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2021 murders in Boston

Date Street Neighborhood Victim
12/16/21 - 12:25 pm Man found dead in a car on Shelby Street in East Boston 7 Shelby St. East Boston Reid, Diion
11/22/21 - 9:52 pm Man fatally shot near Fairmount train station in Hyde Park Maple St. and Walnut St. Hyde Park Jimenez, Noel Noel Jimenez
11/9/21 - 11:00 pm Two shot, one dead on Deering Road in Mattapan 106 Deering Rd. Mattapan Hicks, Rosa Rosa Hicks
10/11/21 - 6:40 pm Man stabbed to death on Virginia Street in Dorchester 9 Virginia St. Dorchester Contois, Peter Peter Cointois
10/10/21 - 2:58 pm Man shot to death near Ross Playground in Hyde Park 26 Ayles Rd. Hyde Park Sands, Trevon
10/7/21 - 11:19 pm Man stabbed to death on Harvard Street in Mattapan Harvard St. Mattapan Boggs, Ralph Ralph Boggs
10/6/21 - 10:55 pm Man shot to death on Walk Hill Street in Mattapan; up to 25 shots fired Walk Hill St. Mattapan Nicholson, Diamonte Diamonte Nicholson
9/25/21 - 8:58 pm Two shot, one dead in Franklin Field 240 Westview St. Dorchester Perkins, Tanaya Tanaya Perkins
9/8/21 - 2:22 pm Man shot to death in Egleston Square 3108 Washington St. Jamaica Plain Miles, Arthur Rashaad Rashaad Miles
8/28/21 - 6:30 pm Man fatally shot in the chest on Erie Street in Dorchester 11 Erie St. Dorchester Atkins, Shamel Winston Shamel Atkins
8/28/21 - 9:21 am Teen stabbed to death at Blue Hill Avenue and Columbia Road Blue Hill Ave. and Columbia Rd. Dorchester Sommerville, Javare Javare Sommerville
8/23/21 - 6:12 am Person stabbed to death outside Southampton shelter; 5th Methadone Mile murder this year 112 Atkinson St. South End Anaele, Ugochukwu Anaele
8/22/21 - 12:30 am Man fatally shot on Woodbole Avenue in Mattapan 12 Woodbole Ave. Mattapan Diaz, Antonni
8/14/21 - 3:18 am Man murdered on Almont Street in Mattapan 37 Almont St. Mattapan Matthews, Edgar Edgar Matthews
8/9/21 - 12:29 am Six shot, one dead on Irma Street in Dorchester 27 Irma St. Dorchester Shepard, Aisha Aisha Shepard
8/8/21 - 8:35 am Man dead in Methadone Mile stabbing Massachusetts Ave. and Peirson St. Roxbury Garcia, Ricardo
8/6/21 - 9:30 pm Woman murdered on West Concord Street in the South End 162 W. Concord St. South End
7/29/21 - 1:18 pm Woman shot to death in Roslindale Square Birch St. and Corinth St. Roslindale Heywood, Alicia Alicia Heywood
7/5/21 - 3:05 am Man dead after being shot and run over in Roxbury Seaver St. and Humboldt Ave. Roxbury Smith, Joshua Joshua Smith
6/20/21 - 8:30 pm Two shot, one fatally, on Danube Street in Dorchester 14 Danube St. Dorchester Coleman, Stacy Stacy Coleman
6/7/21 - 8:40 pm Man fatally shot on Mission Hill 1510 Tremont St. Mission Hill Baez, Fermin
5/28/21 - 11:50 am Man shot to death on Park Street in Dorchester 590 Park St. Dorchester Barros, Ivanildo Ivanildo Barros
5/24/21 - 8:04 pm Man murdered on Blue Hill Avenue near Harvard Street 917 Blue Hill Ave. Dorchester Foster, Levar Levar Foster
5/23/21 - 10:50 pm Three shot on Creston Street, one dead 11 Creston St. Dorchester Jordan, Keith Keith Jordan
5/14/21 - 8:48 pm Man stabbed to death on Shawmut Avenue in the South End Shawmut Ave. and West Newton St. South End Acevedo, Gerie Gerie Acevedo
5/2/21 - 12:26 pm Two women stabbed to death on Taft Street in Dorchester; two children spared 26 Taft St. Dorchester DeAlto, Jahaira and Yasmin, Fatima Jahaira DeAlto
4/10/21 - 5:56 pm Grandmother sitting on front porch shot to death by gunman aiming at somebody else 19 Olney St. Dorchester Brown, Delois Delois Brown
4/2/21 - 12:00 pm Man who was found dead at Mass and Cass hotel in April was murdered, police say 811 Massachusetts Ave. South End Goguen, Brendan Thomas Brendan Goguen
3/20/21 - 3:21 am Man shot to death in Charlestown 6 Mystic Pl. Charlestown Muhammed, Jawad Jawad Muhammed
2/27/21 - 5:45 am Man stabbed to death at Mass and Cass Melnea Cass Blvd. and Massachusetts Ave. South End Chin-Clarke, Jamaal Chin-Clarke
2/20/21 - 11:26 pm Man fatally stabbed at Friend Street hotel; suspect arrested 280 Friend St. West End Kellar, Christopher Christopher Kellar
2/4/21 - 11:26 pm Woman shot to death in downtown hotel 1 Ave. de Lafayette Downtown Andrade, Nalijah Nalijah Andrade
2/4/21 - 10:00 pm Man shot to death at Capen and Evans streets in Dorchester Capen St. and Evans St. Dorchester Williams, Brandon Brandon Williams
1/22/21 - 12:40 pm Woman shot to death at Bowdoin and Washington streets in Dorchester Bowdoin St. and Washington St. Dorchester Dance, Tasjahnaya Tasjahnaya Dance
1/15/21 - 6:47 pm Teen fatally shot near Codman Square, but body is found in Squantum; suspect arrested 29 Ferndale St. Dorchester Polimis, Akeem
1/6/21 - 12:26 am Person shot in the head on Morton Street in Mattapan 750 Morton St. Mattapan Norwood, Lance Lance Norwood
1/4/21 - 7:30 pm Man stabbed to death outside Southampton Street shelter 115 Southampton St. South End Ghiozzi, Richard Richard Ghiozzi