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Mattapan crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
1/17/24 - 9:50 pm Man stabbed in the neck on River Street in Mattapan Square, suspect arrested Stabbing 442 River St.
12/30/23 - 11:30 am Man on second floor of Mattapan building shoots at firefighters responding to a fire on the first Gunfire 50 Fairlawn Ave.
10/19/23 - 10:59 am Man stabbed to death on Rugby Road in Mattapan Murder 18 Rugby Rd.
10/17/23 - 10:12 pm Man was driving around Mattapan with a loaded gun and 99 spare bullets, police say Illegal gun possession Fottler Road
10/14/23 - 12:27 am Man shot to death on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Murder 1194 Blue Hill Ave.
9/19/23 - 5:11 pm Angry man with a loaded gun boards a T bus in Mattapan Square, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon Blue Hill Ave.
9/4/23 - 1:46 am Two shot inside Mattapan's only nightclub Shooting 477 River St.
7/13/23 - 2:10 pm Boy, 12, found shot to death in Mattapan; man charged with keeping a gun and ammo where the boy could access them Murder 35 Fessenden St.
7/9/23 - 12:01 am Drunk with a loaded gun grabbed and held by man he threatened in Mattapan Square, police say Assault with a dangerous weapon 550 River St.
7/5/23 - 2:00 am Five shot in Mattapan Square Shooting River St. and Edgewater Dr.
6/12/23 - 1:00 am Three teens shoot T bus driver with BB guns in Mattapan, police say Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon 1350 Blue Hill Ave.
6/4/23 - 5:29 pm Man blows through Mattapan red light with a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Cummins Highway and Harvard St.
5/7/23 - 8:30 pm Two shot on Wildwood Street in Mattapan, one dead Murder 66 Wildwood St.
4/17/23 - 5:35 pm Guy smoking on a Mattapan trolley and two pals beat up two men after one asks him to stop smoking, DA says Assault and battery with a dangeous weapon 500 River St
4/9/23 - 8:21 pm Preteen at home in Mattapan shot in the leg by bullet possibly fired a block away Shooting 580 Cummins Hwy
2/19/23 - 8:30 am Boston outreach worker charged with racing through Mattapan Square with two loaded guns Illegal gun possession River St. and Cummins Highway
1/29/23 - 11:30 am Teen shot dead on Babson Street in Mattapan Murder Babson St. and Fremont St.
1/24/23 - 9:16 pm Man crashes car in Mattapan, then gets arrested for the loaded gun he'd stored in his engine compartment, police say Illegal gun possession 595 River St.
1/6/23 - 6:00 am Man had loaded AK47, handgun in Dorchester apartment when arrested on drug charges, police say Illegal gun possession 15 Boyden St.
1/1/23 - 5:56 am Mattapan Square party ends with two shot, one dead Murder 1601 Blue Hill Ave.
12/23/22 - 9:28 pm Man stabbed and run over on Manchester Street in Mattapan Stabbing Manchester St.
12/8/22 - 7:15 pm Man smashed in the face with a gun in failed Mattapan Square robbery, police say Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 1635 Blue Hill Ave.
11/26/22 - 5:30 pm Woman shot on Westmore Road in Mattapan Shooting Westmore Rd. and Gilmer St.
11/6/22 - 9:15 pm Two shot on Orlando Street in Mattapan, one dead Murder 10 Orlando St.
10/23/22 - 4:47 am Woman murdered in Mattapan apartment complex Murder 40 Fairlawn Ave.
10/7/22 - 9:30 pm Man charged with gunpoint robbery in Mattapan's Almont Park Armed robbery Hunt Almont Playground
8/11/22 - 8:36 pm Man shot to death on Oak Hill Avenue in Mattapan Murder 4 Oak Hill Ave.
7/22/22 - 7:15 pm Teen lifts sweatshirt to show off his loaded gun in Mattapan, but cops were watching; they arrest him and seize eight dirt bikes Illegal gun possession Norfolk St. and Babson St.
7/21/22 - 10:02 pm Man murdered on Orlando Street in Mattapan Murder 14 Orlando St.
7/17/22 - 9:14 pm Man murdered on Norfolk Street in Mattapan Murder Norfolk St. and Elizabeth St.
7/7/22 - 9:36 pm Police say teen in Mattapan tried to flee officers with a machete down his pants; it didn't work Illegal knife possession 541 Norfolk Ave.
7/3/22 - 10:45 pm Person shot on Woodbole Avenue in Mattapan Shooting 50 Woodbole Ave.
6/19/22 - 2:34 pm Man stabbed to death in Mattapan Murder 35 Colorado St.
5/30/22 - 6:15 pm Police say officers trying to arrest one man on gun charges in Mattapan surrounded by unruly crowd; wind up arresting seven people, seizing seven guns Illegal gun possession 17 Elizabeth St.
5/11/22 - 7:15 pm Man stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Stabbing Blue Hill Ave. and Livingstone St.
5/10/22 - 9:40 pm Woman stabbed to death on Rosewood Street in Mattapan Murder Rosewood St.
4/24/22 - 12:20 pm Teen caught redhanded after breaking into Mattapan Boys and Girls Club and making off with numerous electronic items, including monitors, police say Breaking and entering 10 Hazleton St.
3/21/22 - 10:25 am Man shot on T bus on Morton Street in Mattapan Shooting Morton St. and Lorna Rd.
2/19/22 - 11:05 pm Two shot inside Mattapan restaurant Shooting 473 River St.