday.... Read more
5/8/19 - 8:59 pm
Boston Police report officers who had stopped a driver for having a canceled registration had to wrest control of the shifter... Read more
Orange Line punching suspect
5/8/19 - 3:25 pm
Transit Police report they are looking for a guy they say walked up to another man on an Orange Line train approaching State... Read more
5/8/19 - 10:00 am
Boston Police report a man was found dead of gunshot wounds on Milton Avenue, near Armandine Street, shortly after 10 a.m.... Read more
5/6/19 - 5:30 pm
Shortly before 5:30 p.m. on Edgewater Drive near Malta Street.
5/6/19 - 12:34 am
Boston Police report officers responded to Magnolia Street, near Half Moon Street on a report of gunfire around 12::30 a.m.... Read more
5/4/19 - 1:58 am
Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man they say officers interrupted in the middle of breaking into a gas station on... Read more
Windermere Road
5/1/19 - 6:26 pm
KMV reports four people were shot around 6:30 p.m. on Windermere Road, about midway between Stoughton Street and Cushing Avenue... Read more
5/1/19 - 5:23 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Hyde Park man on gun charges for an incident Wednesday afternoon that started in the parking... Read more
4/30/19 - 6:25 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Constitution Marina customer on charges he waved a gun around at the marina after leaving "... Read more
4/27/19 - 8:36 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man on gun, knife and drug charges on Bromfield Street Saturday night. Police say... Read more
4/27/19 - 1:37 am
Boston Police report arresting a man early Saturday after, they say, he walked up to a complete stranger on Washington Street... Read more
Surveillance photo of suspect
4/27/19 - 1:34 am
Boston Police report they are looking for a man they say smashed a woman in the back of the head in the Southwest Corridor Park... Read more
Seized BB gun
4/25/19 - 8:45 am
Boston Police report Boston School Police arrested a 14-year-old they say showed up at the Mildred Avenue K-8 School with a BB... Read more
4/24/19 - 6:40 pm
Boston Police report arresting two men and seizing cocaine on a West Roxbury side street Wednesday evening. Marco Pedrazarosa,... Read more
4/23/19 - 10:45 pm
The Happy Super Mart, 122 Seaver St., at Humboldt Avenue, was held up by a man with a gun around 10:45 p.m.
4/20/19 - 2:30 am
UPDATE: Three arrested. NBC Boston reports two men were stabbed around 2:30 a.m. on Summer Street in front of Macy's. One... Read more
4/17/19 - 10:05 pm
Shortly after 10 p.m. on Minden Street between Schiller and Walden streets. Nobody hit.
4/17/19 - 9:00 pm
Update: Police initially called to House of Blues on report of a sexual attack. Cops from across the city swarmed Lansdowne... Read more
4/17/19 - 7:45 am
An Avon man who showed a gun to another motorist as they hurtled down the outbound Expressway this morning now faces a variety... Read more
4/14/19 - 6:31 pm
Boston Police report a man was shot in the area of Medford and Terminal streets around 6:30 p.m. on Sunday. Police say that as... Read more
Looking for clues on Westville Street
4/14/19 - 3:00 am
KMV reports gunfire on Westville Street near Geneva Avenue - possibly as many as 25 shots - overnight. Nobody hit, but officers... Read more
4/13/19 - 11:05 pm
Around 11:05 p.m. on Violet Street near Crossman Street. Both men were in their 40s, Boston Police report. 2019 murders in... Read more
4/13/19 - 8:30 pm
Boston Police report that officers arriving to investigate gunfire in the area of Mt. Pleasant Avenue and Vine Street in... Read more
4/13/19 - 7:33 pm
Boston Police report arresting two local men and one from Brockton on charges they began firing away in the area of St. James... Read more
4/12/19 - 1:46 pm
Boston Police report arresting Eugene Parrish, 22, on charges he shot at somebody outside the Roxbury Crossing Orange Line... Read more
4/12/19 - 3:55 am
UPDATE: The man he may have been shooting at was arrested for a holdup in Randolph. Boston Police report its SWAT team arrested... Read more
4/11/19 - 9:42 pm
Three or four shots fired around 9:40 p.m. on Westville treet near Bowdoin Street. Shell casings recovered.
4/10/19 - 4:45 pm
Boston Police report that after arresting a man on drug charges at Lamartine Street and Cerina Road in Jamaica Plain yesterday... Read more
4/6/19 - 11:10 pm
Shortly after 11 p.m. on Saturday on Wood Avenue at Frazer Street, according to Boston EMS Incidents and Hyde Park, MA... Read more
Eleanor Maloney
4/6/19 - 5:00 pm
UPDATE: Victim identified as Eleanor Maloney. Around 5 p.m. at 10 Mattapan St., off Blue Hill Avenue. WCVB reports the murder... Read more
4/5/19 - 8:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a man after they say officers watched him sell some crack on Boylston Street at Gloucester... Read more
4/4/19 - 7:08 pm
The Globe reports a man was shot in a hallway at 57 Horan Way shortly after 7 p.m. on Thursday. Violent crime in Jamaica Plain.
4/1/19 - 10:05 am
Shortly after 10 a.m. near the beauty salon. The victim made it a block before going into the smoke shop on Blue Hill Avenue... Read more
Scene outside Society on High
3/31/19 - 1:08 am
WCVB reports four people were stabbed at Society on High, 99 High St., shortly after 1 a.m. The violence comes three weeks... Read more
Officer looking for evidence at shooting scene on Crawford Street in Roxbury
3/31/19 - 1:00 am
Somebody was shot twice outside 134 Crawford St. around 1 a.m., according to KMV and Boston EMS Incidents. In July, 2018, Luis... Read more
3/30/19 - 1:15 am
State Police report arresting a Waltham man on charges he pulled his Uber over on Storrow Drive near the Hatch Shell and raped... Read more
3/27/19 - 7:00 am
Transit Police report arresting a Brighton man they charge punched out another man who objected to being stared at on the... Read more
3/26/19 - 4:10 pm
Boston Police report gang-unit officers arrested the guy in the back seat of a cab they'd stopped at Talbot Avenue and... Read more
3/25/19 - 10:00 am
Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man on various drug charges Monday morning following a chase in which he led officers... Read more
3/24/19 - 2:06 am
Boston Police report arresting two men shortly after 2 a.m. on charges one of them fired a gun several times on Boylston Street... Read more
Bus smasher
3/23/19 - 10:10 am
Transit Police report they are looking for this guy for some major damage they say he did to a T bus on North Beacon Street... Read more
3/22/19 - 6:33 am
Boston Police report officers responded to a call about loud guys being loud in a a laundry room at 954 Parker St. in the... Read more
3/21/19 - 11:40 pm
Police found a man with gunshot injuries and an SUV with a shot-out rear windshield, around 11:40 a.m. at Warren and Moreland... Read more
3/21/19 - 8:33 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Brockton man, originally from Jamaica Plain, on gun charges Thursday night. Police report... Read more
3/18/19 - 9:35 pm
UPDATE: Bail set at $15,000, per the Suffolk County DA's office. Boston Police report arresting Verenisa Valdez, 25, of Jamaica... Read more
Anthony Smith-Pacheco
3/17/19 - 2:00 pm
UPDATE: Sent to Bridgewater for 20 days of observation. Boston Police report arresting Anthony Smith-Pacheco, 24, of Malden, on... Read more
3/15/19 - 12:48 am
Boston Police report arresting an 18-year-old on charges he's held up at least three restaurant food deliverers at knifepoint,... Read more
3/14/19 - 1:24 pm
On Walnut Avenue near Fenno Street around 1:20 p.m., per Boston EMS Incidents and Monica Cannon-Grant.
3/13/19 - 2:08 pm
Boston Police report gang-unit officers patrolling the area around the Annunciation development yesterday following a shooting... Read more
3/13/19 - 9:58 am
NorthEndWaterfront.com reports a Charter Street resident who went out to walk her dog Wednesday morning came home to find her... Read more
3/12/19 - 3:30 pm
Boston Police report a man was shot around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday at 60 Annunciation Rd. He was taken to a local hospital with... Read more
3/11/19 - 10:15 pm
Around 10:15 p.m. on Wood Avenue near Safford Street. One car hit.
3/6/19 - 3:19 pm
Boston Police report arresting a 15-year-old they say was carrying a loaded handgun in Codman Square yesterday afternoon.... Read more
Guns, ammunition and drugs
3/5/19 - 5:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on a variety of gun and drug charges following his arrest on Seaver Street in... Read more
3/5/19 - 2:22 pm
The Tremont Market on Tremont Street at Worcester Street was robbed around 9:20 p.m. The suspect is described as a black man,... Read more
3/4/19 - 9:05 pm
Shortly after 9 p.m. on Blue Hill Avenue between Woodbine and Clifford streets. The homicide unit was called in due to the... Read more
3/4/19 - 10:00 am
UPDATE: Bail set at $1,000 and Cornejo's next court date is April 5, per the Suffolk County DA's office. Boston Police report... Read more
3/2/19 - 2:58 am
Boston Police report a man was shot shortly before 3 a.m. at 12 Greenwood St., near Ellington Street. He was declared dead at... Read more
3/2/19 - 1:10 am
Boston Police report that two men who had been kicked out of Icon, 100 Warrenton St., early this morning were arrested after... Read more
2/28/19 - 6:45 am
Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester man at the North Station subway stop for sinking his teeth into a passenger on one... Read more
2/27/19 - 9:11 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man they say fired "numerous shots" on Heath Street around 9:10 p.m. on Wednesday.... Read more
Crime by neighborhood

Murder by year

Other crime news

Date Type Street Neighborhood
6/16/19 - 1:18 am Man shot to death on Michigan Avenue in Dorchester Murder 6 Michigan Ave. Dorchester
6/14/19 - 3:32 am Man fatally shot on Devon Street in Dorchester Murder 107 Devon St. Dorchester
6/13/19 - 3:59 am Woman charged with gunfire on Methadone Mile early in the morning Illegal gun possession Massachsuetts Ave. and Melnea Cass Blvd. South End
6/10/19 - 10:15 pm Woman smashed in the head, man sliced with a knife in Chinatown robbery Armed robbery 185 Harrison Ave. Chinatown
6/10/19 - 8:26 pm Person shot at Egleston Square pizza place Shooting 3086 Washington St. Jamaica Plain
6/10/19 - 8:07 pm Stoughton man threatens woman with realistic-looking BB gun in Charlestown, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon 49 Corey St. Charlestown
6/10/19 - 10:00 am Guy robs Roslindale bank, doesn't get far, police say Bank robbery 930 American Legion Hwy. Roslindale
6/9/19 - 12:22 pm Lyft driver robbed at gunpoint in Roxbury; suspect arrested Armed robbery 86 Codman Park Roxbury
6/8/19 - 10:40 pm Shots fired on Hampden Street in Roxbury Gunfire Hampden St. and Keegan St. Roxbury
6/6/19 - 2:25 pm Police say man had a lot of junk in his trunk: 4 1/2 pounds of heroin and fentanyl Illegal drug possession Columbus Ave. and Wellington St. South End
6/5/19 - 3:30 pm Police say man tried to pay for cross-town ride with fake bill, was rebuffed, held driver up at gunpoint
6/4/19 - 11:00 am Man shot to death in the Back Bay Murder Huntington Ave. and West Newton St. Back Bay
6/3/19 - 1:08 pm Police: Chicago man robs South Boston bank, is arrested later while trying to scam a ride to the airport from cops Bank robbery 501 Southampton St. South Boston
6/2/19 - 1:30 am Allston man who keeps getting arrested on gun charges gets arrested on gun charges after gunfire in Dorchester, police say Gunfire 21 Balfour St. Dorchester
6/2/19 - 12:38 am Teen charged with firing gun on West Newton Street in the South End Gunfire 100 West Newton St. South End
6/1/19 - 6:58 pm Man shot in the back in Roxbury Shooting 96 Crawford St. Roxbury
5/31/19 - 10:53 pm Numerous shots fired on Codman Hill Avenue in Dorchester Gunfire 73 Codman Hill Ave. Dorchester
5/30/19 - 10:45 pm Man stabbed to death on Tremlett Street in Dorchester Murder Tremlett St. Dorchester
5/30/19 - 6:36 pm North End market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 160 Endicott St. North End
5/28/19 - 10:00 am Man cased Allston liquor store several days before robbing it at gunpoint, police say Armed robbery 103 N. Beacon St. Allston
5/27/19 - 2:20 am Three arrested, gun seized after shots fired in Dudley Square Gunfire 10 Degautier Way Roxbury
5/27/19 - 12:09 am Man shot on Fuller Street in Dorchester Shooting Fuller St. Dorchester
5/23/19 - 10:35 am Police say Roslindale man had 3 1/2 pounds of fentanyl Illegal drug possession Harrison St. Roslindale
5/22/19 - 10:51 am Police hunt Codman Square bank robber Bank robbery 305 Talbot Ave. Dorchester
5/21/19 - 9:25 pm Man shot in hand in East Boston; he's found in bullet-riddled car in Chelsea Shooting Sumner St. and Havre St. East Boston
5/21/19 - 8:45 pm Man shot to death on Millet Street in Dorchester Murder 95 Millet St. Dorchester
5/19/19 - 1:30 am Person shot in Charlestown Shooting 140 Main St. Charlestown
5/17/19 - 11:05 pm Shots fired in Mildred Hailey Apartments Gunfire 160 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
5/16/19 - 3:30 pm Woman dead of head trauma in Mattapan Hit and run Fottler Rd. and Hiawatha Rd. Mattpan
5/15/19 - 9:50 pm Person shot on Abbotsford Street in Roxbury Shooting 14 Abbotsford St. Roxbury
5/13/19 - 11:04 am Hyde Park man charged as drug dealer Illegal drug possession 15 Valencia Rd. Hyde Park
5/13/19 - 7:27 am Police hunt men who stole safe from West Roxbury restaurant Breaking and entering 2030 Centre St. West Roxbury
5/12/19 - 6:20 pm Man wanted for armed robbery at Shawmut T stop involving a phone advertised online Armed robbery Dayton St. Dorchester
5/12/19 - 1:15 am Two sought for South Boston stomping Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 408 E. 3 St. South Boston
5/11/19 - 7:15 pm Man shot in Roxbury Shooting 1 Fairland St. Roxbury
5/10/19 - 11:56 pm Police: Drunk driver beeps at pedestrians in South End crosswalk, accelerates, runs right into them Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Columbus Ave. and Clarendon St. South End
5/10/19 - 5:07 am Woman stabbed on Dorchester Avenue Stabbing 1331 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
5/10/19 - 12:40 am Man charged with body slamming woman to the ground at Park Street
5/9/19 - 6:00 pm Andrew Square fare jumper had a stun gun, police say
5/8/19 - 8:59 pm Police: Man tried speeding away from Blue Hill Avenue traffic stop, possibly because of the gun he had in his waistband Illegal gun possession Blue Hill Ave. and Westview St. Dorchester
5/8/19 - 3:25 pm Suspect punched random man in the face on the Orange Line, police say Assault and battery State St. and Washington St. Downtown
5/8/19 - 10:00 am Man found fatally shot on Milton Avenue in Dorchester Murder 66 Milton Ave. Dorchester
5/6/19 - 5:30 pm Man shot on Edgewater Drive in Mattapan Shooting Edgewater Dr. and Malta St. Mattapan
5/6/19 - 12:34 am Cops responding to gunfire on Magnolia Street in Dorchester recover gun and magazine loaded with 22 rounds Gunfire 68 Magnolia St. Dorchester
5/4/19 - 1:58 am Wasting no time: Man arrested for attempted Roxbury break-in just three days after he was arrested for a more successful Roxbury break-in Attempted breaking and entering 67 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
5/1/19 - 6:26 pm Four shot, one dead on Windermere Road in Dorchester Murder 32 Windermere Rd. Dorchester
5/1/19 - 5:23 pm Police: As cops close in, man tosses loaded gun on roof of store across from police station Illegal gun possession 1186 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
4/30/19 - 6:25 pm Charlestown man charged with marina rage Assault with a dangerous weapon 28 Constitution Rd. Charlestown
4/27/19 - 8:36 pm Man charged with walking around Downtown Crossing with a folding knife, a loaded gun and too much pot Illegal gun possession 34 Bromfield St. Downtown
4/27/19 - 1:37 am Man charged with walking up to stranger in Downtown Crossing and punching him in the face for no reason Assault and battery Washington St. and Franklin St. Downtown
4/27/19 - 1:34 am Woman attacked, robbed in the Southwest Corridor Park in the South End Assault and battery 238 W. Canton St. South End
4/25/19 - 8:45 am Police: Teen arrested for bringing BB gun to school in Mattapan Illegal gun possession 5 Mildred Ave. Mattapan
4/24/19 - 6:40 pm Two charged as drug dealers in West Roxbury Illegal drug possession 32 Shaw St. West Roxbury
4/23/19 - 10:45 pm Seaver Street market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 122 Seaver St. Roxbury
4/20/19 - 2:30 am Two stabbed in Downtown Crossing fight; one has life-threatening injuries Stabbing Summer St. and Chauncy St. Downtown
4/17/19 - 10:05 pm Gunfire on Minden Street in Jamaica Plain Gunfire 83 Minden St. Jamaica Plain
4/17/19 - 9:00 pm Brawl shuts Lansdowne Street after performer fails to show up - since he'd been arrested at the border near Niagara Falls Assault and battery 15 Lansdowne St. Fenway
4/17/19 - 7:45 am Two men angrily flashed weapons at each other as they sped down the Expressway, State Police say Assault with a dangerous weapon I-93 and Neponset Circle Dorchester
4/14/19 - 6:31 pm Man shot in Charlestown; police investigating that arrest another man on drug charges Shooting Medford St. and Terminal St. Charlestown
4/14/19 - 3:00 am Gunfire erupts again on Westville Street in Dorchester Gunfire Westville St. and Geneva Ave. Dorchester
4/13/19 - 11:05 pm Two men shot to death in Mattapan Murder 12 Violet St. Mattapan
4/13/19 - 8:30 pm After gunfire in Roxbury, an arrest Gunfire Mt. Pleasant Ave. and Vine St. Roxbury
4/13/19 - 7:33 pm Officers came under fire during Roxbury investigation, police say; three arrested Gunfire 24 St. James St. Roxbury
4/12/19 - 1:46 pm Man charged with trying to gun somebody down outside Roxbury Crossing T stop last month Gunfire 1400 Tremont St. Mission HIll
4/12/19 - 3:55 am Police: Man tries shooting somebody in Roxbury, misses, is arrested Armed assault 2 Charlame St. Roxbury
4/11/19 - 9:42 pm Gunfire on Westville Street in Dorchester gunfire 35 Westville St. Dorchester
4/10/19 - 4:45 pm Police: Crack dealer was storing gun, ammo, drugs in his apartment behind the E-13 station Illegal drug possession Greenley Pl. Jamaica Plain
4/6/19 - 11:10 pm Person shot on Wood Avenue in Hyde Park Shooting Wood Ave. and Frazer St. Hyde Park
4/6/19 - 5:00 pm Three shot in Mattapan, one dead Murder 10 Mattapan St. Mattapan
4/5/19 - 8:00 pm Police: Drug dealer with loaded gun arrested after struggle on Boylston Street in the Back Bay Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 885 Boylston St. Back Bay
4/4/19 - 7:08 pm Man shot at Mildred Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain Shooting 57 Horan Way Jamaica Plain
4/1/19 - 10:05 am Man stabbed on Columbia Road at Blue Hill Avenue Stabbing 646 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester
3/31/19 - 1:08 am Four stabbed at downtown club Stabbing 99 High St. Downtown
3/31/19 - 1:00 am Person shot twice at same spot on Crawford Street in Roxbury where a man was murdered last July Shooting 134 Crawford St. Roxbury
3/30/19 - 1:15 am Uber driver charged with raping rider on Storrow Drive Rape 47 David G. Mugar Way Back Bay
3/27/19 - 7:00 am Police: Guy punches man into unconsciousness and onto the train tracks at Green Street in Jamaica Plain Assault and battery 150 Green St. Jamaica Plain
3/26/19 - 4:10 pm Cab passenger arrested with loaded gun in Dorchester, police say Illegal gun possession Talbot Ave. and Nightigale St. Dorchester
3/25/19 - 10:00 am Alleged Mattapan drug dealer arrested after foot chase Illegal drug possession Ruxton Rd. Mattapan
3/24/19 - 2:06 am Shot fired into Back Bay building early this morning; two arrested Gunfire 888 Boylston St. Back Bay
3/23/19 - 10:10 am Police: Guy uses fist, belt to smash door, windshield on T bus in Brighton Malicious destruction of property 240 N. Beacon St. Brighton
3/22/19 - 6:33 am Guys getting too loud for neighbors at Mildred Hailey flee when police arrive, leave behind a loaded gun Illegal gun possession 954 Parker St. Jamaica Plain
3/21/19 - 11:40 pm Man shot in Dorchester, found by police two miles away in Roxbury Shooting 39 Claybourne St. Dorchester
3/21/19 - 8:33 pm Charlestown traffic stop ends with arrest, seizure of a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Bunker Hill St. and Monument St. Charlestown
3/18/19 - 9:35 pm Jamaica Plain woman arrested for second time on charges she was driving around Dorchester with a loaded gun Illegal gun possession 225 Washington St. Dorchester
3/17/19 - 2:00 pm Malden man charged with South End sexual attack
3/15/19 - 12:48 am Mattapan man charged with holding up food-delivery guys at knifepoint Armed robbery 25 Sutton St. Mattapan
3/14/19 - 1:24 pm Person shot on Walnut Avenue in Roxbury Shooting Walnut Ave. and Fenno St. Roxbury
3/13/19 - 2:08 pm Police: Lynn man with loaded gun arrested on Mission Hill Illegal gun possession Parker St. and Gurney St. Mission Hill
3/13/19 - 9:58 am Woman has gun put to her face in North End burglary Assault with a dangerous weapon Charter St. North End
3/12/19 - 3:30 pm Man shot on Annunciation Road; two arrested on gun charges Shooting 60 Annunciation Rd. Mission Hill
3/11/19 - 10:15 pm Gunfire on Wood Avenue in Hyde Park Gunfire 206 Wood Ave. Hyde Park
3/6/19 - 3:19 pm Police: 15-year-old with loaded gun arrested in Dorchester Illegal gun possession Talbot Ave. and Washington St. Dorchester
3/5/19 - 5:00 pm Police: Dorchester man charged as gun-owning drug dealer Illegal gun possession Florida St. Dorchester
3/5/19 - 2:22 pm South End market robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 748 Tremont St. South End
3/4/19 - 9:05 pm Man found stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury Stabbing 177 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury
3/4/19 - 10:00 am Man beaten, robbed in East Boston lobby; one suspect arrested Armed robbery 434 Border St. East Boston
3/2/19 - 2:58 am Man shot to death on Greenwood Street in Dorchester Murder 12 Greenwood St. Dorchester
3/2/19 - 1:10 am Two face gun charges for incident outside same club complex that Jassy Correia disappeared from Illegal gun possession 100 Warrenton St. Chinatown
2/28/19 - 6:45 am Police say man bites stranger at North Station, draws blood Assault and battery 135 Causeway St. Downtown
2/27/19 - 9:11 pm Gunfire near Mildred Hailey Apartments followed by arrest Gunfire 130 Heath St. Jamaica Plain