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2014 murders in Boston

Date Street Neighborhoodsort descending Victim
11/5/14 - 9:40 pm Two shot in Charlestown 274 Main St. Charlestown Morrissey, Ryan
10/16/14 - 7:22 pm Man stabbed to death in Dorchester; suspect arrested 205 Bowdoin St. Dorchester Williamson, Gerald
10/18/14 - 4:45 am Police: Dorchester fight ends with woman stabbed to death 188 Washington St. Dorchester Johnson, Cecilia Marie
2/23/14 - 12:50 am Man fatally shot near South Bay Boston St. and Howell St. Dorchester Taylor, Daniel
3/1/14 - 2:36 am Fight outside Columbia Point hotel leaves one dead, one in the hospital 200 Mt. Vernon St. Dorchester Borgella, Christopher
11/8/14 - 4:00 pm Man sought for murder of girlfriend on Bowdoin Street in Dorchester 45 Bowdoin St. Dorchester DaVeiga, Audilia
3/1/14 - 5:29 am Man stabbed to death in Dorchester 744 Washington St. Dorchester Mims, Augusta
12/12/14 - 6:30 pm Barber-shop owner stabbed to death on Adams Street in Dorchester Adams St. and Pierce St. Dorchester Dwyer, Sean Dwyer
9/14/14 - 11:15 pm Police seek killer of Dorchester man, father of seven 14 Glenarm St. Dorchester Velasquez, Jimmy
5/8/14 - 11:00 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester 15 Cawlfield St. Dorchester Semedo, Gilson
5/21/14 - 1:35 pm Man shot dead in Uphams Corner 742 Dudley St. Dorchester Richardson, Shannon
6/6/14 - 8:45 pm Man on motorcycle crashes in Dorchester; police try to figure out the deal with the two guns found on the street 5 Taft St. Dorchester DePina, Michael
8/11/14 - 9:30 pm Man shot in Dorchester 93 Devon St. Dorchester Dingle-Knight, Antoine
8/23/14 - 8:15 am Two women shot on Blue Hill Avenue; one dies Blue Hill Ave. and Charlotte St. Dorchester Jaffier, Dawn
8/31/14 - 9:21 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester 52 Claybourne St. Dorchester Fernandes, Shongi
9/21/14 - 12:00 am Man stabbed to death at Franklin Field 5 Ames St. Dorchester Sanchez, George
9/29/14 - 7:15 pm Person shot in the face in Dorchester, dies 564 Dudley St. Dorchester Robertson, Raheem
1/24/14 - 6:25 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester 82 Callender St. Dorchester Keene, Trevain
1/26/14 - 9:50 pm Man shot to death outside Ashmont convenience store 1186 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester Printemps, Julien
4/12/14 - 6:38 am Man found stabbed to death in East Boston 282 Border St. East Boston Santos-Chaves, Oscar
6/29/14 - 1:53 pm Man found shot to death in East Boston 232 Brandywyne Dr. East Boston Cook, Walter
11/4/14 - 11:00 pm Man shot in Hyde Park's Georgetowne development 226 Mararetta Dr. Hyde Park Pujols, Darison
11/17/14 - 9:30 pm Two cops under investigation for lack of action that might have prevented Hyde Park murder 1037 River St. Hyde Park McMahon, Stephanie Stephanie McMahon
1/9/14 - 5:55 pm Two stabbed in Georgetowne, one dead 139 Margaretta Dr. Hyde Park Constant, Samuel
6/22/14 - 1:50 am Two shot, one dead, in Egleston Square School St. and Arcadia St. Jamaica Plain Lanier, Michael
1/27/14 - 2:45 am Two shot dead in Mattapan 92 Rosewood St. Mattapan McGregor, Clarence and Montgomery, Teasia
2/7/14 - 11:40 am Police: Teen charged with shooting young brother to death in Mattapan 617 Morton St. Mattapan Pena, Janmarcos
2/20/14 - 11:35 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan 196 Itasca St. Mattapan Rowell, Kenneth
5/2/14 - 3:12 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan 9 Gladeside Ave. Mattapan Skeens, Daniel
6/30/14 - 2:15 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan 73 Edgewater Dr. Mattapan Ragland, Corey
1/18/14 - 8:25 pm Man shot to death on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan Blue Hill Ave. and Evelyn St. Mattapan
3/31/14 - 11:45 am Man shot to death on Mission Hill 17 Smith St. Mission Hill Maldonado, Jose
9/30/14 - 8:50 pm Man shot to death on Mission Hill 239 Parker Hill Ave. Mission Hill Nunez, Juan
1/9/14 - 11:10 pm Man shot to death in Roslindale 136 Rowe St. Roslindale John, Brandon
11/1/14 - 5:22 am Woman shot to death in Roxbury 18 Lattimore Ct. Roxbury Tucker, Shervonne
12/17/14 - 1:35 pm Man shot dead at same Dudley Street intersection where a man was shot dead in September Dudley St. and W. Cottage St. Roxbury Davis, William
12/21/14 - 4:30 am One dead in triple stabbing at Blue Hill Avenue house party 568 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury Guzman, Rafael
4/14/14 - 1:00 am Man shot to death in Roxbury Dabney St. and Regent St. Roxbury Mason, James
7/13/14 - 6:00 pm New Yorker charged with murdering artist whose body was found in Jackson Square woods 1542 Columbus Ave. Roxbury Roe, Pippen
5/18/14 - 4:27 am Man shot to death at Tremont and Camden Tremont St. and Camden St. Roxbury Boveill, Dominique
6/8/14 - 11:30 pm Man shot to death in H-Block drive-by, suspects crash car a mile away 131 Harold St. Roxbury Marriro, Craig
7/13/14 - 6:00 pm Body found off Columbus Avenue near Jackson Square Centre St. and Columbus Ave. Roxbury Roe, Pippin
9/6/14 - 12:35 am Teen shot near Egleston Square, in what is becoming a daily occurrence 17 Wardman St. Roxbury Gonzalez, Adrian
1/14/14 - 5:57 pm Barber murdered in Tremont Street shop 996 Tremont St. Roxbury Knight, Rick
10/10/14 - 9:00 pm Man found dead at Roxbury fire had been stabbed repeatedly, police say 104 WInthrop St. Roxbury Bernabel, Santo Alcadio
4/9/14 - 7:55 pm Man shot to death in South Boston W. 5 St. and Dorchester St. South Boston Leon, Joel
8/1/14 - 6:40 am Body covered in blood found in Moakley Park Joe Moakley Park, Columbia Rd. South Boston Price, Dwight
6/29/14 - 1:50 am South End party ends with teen shot in the back of the head 5 Castle Ct. South End Archer, Evens
7/19/14 - 2:44 am Man gunned down by firing squad on wheels in the South End Tremont St. and Aguadilla St. South End Nunez, Niko
3/14/14 - 8:30 am West Roxbury death under investigation 105 Perham St. West Roxbury Regan, Mark