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2020 murders in Boston

Date Street Neighborhoodsort descending Victim
9/17/20 - 7:29 pm Two men shot on Decatur Street in Charlestown; one dead 74 Decatur St. Charlestown Martinez, David and Tejeda-Mejia, Wildeny Wildeny Tejeda-Mejia
5/16/20 - 7:50 pm Man shot to death on Bellevue Street in Dorchester 45 Bellevue St. Dorchester Richards, Paul Paul Richards
5/18/20 - 12:00 pm Man shot to death on Bernard Street in Dorchester 45 Bernard St. Dorchester Fitzpatrick, Derek Derek Fitzpatrick
5/27/20 - 11:55 pm Five people shot at Franklin Field in Dorchester, one dead 5 Ames St. Dorchester Verdejo, Rolando Rolando Verdejo
6/4/20 - 2:25 am Two shot on Whitfield Street in Dorchester, one dead 68 Whitfield St. Dorchester Taldon, Deangelo Taldon
6/13/20 - 3:58 pm Man shot to death on Wheatland Avenue in Dorchester; around corner from another fatal shooting ten days ago 82 Wheatland Ave. Dorchester Boykins, Calvin Boykins
6/23/20 - 1:51 am Man shot to death on Thane Street in Dorchester 26 Thane St. Dorchester Gabbidon, Malik Malik Gabbidon
7/2/20 - 12:19 am Man fatally shot on Norfolk Street in Dorchester 109 Norfolk St Dorchester Washington-Clark, Rashawn Rashawn Washington-Clark
9/27/20 - 1:17 am Man murdered on Savin Hill 16 Hubbardston Rd. Dorchester Ritter, Keenan Keenan Ritter
7/3/20 - 10:15 pm Man fatally stabbed on Theodore Street in Dorchester 42 Theodore St. Dorchester Bailey, Shonn Shonn Bailey
7/3/20 - 11:03 pm Man stabbed to death at Fields Corner Domino's 205 Adams St. Dorchester Colon, Onell
7/5/20 - 3:10 am Woman shot to death on Stonehurst Street in Dorchester; suspect arrested 37 Stonehurst St. Dorchester Coleman, Felicity Felicity Coleman
7/19/20 - 4:45 pm Two teens shot to death on Wildwood Street near Morton Street, where another teen was murdered last year 46 Wildwood St. Dorchester Webster, K'shaun and Carlor, Dante Carlor and Webster
7/26/20 - 2:08 am Man fatally shot at Sumner and Conrad streets in Dorchester Sumner St. and Conrad St. Dorchester Jalloh, Amadou
7/26/20 - 1:58 am Man fatally shot on Erie Street in Dorchester 38 Erie St. Dorchester Loving, Sarbryon Loving
1/11/20 - 8:25 pm Two men shot on Washington Street in Grove Hall; one dead Washington St and Normandy St. Dorchester Boyd, Treshawn Treshawn Boyd
7/29/20 - 11:15 pm Two shot, one fatally, on Adams Street near Ronan Park in Dorchester 121 Adams St. Dorchester Brandao, Jason Brandao
7/22/20 - 12:24 pm Dorchester man shot dead at South Bay Holiday Inn 69 Boston St. Dorchester Dos Santos, Andronique
1/22/20 - 7:15 pm Man fatally shot on Juliette Street in Dorchester 48 Juliette St. Dorchester Allien, Marqus
7/31/20 - 7:27 am Man stabbed to death on Southampton Street; suspect arrested 112 Southampton St. Dorchester Hughes, Damien Hughes
2/5/20 - 6:30 pm Man shot to death on Magnolia Street in Dorchester 149 Magnolia St. Dorchester Ribeiro, Admilson Admilson Ribeiro
8/2/20 - 9:10 pm Driver is shot, crashes into wall of Blue Hill Avenue building 632 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester Ramsey, John
2/7/20 - 6:30 pm Man shot to death in Uphams Corner 566 Columbia Rd. Dorchester Farley, Andrew Farley
8/4/20 - 12:01 am Man stabbed to death on Massachusetts Avenue; second Methadone Mile murder in five days 1024 Massachusetts Ave. Dorchester Dezrick, Michael Michael Dezrick
2/19/20 - 12:11 pm Teen shot to death on Cameron Street in Dorchester 6 Cameron St. Dorchester Garnett, Kareem Kareem Garnett
2/20/20 - 11:10 pm Man shot to death on Woodrow Avenue in Dorchester 89 Woodrow Ave. Dorchester Lopez, Victor Victor Lopez
8/26/20 - 10:43 pm Man shot to death on Adams Street in Dorchester 336 Adams St. Dorchester Martin, James James Martin
2/27/20 - 2:20 pm Man charged with murdering his mother on Columbia Road in Dorchester 357 Columbia Rd. Dorchester Thomas, Gisel Gisel Thomas
8/30/20 - 2:30 am Unofficial Carnival street party along Blue Hill Avenue ends with man shot Blue Hill Avenue and Ellington St. Dorchester Toyloy, Changa Changa Toyloy
4/15/20 - 3:55 pm Teen shot to death at Topliff and Speedwell streets in Dorchester; another teen arrested 30 Topliff St. Dorchester King, Alissa King
12/24/20 - 9:05 pm Man stabbed in the chest in Maverick Square, dies 1 Maverick Sq. East Boston Barthelemy, Kerwide
3/13/20 - 12:10 pm Man charged with killing woman at Fenway hotel in March 1271 Boylston St. Fenway Dorany, Sara Dorany
5/9/20 - 9:30 pm Woman's body found in swampy area near Turtle Pond in Stony Brook Reservation Enneking Parkway Hyde Park Matos, Alenny Matos
5/19/20 - 9:30 pm Two shot on Truman Parkway in Hyde Park, one dead Truman Parkway Hyde Park Mayhew, Israel Mayhew
11/16/20 - 10:04 pm Man shot to death in Hyde Park 18 Church St. Hyde Park Soto, Bolivar Bolivar Soto
12/13/20 - 7:34 pm Man shot to death on Ellis Street in Hyde Park, around corner from where another man was murdered last month 10 Ellis St. Hyde Park Webster, Storlen Storlen Webster
10/21/20 - 6:55 pm Person shot to death on Parker Street in Mildred Hailey Apartments 950 Parker St. Jamaica Plain Carter, Augusta
11/6/20 - 11:00 pm Three shot in Hyde Square in Jamaica Plain; one dead Centre St. and Creighton St. Jamaica Plain Hewson, Shawn Rae Shawn Rae Hewson
5/21/20 - 10:00 pm Two shot, one fatally, on Centre at Lamartine in Jackson Square; four arrested Centre St. and Lamartine St. Jamaica Plain Davis, Dashawn Davis
7/2/20 - 8:11 pm Man fatally shot in the face on Norfolk Street in Mattapan; suspect arrested Norfolk St. and Woolson St. Mattapan Cannady, Justin Justin Cannaday
7/12/20 - 1:58 am Man shot to death on Regis Road in Mattapan 25 Regis Rd. Mattapan Stamp, Dwight Dwight Stamp
2/15/20 - 9:40 pm Man fatally shot in the chest on Colorado Street in Mattapan 12 Colorado St. Mattapan Clark, Hilton Hilton Clark
8/6/20 - 9:09 am Man murdered on Hazelton Street in Mattapan 4 Hazelton St. Mattapan Pierre, Lovenson
2/24/20 - 7:35 pm Man shot to death on Delhi Street in Mattapan Delhi St. and Violet St. Mattapan Bent-Hines, Ricardo Ricardo Bent-Hines
3/20/20 - 7:35 pm Man shot to death on American Legion Highway in Mattapan 86 American Legion Highway Mattapan Lewis-Coppin, Vincent Vincent Lewis-Coppin
5/3/20 - 10:38 am Three shot, one dead in Roxbury 52 Kensington Park Roxbury Edmonds, Leon Leon Edmonds
9/18/20 - 7:45 pm Three shot on Hammond Street in Roxbury, one dead Hammond St. and Westminster St. Roxbury Mejia, Dennis Dennis Mejia
10/25/20 - 12:09 am Man shot to death on Dunreath Terrace in Roxbury 18 Dunreath Terrace Roxbury Mejia, Earl Earl Mejia
12/8/20 - 7:30 pm Woman murdered in Egleston Square senior-citizen tower; suspect charged 1990 Columbus Ave. Roxbury Malone, Tanya Tanya Malone
7/14/20 - 9:14 pm Man found shot in the head inside store on Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury 718 Shawmut Ave. Roxbury Siam, Tanjim Tanjim Siam
6/30/20 - 7:29 pm Four shot on Circuit Street in Roxbury, one dead 14 Circuit St. Roxbury Wiley, Tierece
12/24/20 - 11:03 pm Suspect arrested for Roxbury break-in after senior is found lying on the floor in his own blood 22 Pompeii St. Roxbury Rose, Bruce
7/2/20 - 9:55 pm Teen murdered, two others shot, on Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Roxbury 39 Mt. Pleasant Ave. Roxbury Rico, Xhavier Rico
7/12/20 - 12:49 am Man shot to death on Adams Street in Roxbury 18 Adams St. Roxbury Hendricks, James Hendricks
1/25/20 - 4:51 pm Three teens stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue at Seaver Street, one dies 575 Blue Hill Ave. Roxbury Guerrero, Yonan Guerrero
6/14/20 - 2:47 pm Man wanted in connection with woman's body that was found in Franklin Park 17 N. Jewish War Veterans Drive Roxbury Atkins, Leslie