South End man charged with stealing hair dryer, rum, condoms and deodorant from online acquaintance in West Roxbury

Police yesterday nabbed one guy on charges he robbed a West Roxbury man he'd met online but the hunt continues for a second man whom the victim reported robbing him, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports - adding the victim had to run outside and flag down a passing snowplow driver to borrow his phone to call police.

Marcus Jackson, 25, was charged with armed robbery after an incident around 5 p.m. yesterday on Morrell Street, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding West Roxbury District Court Judge Ernest Sarason set bail today at $1,000. Prosecutors had asked for bail of $10,000.

According to the DA's office, the victim called 911 when Jackson and the second man, IDed only as "Terrance," refused to leave his residence after they began arguing. The victim met the pair via Craigslist and had invited them over, the DA's office reports, adding:

"If you get a gun, I'll get my knife and stab you," Terrance said in the course of the argument, the victim told officers. The victim said the two men had put him in fear for his safety.

The men allegedly went through the victim’s residence, opening drawers and taking various items including his cell phone. The victim left the house and flagged down a snowplow driver, who let him use a cell phone to call 911.

Officers quickly arrived, the DA's office says:

Officers soon spotted Jackson running in the rear of several nearby residences and holding his waistband. When they stopped him, he allegedly stated that he was chasing another man whom he claimed had stolen from his friend.

After repeated orders to move his hands away from his waist, Jackson did so. There, the officers found a hair dryer with the cord tucked into his left front pocket. Also recovered from Jackson’s person were bottles of Bacardi rum, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and Eternity for Men cologne; a stick of deodorant; seven condoms, and a metal case containing about 20 DVDs.

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