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Three shot, including cop, in Dorchester

A man apparently intent on killing his girlfriend initiated a gun battle that left him, the woman and a Boston Police officer with gunshot wounds early Tuesday morning.

The Suffolk County District Attorney's says it has launched two investigations into the incident at 22 Dunbar Ave. - one into possible criminal charges against Tyrone Cummings, the other into the discharge of police bullets during the fusillade.

Police say Cummings showed up at his girlfriend's apartment around 6:45 and began beating her and threatening to kill her. DA Dan Conley said Cummings came with "two illegal handguns and a bag full of bullets."

The woman managed to call police, who arrived to find Cummings standing outside. Police say he turned, pointed a gun at them and opened fire, hitting Officer Shawn Marando. Marando returned fire, as did another officer police say.

"The male suspect was struck multiple times, transported to BMC and is currently listed in stable condition," police said in a statement.

"At this very early stage, the officers appear to have acted in defense of themselves and others," Conley said. "And while the exact sequence of shots has not yet been determined, there is no question that Mr. Cummings initiated this morning's gunfight when he produced an illegal firearm and pointed it at responding Boston Police."

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