2016 murders in Boston

Date Street Neighborhood Victim
12/24/16 - 10:45 pm Teen found stabbed to death near East Boston stadium East Boston Memorial Stadium East Boston Orellana-Ruano, Luis
12/20/16 - 1:00 am Woman charged with stabbing neighbor to death on Fayston Street in Dorchester 7 Fayston St. Dorchester Morris, Sasha Sasha Morris
12/12/16 - 2:55 pm Man shot to death on Bullard Street, Dorchester 49 Bullard St. Dorchester Brewington, Robert
12/9/16 - 4:15 pm Body found in Belle Isle Marsh 1235 Bennington Ave. East Boston Villatoro-Nunez, Carlos
12/3/16 - 12:12 am Man found fatally shot after his car crashes into Mattapan house Tileston St. and Rosemont St. Mattapan Brown, DaQuon Daquon Brown
11/19/16 - 2:54 am Man shot to death in Grove Hall 195 Normandy St. Dorchester Fields, Javon Javon Fields
11/17/16 - 4:30 pm Man shot to death on West Cottage Street in Roxbury 20 W. Cottage St. Roxbury
11/12/16 - 4:45 pm One dead, one injured in Franklin Field shooting 50 Ames St. Dorchester Leonard, Dantley Leonard
11/8/16 - 10:50 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan 148 Savannah Ave. Mattapan Young, James
11/5/16 - 10:00 am For second time in less than three weeks, somebody shot dead on Nazing Street in Roxbury 36 Nazing St. Roxbury Toombs, Anthony Anthony Toombs
11/5/16 - 8:39 am Two charged for fatal fire in abandoned house in Roxbury that people were squatting in 94 George St. Roxbury Trentor, Michelle Trentor
11/5/16 - 12:40 am Man shot three times in Dorchester, dies 2 Bentham Rd. Dorchester Rivers, Nathaniel Nathaniel Rivers
10/29/16 - 2:40 pm Woman dead, teen injured in Dorchester shooting 152 Washington St. Dorchester Timothee, Benine Benine Timothee
10/23/16 - 11:30 am Man found shot to death in Hyde Park 36 Williams Ave. Hyde Park Clermont, James Clermont
10/22/16 - 5:15 pm Police say one homeless man killed another in Newmarket Square fight 1071 Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester Cherup, Stephen Stephen Cherup
10/19/16 - 10:40 pm Person shot in the head in Roxbury 25 Nazing St. Roxbury Cesar, John
10/18/16 - 5:55 pm Person shot on Dorchester Avenue 1631 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester Borden, Shawn
10/8/16 - 10:55 pm Man shot to death near Egleston Square 5 Cleaves Ct. Roxbury Lind, Carlos Carlos Lind
10/7/16 - 12:07 am DA: Woman told husband she would stab him and then she did - fatally 88 Wensley St. Mission Hill Edwards, Collins
10/6/16 - 6:45 pm Man fatally shot in the head in Roxbury Dearborn St. and Zeigler St. Roxbury Dieusinor, Jesse Jesse Dieusinor
9/27/16 - 1:05 am Man shot to death in Bromley-Heath 267 Centre St. Jamaica Plain Hailey, Nigel
9/20/16 - 8:06 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester 55 Downer Ave. Dorchester Cardoso, Jonathan Cardoso
9/17/16 - 2:20 am One dead in Dorchester triple shooting Nightingale St. and Wales St. Dorchester Woods, Phillip Phillip Woods
9/7/16 - 7:45 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester 10 Ripley Rd. Dorchester Singleton, Roland Roland Singleton
8/27/16 - 3:30 am Man shot to death outside Jamaica Plain convenience store 454 Centre St. Jamaica Plain Kelly, Jeffrey
8/27/16 - 1:45 am Man shot to death in Dorchester 58 Westville St. Dorchester Odgie, Stavensky Stavensky
8/20/16 - 12:15 am Two shot in Uphams Corner, one dead 6 Dudley Terrace Dorchester Goncalves, Ailton
8/17/16 - 6:55 am Man stabbed to death in East Boston 214 Paris St. East Boston Smith, Gage Smith
8/12/16 - 11:38 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester 21 Algonquin St. Dorchester Fortes Neves-Silva, Carlos Neves-Silva
7/7/16 - 11:36 pm Two shot, one dead in Dorchester 68 Hancock St. Dorchester Smith, Brandon Smith
6/24/16 - 3:25 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan 17 Doone Ave. Mattapan Good, Jermaine Jermaine Good
6/18/16 - 11:10 pm Man fatally shot in the head in Mattapan 62 Astoria St. Mattapan Flonory, Andrew Flonory
6/15/16 - 8:51 am Woman found dead in East Boston garage 54 Princeton St. East Boston Lainez, Blanca Lainez
6/14/16 - 12:20 pm Man fatally shot in the head across street from Blue Hill Avenue police station 1186 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan Hall, Marcus Marcus Hall
6/8/16 - 1:30 pm Four shot outside Burke High School, one dead 46 Washington St. Dorchester Brown, Raekwon
6/4/16 - 11:20 pm Man shot to death on York Street in Dorchester 8 York St. Dorchester Headley, Ronnie
5/29/16 - 10:25 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester 131 Devon St. Dorchester Godfrey, Levar Godfrey
5/19/16 - 9:15 pm Another person shot in Codman Square, this time fatally 87 Southern Ave. Dorchester Stewart, David David Stewart
4/17/16 - 3:00 am Quincy man dies while trying to break up fight in front of Dorchester tavern 780 Adams St. Dorchester Hingston, Brian Hingston
3/27/16 - 2:10 am One man shot to death, another stabbed in Mattapan incident 227 River St. Mattapan Burton, Chaz Burton
3/22/16 - 10:30 pm Man shot to death in East Boston 7 Wordsworth St. East Boston Epifania, Luigi Epifania
3/21/16 - 3:00 am Two shot, one dead in Roxbury 66 Humboldt Ave. Roxbury Bryant, Allex Allex Bryant
2/21/16 - 4:37 pm Teen stabbed to death in Dorchester 203 Columbia Rd. Dorchester Hopkins, Deon Hopkins
2/4/16 - 5:45 am Man shot to death in Roxbury 55 Brookledge Rd. Roxbury Waithe, Marquis Marquis Waithe
1/31/16 - 9:45 pm Roxbury toddler rushed to hospital after trauma; homicide unit brought in just in case 23 Alpine St. Roxbury Whyte, Kenai Kenai Whyte
1/27/16 - 1:40 am Man shot and killed in Dorchester Washington St. and Dunbar Ave. Dorchester Sealey, Alvin Alvin Sealey Jr.
1/13/16 - 7:39 pm Man found fatally shot in Mission Hill house 55 Fenwood St. Mission Hill Jacquet, Eden Jacquet
1/10/16 - 1:35 am Teen shot to death in East Boston 144 Falcon St. East Boston Perez de la Cruz, Cristofer Cristofer Perez