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Boston crime

6/1/20 - 9:20 pm
Live Boston reports the person was shot shortly before 9:20 p.m. on Astoria Street near Elizabeth Street.
6/1/20 - 2:30 am
Transit Police report arresting an out-of-state man on charges he attacked a homeless woman who was just sitting outside the... Read more
5/30/20 - 9:00 am
Boston Police report arresting a man they say fired shots during an incident on Centre Street in front of the Mildred Hailey... Read more
5/30/20 - 2:10 am
Boston Police report they are investigating whether a man arrested with a gun not long after gunfire on Mountain Avenue in... Read more
5/29/20 - 2:06 am
Boston Police report arresting a Randolph man and a Jamaica Plain 17-year-old on gun charges early this morning after foot... Read more
Seized gun and bullets
5/28/20 - 4:15 pm
Boston Police report gang-unit officers responding to a report of a fight at 30 Linsky Barry Ct. in the West Broadway... Read more
5/28/20 - 12:05 am
Shortly after midnight, two people got themselves into the Boston Medical Center emergency room, one shot, one stabbed - just... Read more
5/27/20 - 11:55 pm
Update: Victim identified as Rolando Verdejo, 42. Shortly before midnight at at 5 Ames St., between Ames Way and Westview... Read more
5/27/20 - 8:00 pm
Boston Police report a woman waiting at the pedestrian entrance to the 710 Albany St. garage to pay for her parking was knocked... Read more
5/26/20 - 1:25 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Hyde Park man on a variety of drug charges after officers say they found a variety of drugs... Read more
5/24/20 - 9:45 pm
Around 9:45 p.m. a man was shot in the arm on Vesta Road near Harvard Street. A few minutes later, another person was shot in... Read more
5/23/20 - 3:44 am
Boston Police report arresting an alleged multi-tool woman early this morning on charges she attacked a man in a drug deal gone... Read more
5/22/20 - 10:01 pm
Shortly after 10 p.m. A car was found crashed into a pole and abandoned just down Mather Street not long after.
5/22/20 - 8:37 pm
Around 8:35 p.m. on Powellton Road, off Columbia Road.
5/22/20 - 4:26 pm
Boston Police report a man ordered out of a car during a traffic stop at Centre Street and Columbus Avenue Friday afternoon had... Read more
5/22/20 - 9:00 am
Transit Police report arresting a Weymouth man they charge got angry at somebody else for refusing him a lighter and so whipped... Read more
5/21/20 - 10:00 pm
Two men were shot at Centre and Lamartine streets around 10 p.m., according to Stanley Staco and Mark Parkinson, who reports... Read more
5/20/20 - 10:40 pm
At Washington Street and Blue Ledge Drive, just north of the Burger King and Nick's, around 10:40 p.m.
5/19/20 - 9:30 pm
Update: The DA's office reports only two people were shot, but that one of them died. Around 9:40 p.m. on Truman Parkway in... Read more
5/19/20 - 2:48 am
Boston Police report the charges against Lookens Dorcely, 25, quickly piled up after officers responded to a report of a car... Read more
5/18/20 - 10:15 pm
At least six shots were fired into the Stop 'N' Gas, 970 Washington St., around 10:15 p.m., by a passenger in a car last seen... Read more
Bernard Street shooting scene
5/18/20 - 12:00 pm
Victim identified as Derek Fitzpatrick, 49, of Dorchester. Boston Police report a man was shot to death around noon at 45... Read more
Guns and ammunition
5/18/20 - 12:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on gun charges for the three illegal weapons and ammunition they say officers... Read more
5/16/20 - 8:45 pm
At Hancock and Trull streets, around 8:45 p.m, in a knife fight. Police found one victim on the third floor of a nearby house... Read more
5/16/20 - 8:35 pm
Boston Police report gang-unit officers arrested a Mattapan man on gun and drug charges after hearing gunfire in the area of... Read more
5/16/20 - 7:50 pm
Update: Victim identified as Paul Richards, 56. Boston Police report a man was shot outside 45 Bellevue St. around 7 p.m. He... Read more
Demond Perry
5/16/20 - 3:40 pm
Transit Police report arresting a Jamaica Plain man on charges he took out a knife on the Orange Line and threatened another... Read more
Police investigate gunfire scene
5/16/20 - 2:15 pm
Police are investigating an incident around 2:15 p.m. in which they say a man shot at officers, who then returned fire, in the... Read more
5/14/20 - 10:30 pm
Around 10:30 p.m. at Ames Street and Westview Way. Nobody hit.
5/14/20 - 7:15 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Brockton man on attempted-murder charges for an incident this past Thursday in which a car was... Read more
5/14/20 - 5:57 pm
Boston Police report arresting a woman they say objected to the presence of officers on Friend Street, where she was enjoying... Read more
5/13/20 - 11:00 pm
Around 11 p.m. at 246 Dorchester St., near East 9th Street, Live Boston reports.
5/13/20 - 9:15 pm
Around 9:15 p.m. on Harvard Street at Norwell Street. No reports of any injuries.
5/12/20 - 9:40 pm
Around 9:40 p.m. at Dorchester Avenue and Lyon Street. Boston Police report the victim was taken to a local hospital and is... Read more
5/12/20 - 12:00 pm
Three shots fired, around noon. Nobody hit.
5/9/20 - 11:59 pm
Boston Police report arresting one of two men they say robbed two other men at gunpoint of both $8,000 and the car they were in... Read more
5/9/20 - 9:30 pm
Update: Victim identified as Alenny Matos missing from Dorchester since January. State Police report a passerby found the woman... Read more
5/6/20 - 3:13 pm
Transit Police report arresting Daniel Flynn, 50, on charges he tried to grab some fast cash from a Brinks employee working on... Read more
Beretta handgun
5/5/20 - 12:48 pm
Boston Police report a coronavirus-related arrest for an incident outside the Citizens Bank branch at 569 Washington St. in... Read more
5/3/20 - 10:30 pm
At Meridian and Havre streets, around 10:30 p.m.
5/3/20 - 10:00 pm
Around 10 p.m., by somebody who left without waiting for police - who found a bloody possible crime scene off Warren Street,... Read more
5/3/20 - 10:38 am
Victim identified as Leon Edmonds, 41. Boston Police report three men were shot at 52 Kensington Park, off Warren Street,... Read more
5/2/20 - 11:00 pm
Late Saturday night, a person in a car on Corona Street was shot. The victim sped off, driving through a vacant lot and... Read more
5/2/20 - 7:00 pm
Boston Police report that officers responding to a call about gunfire outside 152 East Cottage St., near Edward Everett Square... Read more
5/2/20 - 6:00 pm
Live Boston reports a woman with three previous OUI convictions was arrested yesterday after she allegedly hit a pedestrian and... Read more
Boston cops investigate Orleans Street gunfire
5/2/20 - 5:00 pm
Live Boston reports somebody fired several shots in an alley behind 80 Orleans St., near Maverick Street, around 5 p.m. on... Read more
5/1/20 - 8:37 pm
Boston Police report arresting Darwin May, 60, on a charge of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon - his shod foot -... Read more
5/1/20 - 7:10 pm
Numerous shots fired around 7:10 p.m. on Massachusetts Avenue, just south of the train bridge and near the Stop &amp Shop.... Read more
5/1/20 - 5:59 pm
Boston Police report arresting a 16-year-old they say was part of a pair who held up two other teens around at Brookford and... Read more
4/30/20 - 9:20 pm
Possibly three rounds at Callender and Carlos streets around 9:20 p.m.
4/30/20 - 6:57 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Hyde Park man after he attacked the owner of a car he was trying to break into in an alley... Read more
4/28/20 - 8:45 am
Boston Police report a man asked to leave the emergency room at Faulkner Hospital in Jamaica Plain yesterday morning after he... Read more
4/27/20 - 9:20 pm
Shortly before 9:20 p.m., police found a man on Howland Street, just past Humboldt Avenue, although he may been shot elsewhere... Read more
Evidence markers show where police found spent shells
4/26/20 - 9:47 pm
Live Boston reports that around 9:45 p.m., multiple shots were fired in the area of Millet and Athelwold streets in Dorchester... Read more
Suspect in stomping
4/26/20 - 9:00 pm
Transit Police report they are looking for this guy for "a vicious assault" that included kicking his victim on the ground and... Read more
4/26/20 - 3:55 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Springfield man after he began "actively shooting at a person," but without success, at... Read more
4/24/20 - 8:20 pm
Boston Police are trying to figure out where a man who wound up on an Orange Line platform at Downtown Crossing bleeding from a... Read more
4/23/20 - 2:50 am
Boston Police report arresting an alleged participant in a gun battle between two groups on Holworthy Street around 2:50 a.m.... Read more
4/22/20 - 2:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Mattapan man they say pointed a gun at a clerk at Symphony Market, 291 Huntington Ave.,... Read more
4/21/20 - 9:42 pm
Boston Police report arresting men from Norwood, Somerville and Boston on charges they robbed the 7-Eleven at 122 Cambridge St... Read more
4/21/20 - 9:30 pm
Lanzilli Groceria, 931 Bennington St., was held up around 9:30 p.m.
4/20/20 - 11:55 pm
Around 11:55 p.m. at Washington Street and Walnut Park.
4/20/20 - 8:00 pm
Live Boston reports a man was stabbed behind 1850 Washington St., near Lenox Street, around 8 p.m. He was taken to a local... Read more
4/19/20 - 10:03 pm
Live Boston reports shots were fired on East 8th Street near Mercer Street around 10 p.m.
One victim being loaded into an ambulance
4/19/20 - 9:30 pm
One in the back, one in the neck, around 9:30 on Turquoise Way near Horadan Way. Shell casings found behind at 30 Horadan Way;... Read more
4/19/20 - 4:00 am
Boston Police report arresting Jeffery Mendes, 24, for a burst of gunfire outside 23 Cameron St., off Hancock Street, around 4... Read more
4/18/20 - 7:37 pm
Update: Victim is 16. Live Boston reports somebody was shot around 7:35 p.m. on Walden Street, across from the Stop & Shop... Read more
4/18/20 - 5:22 pm
Live Boston reports the shooting was around 5:20 p.m. at 21 Nazing St. The victim, inside her apartment at the time, is 10.... Read more
4/17/20 - 10:56 am
Police converged on Cheney and Hartwell streets around 11 a.m. after reports of gunfire. The victim did not wait for police;... Read more
4/16/20 - 10:00 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Roxbury man on gun charges Thursday night - after they say officers watched him and a 15-year-... Read more
4/16/20 - 6:05 pm
Boston Police reports arresting two men after they apparently tried to gun down a couple of other guys on Halleck Street on... Read more
4/15/20 - 10:30 pm
Boston Police are investigating gunfire around 10:30 p.m. on Frazer Street, off Wood Avenue and River Street in Hyde Park. One... Read more
Detectives and evidence markers
4/15/20 - 8:05 pm
Live Boston reports a man was shot several times on Walden Street in the Mildred Hailey Apartments around 8 p.m. on Wednesday.... Read more
4/15/20 - 3:55 pm
Boston Police report the victim, in her late teens, was shot around 3:35 p.m. and was pronounced at the scene. Police tonight... Read more
Shot-up car on Harvard Street in Dorchester
4/14/20 - 8:20 pm
Live Boston reports that a man in a car parked on Harvard Street at Bernard Street was shot in the arm and leg around 8:20 p.m... Read more
4/14/20 - 1:43 pm
Boston Police report arresting Charlese Horton, 42, of Dorchester, for allegedly holding a minor against his will and... Read more
4/13/20 - 4:45 pm
Update: Two arrested. Transit Police are looking for two guys for a stabbing at the Maverick Square T stop that started in the... Read more
4/12/20 - 9:54 pm
On Washington Street at Ruggles Street around 9:55 p.m.
4/12/20 - 7:17 pm
Live Boston reports two men were shot, one in the face, one in the back, at 2030 Columbus Ave. around 7:15 p.m. Both are... Read more
Evidence markers at the scene
4/12/20 - 2:35 am
Live Boston reports somebody fired between five and eight shots around 2:30 a.m. behind 5 Cornelia Ct. in the Mission Main... Read more
Wanted man
4/8/20 - 4:36 pm
Boston Police are looking for a suspect in a stabbing that left a man with a two-foot long gash in his back, some of his... Read more
4/7/20 - 4:20 pm
Update: Three arrested. Shortly before 4:30 p.m. Stanley Forman photographed the area around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument... Read more
Wanted man
4/5/20 - 11:10 pm
Transit Police report they are looking for this grinning man for an incident at the State Street T stop around 11:10 p.m. on... Read more
4/5/20 - 10:09 am
Boston Police report arresting a resident of Brown Avenue in Roslindale after he allegedly used what looked like a gun to... Read more
4/4/20 - 10:40 pm
Outside 92 Harvard Ave., near Hyde Park Avenue, around 10:40 p.m., Live Boston reports.
4/4/20 - 5:53 pm
Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on armed-robbery charges after a stickup on Frontenac Street, a block away from... Read more
4/1/20 - 10:05 pm
Shortly after 10 p.m. at Parker and Bickford streets, near Heath Street.
Kilmarnock Street scene
4/1/20 - 9:45 pm
Shots fired around 9:45 p.m .on Kilmarnock Street near Boylston Street. At least one spent shell recovered.
4/1/20 - 9:20 pm
In the shoulder, behind 2030 Columbus Ave., around 9:20 p.m.
Alleged head kicker
4/1/20 - 4:50 pm
Transit Police report they are looking for this guy for an incident at the Downtown Crossing T stop around 4:50 p.m. on April 1... Read more
3/29/20 - 6:45 pm
Boston Police report arresting Gary Dumas II, 25, on charges he tried to slice open somebody else with a box cutter during an... Read more
3/28/20 - 2:01 pm
Boston Police report arresting two teens on charges they shot a man on Westville Street in Dorchester around 2 p.m., after... Read more
3/27/20 - 6:32 pm
Boston Police report arresting two 15-year-olds for trying to hold up two men walking down Minden Street, near Schiller Street... Read more
3/27/20 - 3:20 am
Boston Police report arresting Todor Bodrug, 20, after they say he tried to break into the Rogers gas station in Wolcott Square... Read more
3/26/20 - 4:30 pm
Around 4:30 p.m. in the area of Blue Hill Avenue and Schuyler Street, possibly as many as eight rounds. Spent shells were found... Read more
Scene on Boston Common
3/25/20 - 6:23 pm
Live Boston reports a man was stabbed at Ashburton Place and Bowdoin Place but that police found him on the Common near the... Read more
3/25/20 - 2:15 pm
Boston Police report a man already wanted on gun, drug and domestic-violence charges now faces robbery and assault and battery... Read more
3/24/20 - 5:25 pm
Transit Police report arresting Jonathan Quigley, 32, on charges he smashed a window inside South Station by hurling a bottle... Read more
Suspects in Brighton holdup
Distincting sneaker
3/23/20 - 7:55 pm
UPDATE: Two of the three arrested. Boston Police are looking for three guys they say robbed Wine Basket & Spirits, 1441... Read more
Recovered gun at shooting scene.
3/22/20 - 6:10 pm
Twice in the leg, outside the KFC on Washington Street, across from Regina Road, around 6:10 p.m., Live Boston reports.
Crime by neighborhood

Murder by year

Other crime news

Date Type Street Neighborhood
6/1/20 - 9:20 pm Person shot in the face in Mattapan Shooting 35 Astoria St. Mattapan
6/1/20 - 2:30 am Virginia man uses full soda can, mini baseball bat and maybe a putty knife to attack woman outside South Station, police say Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 700 Atlantic Ave. Downtown
5/30/20 - 9:00 am Roslindale man arrested on gun charges in investigation into double shooting in Jackson Square that left one dead Illegal gun possession 43 Granfield Ave. Roslindale
5/30/20 - 2:10 am Gun fired, woman shot, man arrested in Dorchester Shooting 23 Mountain Ave. Dorchester
5/29/20 - 2:06 am Police: Randolph man, local teen were walking around Mildred Hailey with loaded gun, high-capacity magazine Illegal gun possession 154 Heath St. Jamaica Plain
5/28/20 - 4:15 pm Springfield teen charged with possession of a gun loaded with a lot of bullets in South Boston Illegal gun possession 30 Linsky Barry Ct. South Boston
5/28/20 - 12:05 am One shot, one stabbed in Newmarket Square Shooting Newmarket Square and Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester
5/27/20 - 11:55 pm Five people shot at Franklin Field in Dorchester, one dead Shooting 5 Ames St. Dorchester
5/27/20 - 8:00 pm Police: Man beats woman to the floor in robbery at Boston Medical Center garage Assault and battery 710 Albany St. South End
5/26/20 - 1:25 pm Police charge Hyde Park man turned his scooter into a mobile drug store Illegal drug possession 143 Standard St. Mattapan
5/24/20 - 9:45 pm Two shot in separate incidents less than a mile apart in Dorchester Shooting 30 Vesta Rd. Dorchester
5/23/20 - 3:44 am Woman charged with stabbing man with a box cutter after smacking him with a bamboo stick in Chinatown Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 105 Chauncy St. Downtown
5/22/20 - 10:01 pm Shots fired at Silloway and Mather streets in Dorchester Gunfire Silloway St. and Mather St. Dorchester
5/22/20 - 8:37 pm Four cars hit by gunfire on Powellton Road in Dorchester Gunfire Powellton Rd. Dorchester
5/22/20 - 4:26 pm Police say man with unloaded gun arrested a block from and less than a day after fatal double shooting in Jackson Square Illegal gun possession Columbus Ave. and Centre St. Jamaica Plain
5/22/20 - 9:00 am Man uses gun to demand a light at Maverick T stop, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon 210 Sumner St. East Boston
5/21/20 - 10:00 pm Two shot, one fatally, on Centre at Lamartine in Jackson Square; four arrested Murder Centre St. and Lamartine St. Jamaica Plain
5/20/20 - 10:40 pm Gunfire on Washington Street at Blue Ledge Drive in Roslindale Gunfire Washington St. and Blue Ledge Dr. Roslindale
5/19/20 - 9:30 pm Two shot on Truman Parkway in Hyde Park, one dead Murder Truman Parkway Hyde Park
5/19/20 - 2:48 am Police: Man asleep at the wheel of a newly crashed car was drunk and had an illegal, loaded gun Illegal gun possession 53 Blake St. Hyde Park
5/18/20 - 10:15 pm Hail of bullets fired at gas station at Washington Street and Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester Gunfire 970 Washington St. Dorchester
5/18/20 - 12:00 pm Man shot to death on Bernard Street in Dorchester Murder 45 Bernard St. Dorchester
5/18/20 - 12:00 pm One of four men sliced up in Dorchester knife fight now faces gun charges Illegal gun possession 69 Hancock St. Dorchester
5/16/20 - 8:45 pm Knife fight ends with four stabbed, one in the chest, in Dorchester Stabbing Hancock St. and Trull St. Dorchester
5/16/20 - 8:35 pm Man charged with gunfire on Sumner Street in Dorchester Gunfire 69 Sumner St. Dorchester
5/16/20 - 7:50 pm Man shot to death on Bellevue Street in Dorchester Murder 45 Bellevue St. Dorchester
5/16/20 - 3:40 pm Man charged with threatening to slice somebody up on the Orange Line Assault with a dangerous weapon Tufts Medical Center Chinatown
5/16/20 - 2:15 pm Man, police exchange gunfire on Massachusetts Avenue in the South End, nobody hit, man arrested
5/14/20 - 10:30 pm Shots fired in Franklin Field Gunfire Ames St. and Westview Way Dorchester
5/14/20 - 7:15 pm Police say Brockton man tried to gun somebody down in Roxbury, but fortunately proved to have terrible aim Assault with intent to murder 113 Harrishof St. Roxbury
5/14/20 - 5:57 pm Woman charged with chucking bottle of white wine at cops near North Station and then deliberately coughing at them Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 280 Friend St. West End
5/13/20 - 11:00 pm Person shot on Dorchester Street in South Boston Shooting 246 Dorchester St. South Boston
5/13/20 - 9:15 pm Shots fired on Harvard Street in Dorchester Gunfire Harvard St. and Norwell St. Dorchester
5/12/20 - 9:40 pm Man stabbed in the chest in Dorchester, suspect arrested Stabbing Dorchester Ave. and Lyon St. Dorchester
5/12/20 - 12:00 pm Shots fired at Meridian and White streets in East Boston Gunfire Meridian St. and White St. East Boston
5/9/20 - 11:59 pm Police: Two men arranging a car sale in Dorchester are robbed by two other men; money recovered, car still at large, cop kneed Armed robbery Bowdoin St. and Hamilton St. Dorchester
5/9/20 - 9:30 pm Woman's body found in swampy area near Turtle Pond in Stony Brook Reservation Murder Enneking Parkway Hyde Park
5/6/20 - 3:13 pm Police: Man tries to rob Brinks worker servicing a South Station ATM Attempted armed robbery 700 Atlantic Ave. Downtown
5/5/20 - 12:48 pm Police say man didn't observe coronavirus etiquette and back up in line at a Codman Square ATM, instead, he started waving a gun around Illegal gun possession 569 Washington St. Dorchester
5/3/20 - 10:30 pm Man stabbed in East Boston Stabbing Meridian St. and Havre St. East Boston
5/3/20 - 10:00 pm Man dropped off at St. Elizabeth in Brighton with life-threatening stab wounds
5/3/20 - 10:38 am Three shot, one dead in Roxbury Murder 52 Kensington Park Roxbury
5/2/20 - 11:00 pm Person in car shot on Corona Street in Dorchester Shooting Corona St. and Geneva Avenue Dorchester
5/2/20 - 7:00 pm Somebody fired a gun repeatedly on East Cottage Street, then discarded it around the corner and fled before police arrived Gunfire 152 E. Cottage St. Dorchester
5/2/20 - 6:00 pm Stoughton woman charged as repeat drunk driver who dragged a pedestrian with her pickup truck at an Expressway exit
5/2/20 - 5:00 pm Man fires gun repeatedly in Maverick Square alley Gunfire 80 Orleans St. East Boston
5/1/20 - 8:37 pm Man in serious condition after being stomped at Cambridge and Blossom streets; suspect arrested Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Cambridge St. and Blossom St. West End
5/1/20 - 7:10 pm Gunfire on Massachusetts Avenue at South Bay Gunfire 1100 Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester
5/1/20 - 5:59 pm Police: Gang unit nabs teen with loaded gun in Dorchester a week after he pistol whipped somebody in a robbery Armed robbery Judson St. and Brookford St. Dorchester
4/30/20 - 9:20 pm Shots fired on Callender Street in Dorchester Gunfire Callender St. and Carlos St. Dorchester
4/30/20 - 6:57 pm Man trying to break into car with a screwdriver in a Back Bay alley smacks owner in the head with it, police say Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 222 Newbury St. Back Bay
4/28/20 - 8:45 am Police say man who claimed he was highly contagious spits on nurses, security guards at Faulkner Hospital; could face 20 years in prison Assault and battery 1153 Centre St. Jamaica Plain
4/27/20 - 9:20 pm Person found shot in the leg on Howland Street in Roxbury; may have driven there from somewhere else
4/26/20 - 9:47 pm Burst of gunfire at Millet and Athelwold streets in Dorchester Gunfire Millet St. and Athelwold St. Dorchester
4/26/20 - 9:00 pm Man wanted for Downtown Crossing stomping Stabbing Washington St. and Summer St. Downtown
4/26/20 - 3:55 pm Police: Springfield man opens fire on somebody in Mattapan, misses, gets arrested Gunfire Gladeside Ave. and Cragmere Terr. Mattapan
4/24/20 - 8:20 pm Man stabbed in Downtown Crossing Stabbing Temple Place Downtown
4/23/20 - 2:50 am Police arrest man they say was a participant in a Roxbury gun battle that left one injured Shooting Holworthy St. Roxbury
4/22/20 - 2:00 pm Police: Man grew agitated he couldn't get some smokes at Fenway market, threatened clerk with gun after he was asked to leave Assault with a dangerous weapon 291 Huntington Ave. Fenway
4/21/20 - 9:42 pm Clerk hit with hammer in Beacon Hill store robbery; three arrested after trying to make a getaway on the Green Line Armed robbery 122 Cambridge St. Beacon Hill
4/21/20 - 9:30 pm Market on Bennington Street in East Boston held up by man with gun Armed robbery 931 Bennington St. East Boston
4/20/20 - 11:55 pm Gunfire in Egleston Square Gunfire Washington St. and Walnut Park Roxbury
4/20/20 - 8:00 pm Man stabbed on Washington Street in Roxbury Stabbing 1850 Washington St. Roxbury
4/19/20 - 10:03 pm Shots fired at Old Colony Gunfire East 8 St. and Mercer St. South Boston
4/19/20 - 9:30 pm Two shot in Mission Main Shooting 30 Horadan Way Mission Hill
4/19/20 - 4:00 am Gang unit arrests man for trying to shoot somebody in Dorchester early Sunday Gunfire 23 Cameron St. Dorchester
4/18/20 - 7:37 pm Another person shot on Walden Street in Jamaica Plain Shooting 57 Walden St. Jamaica Plain
4/18/20 - 5:22 pm 10-year-old girl in her own home is hit by gunfire from neighboring apartment on Nazing Street in Roxbury Shooting 21 Nazing St. Roxbury
4/17/20 - 10:56 am Man shot at Cheney and Hartwell streets in Roxbury Shooting Hartwell St and Cheney St. Roxbury
4/16/20 - 10:00 pm Police: Guy was walking around Grove Hall with a gun loaded with 13 bullets Illegal gun possession 26 Schuyler St. Roxbury
4/16/20 - 6:05 pm Police: Guy tried shooting two other guys on Mission Hill, but missed Gunfire 623 Station St. Mission Hill
4/15/20 - 10:30 pm Shots fired in area of Wood Avenue in Hyde Park Gunfire Frazer St. and Wood Ave. Hyde Park
4/15/20 - 8:05 pm Man shot repeatedly in hail of gunfire at Mildred Hailey Apartments in Jamaica Plain Shooting 26 Walden St. Jamaica Plain
4/15/20 - 3:55 pm Teen shot to death at Topliff and Speedwell streets in Dorchester; another teen arrested Murder 30 Topliff St. Dorchester
4/14/20 - 8:20 pm Man in car shot on Harvard Street in Dorchester Shooting 144 Harvard St. Dorchester
4/14/20 - 1:43 pm Convicted child molester charged with kidnapping minor and threatening him with a gun Kidnapping 100 Seaver St. Roxbury
4/13/20 - 4:45 pm Fight ends with one stabbed in the hand at Maverick T stop Stabbing Sumner St. and Maverick Sq. East Boston
4/12/20 - 9:54 pm Man stabbed in the back in Nubian Square Stabbing 2201 Washington St. Roxbury
4/12/20 - 7:17 pm Two shot in Egleston Square Shooting 2030 Columbus Ave. Roxbury
4/12/20 - 2:35 am Shots fired in Mission Main Gunfire 5 Cornelia Ct. Mission Hill
4/8/20 - 4:36 pm Police hunt man they say ended an argument in Allston by carving up his opponent's back Stabbing 54 Gardner St. Allston
4/7/20 - 4:20 pm Person shot on Boston Common
4/5/20 - 11:10 pm Person beaten at State Street T station, forced to withdraw money from ATM Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon State Street and Washington St. Downtown
4/5/20 - 10:09 am Man pulls out realistic-looking BB gun in argument with neighbor in Roslindale, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon Ridge St. and Brown Ave. Roslinale
4/4/20 - 10:40 pm Person stabbed in Hyde Park Stabbing 92 Harvard Ave. Hyde Park
4/4/20 - 5:53 pm Man had a ride share waiting while he robbed three at gunpoint in Dorchester, police say Armed robbery 20A Frontenac St. Dorchester
4/1/20 - 10:05 pm Shots fired in Mildred Hailey complex Gunfire 944 Parker St. Jamaica Plain
4/1/20 - 9:45 pm Shots fired on Kilmarnock Street in the Fenway Gunfire Kilmarnock St. and Boylston St. Fenway
4/1/20 - 9:20 pm Woman shot on Columbus Avenue in Egleston Square Shooting 2030 Columbus Ave. Roxbury
4/1/20 - 4:50 pm Man sought for Downtown Crossing head kicking Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Washington St. and Summer St. Downtown
3/29/20 - 6:45 pm Guy slashes man in the neck with a box cutter at Mass. Ave. and Newbury Street, police say Stabbing Massachusetts Ave. and Newbury St. Back Bay
3/28/20 - 2:01 pm Crime in the time of corornavirus: After man is shot in Dorchester, large crowd gathers Shooting Westville Street and Louis D. Brown Way Dorchester
3/27/20 - 6:32 pm Two teens charged with attempted armed robbery on Minden Street in Jamaica Plain Attempted armed robbery 124 Minden St. Jamaica Plain
3/27/20 - 3:20 am Police say man failed at breaking into a closed Readville gas station with a brick; they find him ambling across the line in Dedham Attempted breaking and entering 1820 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
3/26/20 - 4:30 pm Gunfire in Grove Hall; possibly as many as eight rounds fired Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Schuyler St. Roxbury
3/25/20 - 6:23 pm Man stabbed behind State House, found on the Common Stabbing Ashburton Pl. and Bowdoin St. Beacon Hill
3/25/20 - 2:15 pm Man punches victim in the face and to the ground in Dorchester robbery attempt, police say Assault and battery Dorchester Ave. and Hancock St. Dorchester
3/24/20 - 5:25 pm Scituate man charged with trying to strangle T cop after smashing a window at South Station Assault and battery 700 Atlantic Ave. Downtown
3/23/20 - 7:55 pm Two arrested for armed robbery of Brighton liquor store; third sought Armed robbery 1441 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton
3/22/20 - 6:10 pm Person shot outside Codman Square KFC Shotting Washington St. and Regina Rd. Dorchester