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By adamg - 10/17/18 - 9:24 pm

Transit Police report arresting a local man at the Charles/MGH Red Line station yesterday afternoon on charges he used his his phone to take a photo up a woman's skirt while they rode up an escalator on the inbound side.

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By adamg - 11/3/17 - 9:40 am

Transit Police report arresting a Quincy man on a charge of taking photos up a woman's skirt as she walked on the stairs at the Park Street T station.

According to police, a woman was walking up the stairs at the station around 8:15 a.m. on Oct. 26 ... Read more.

By adamg - 8/29/17 - 10:29 pm

A man arrested for aiming a camera up a woman's skirt at Porter on the Red Line last fall was arrested Sunday afternoon for aiming a camera up a woman's skirt at Broadway station, Transit Police report.

According to police: Read more.

By adamg - 9/13/14 - 3:42 pm
Alleged remote upskirting equipement

Seized items (note battery still embedded in floral arrangement). Photo by Arlington PD.

Joseph B. Hennessey, 53, of Salem, NH, will spend the rest of the weekend in the Arlington Police lockup after his arrest this morning on charges he rigged up a system to watch women in the restroom at the Kickstand Cafe, 594 Mass. Ave., police say.

Police charge Hennesey, who will be arraigned Monday in Cambridge District Court, arrived at the cafe sometime before 8 a.m., placed a camera in the women's room and began "streaming the video feed to a device he was using inside the common area of the restaurant."

By adamg - 7/11/14 - 9:27 am

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester man on charges he got right behind a woman in a skirt on an escalator going up at the Downtown Crossing T stop, pointed his phone under her skirt and began videoing.

Police say they know this because another woman, behind Anwar Jaffar, 33, watched the whole thing around 9:10 a.m. yesterday and promptly reported the incident to them.

By adamg - 6/25/14 - 5:17 pm

A Norwood man had bail set at $150 today on charges he used an iPad to try to snap photos up a woman's skirt from a Forest Hills T-stop bench yesterday afternoon, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Joshua Gonsalves, 23, was also ordered to stay away from all T stops while his case is pending, the DA's office says.

By adamg - 4/16/14 - 5:53 pm
PSA against upskirting on the MBTA

The T plans to install 300 ads on trains and buses to alert riders that, after a brief interlude, upskirting is once again against the law.

In March, the legislature rushed to pass a law against aiming a camera up a woman's skirt after the Supreme Judicial Court ruled the law used to prosecute a man for doing that on the Green Line did not apply in public places such as trolleys.

According to police, they've investigated a dozen or so upskirting cases over the past three years.

By adamg - 3/7/14 - 9:17 am

The Colbert Report
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UPDATE, Friday afternoon: Gov. Patrick has signed the anti-upskirting (also, anti-downblowsing) bill into law.

By adamg - 3/6/14 - 8:02 pm

The Globe reports both houses of the state legislature today approved a measure to ban upskirting, the day after the Supreme Judicial Court ruled current state law does not prohibit it.

By adamg - 3/5/14 - 11:28 am

The Supreme Judicial Court today tossed charges against a Green Line rider caught snapping photos up the skirts of female Green Line riders in 2010.

In its ruling, the state's highest court said the law used to prosecute Michael Robertson applies only to "nude" or "partially nude" women in private locations, such as bedrooms, not to clothed women - even women with no undergarments - in public places such as the T.

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