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By adamg - 8/20/19 - 8:57 pm
Roy Rogers stuff in Boston

Drew Starr reports finding a stack of food containers, a couple of biscuits and some sort of glop in a plastic container piled high at Massachusetts and Huntington avenues tonight. Read more.

By adamg - 8/17/19 - 9:21 pm
La Taqueria planned for Washington Street in Dedham

La Taqueria Taco Bar and Grill, open for a couple years now at Hyde Park Avenue and Canterbury Street in Roslindale, hopes to open a second outlet on Washington Street in Dedham, at the rotary with Providence Highway - next to UBreakIFix.

H/t Robert Orthman.

By adamg - 8/16/19 - 3:16 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports a new barbecue place in Quincy will feature the usual sort of barbecue stuff you'd expect, along with alligator fritters, alligator sausage and alligator tail.

By adamg - 8/13/19 - 8:03 am
Mouse cakes

Yesterday, the Shaw's on Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park had several mouse cakes, all with edible mice (made of frosting, though).

By adamg - 8/9/19 - 11:11 am

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday gave Alex Pizza, 1254 Washington St., formal permission to stay open until 3 a.m.

The pizza place had asked for permission to extend its licensed closing time from midnight after being cited by police in May for staying open past midnight.

By adamg - 8/7/19 - 10:29 am

A Washington Street pizza place that has been staying open until 4 a.m. even though its license calls for a midnight closing was scheduled for two hearings before the Boston Licensing Board this week - one to answer to a citation issued by police , the other to formally ask permission to stay open to, if not 4 a.m., at least 3 a.m. Read more.

By MrZip - 8/5/19 - 2:42 pm

Anybody have a recommendation for scungilli (conch, often sliced thin and marinated) salad in the North End/downtown? My go-to place has gone-too. I'd also happy knowing of a local market that sells scungilli.

By adamg - 7/30/19 - 4:50 pm
Fry guy

Frycam photo and label via Waltham PD.

Wanted fry guy

Waltham Police report they are looking for a guy who, apparently not satisfied with the extra fries in his Five Guys bag, made off with a 50-lb. bag of pre-cut French fries on his way out of the restaurant at 1030 Main St.

We are hoping that we can "mash" all of the evidence together and come up with a suspect. Call Detective's at 781-314-3558 if you can identify this individual.

By adamg - 7/24/19 - 1:11 pm
Pink Taco sign is up on Congress Street

Cynthia Donovan reports: A Pink Taco sign is finally up outside its planned location at Congress Street and Boston Wharf Road.

No word if somebody's planning on opening an adjoining seafood shack called the Bearded Clam or a hot-dog stand called Sausagefest.

By adamg - 7/24/19 - 12:13 pm
Stuck truck in Sumner Tunnel

Danielle Johns had no choice but to gaze upon this stuck truck in the Sumner Tunnel shortly before noon:

Heading from airport into Boston so might want to find another route. Traffic waaay backed up.

By adamg - 7/22/19 - 1:08 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports that New Dong Khanh on Harrison Avenue is closing after 32 years.

By adamg - 7/16/19 - 12:01 pm

Managers at Bodega Canal, 69 Canal St., told the Boston Licensing Board this morning they've removed CBD-infused items - which included chorizo, guacamole and cocktails - from their menu following a visit from a BPD licensing detective. Read more.

By adamg - 7/14/19 - 7:57 pm

Fawn asks:

Looking for breakfast reco’s for Boylston St/Newbury, but on a Monday

By adamg - 7/9/19 - 1:28 pm

The Zoning Board of Appeal today approved changing the main formal use of the Roslindale Square Substation from a restaurant to a beer garden, which will let Turtle Swamp Brewing of Jamaica Plain keep operating there on a more permanent basis.

Turtle Swamp owner John Lincecum says he already has some plans for the space - and the square itself - as big as the new window he hopes to have installed this summer ... Read more.

By adamg - 7/8/19 - 2:19 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports some "bacon masters" plan to take over the recently closed Roadworthy space on Washington Street in Dedham, near the mall. Unlike Roadworthy, Small Batch Cafe will concentrate on breakfast and lunch, so presumably the bacon expertise will come in handy.

By adamg - 7/5/19 - 10:35 am

Richard Auffrey does some research, concludes the restaurant usually cited as the first probably wasn't, and introduces us to a Chinese band leader who may have opened the first, but then closed it because he liked touring with his band more.

By adamg - 7/4/19 - 8:07 pm
Agawam Diner in Rowley

We headed north today to get some July Fourth clam stuff at the Clam Box, but the line was way too long for certain hungry members of the family, so instead we went to the Agawam Diner (conveniently located at the intersection of routes 1 and 133), where the specials include American Chop Suey on Tuesdays, boiled dinner on Thursdays, hamburg plates all the time and your choice of tonics (extra large is just $2.25) and frappes. If the food is too much, the waitress will offer you a Market Basket bag to carry out your leftovers. If you go, bring cash - credit cards not accepted.

By adamg - 7/3/19 - 11:05 pm

Max Grinnell asks:

It is hot so I have a serious question: Where can one find the best lemonade in Boston?

By adamg - 7/3/19 - 9:33 am

Marc Levy brings us up to date on Cambridge's war on one restaurant through the proxy of tea candles.

By adamg - 7/2/19 - 10:38 am

Boston Magazine reports that the Wachusett Brewing Company will open a brewery and taproom where John Harvard's in Cambridge used to be, and that it will also feature "a pizza-focused food program."

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