By - 11/11/10 - 3:05 pm

Allston Cafe, at the corner of Harvard and Brighton avenues, tweeted today it's closing forever:

It brings us great sadness to announce that Saturday Nov. 13th will be our last day of business. Sat 8-3pm, Sun 2-6pm Open House Goodbye :(

By - 10/21/10 - 10:11 am

Boston baristas converge at the Ledge in Dorchester Lower Mills on Saturday for the second annual Flat Black Barista Throwdown to see who makes the meanest coffee in town.

By - 9/22/10 - 3:47 pm

An Edgartown coffeehouse wants to branch out - to 33 Broad St. - while a local entrepreneur wants to broaden Allston's frozen-yogurt options with a new store at

By - 9/15/10 - 7:41 am

The Crimson reports Starbucks has filed paperwork to build a new outlet in the old Alpha-Omega jewelery store in Harvard Square, roughly 500 feet from two existing Starbucks.

Eerily prescient Onion story from 1998.

By - 7/30/10 - 10:33 am

The Boston Licensing Board this week granted a license to a pair of entrepreneurs who think Tremont Street is ripe for a high-end coffeehouse.

The Thinking Cup, 165 Tremont St., hopes to open by the end of the month, serving "high-end coffee" along with froyo, croissants and light sandwiches. The outlet says it will be the first in the Boston area to serve Stumptown Coffee, which it modestly claims is the best coffee in the world.

By - 6/10/10 - 3:25 pm

For some reason, the Globe today posted a map showing every single Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks in this great state of ours. Not surprisingly, greater Boston is just one giant blotch of red (the color they used to show Dunk's outlets). But that got me to thinking (often not a good thing). Where, exactly, is the galactic center of this vast coffee way?

Theoretically, should be easy enough to calculate: Just grab all the coordinates of all those pushpins, average them out, and voila.

By - 5/3/10 - 9:36 am

Desperate times call for desperate measures
Desperate times call for desperate measures: As Julie Gendrano demonstrates.

From the folks manning the Twitter and Universal Hub Aquapocalypse desks:

Back Bay: Dunkin' Donuts in the Prudential Center; Finagle-a-Bagel, 536 Boylston St.

Beacon Hill: Capitol Coffee House, Bowdoin Street, next to the State House.

Cambridge: Pretty much every single place that normally serves coffee, because they're special.

Chinatown: Au Bon Pain at New England Medical Center.

Dorchester: Sugar Bowl Cafe on Dot. Ave. near JFK/UMass (cash only); Flat Black Coffee has iced coffee available at Dorchester Lower Mills and Ashmont stores.

Downtown: Mulligans on Canal Street; Cosi at South Station (trucked in from Cambridge); Plaza Deli, second floor, 2 Center Plaza; City Hall Deli, eighth floor, Boston City Hall; Max's on Milk Street; the Milk Street Cafe; Flat Black Coffee on Broad Street has hot and iced espresso drinks; Finagle-a-Bagel in Government Center; Sip Cafe in Post Office Square Park; Grassroots Cafe, 101 Arch St.

Hyde Park: TC's, Fairmount Avenue.

Jamaica Plain: Dunkin' Donuts, Centre Street (across from the fire station).

Longwood Medical Area: All the hospitals have their own water supply, so everything should be running. Au Naturals at Brigham and Women's for example.

Milton: Dunkin' Donuts, East Milton Square.

North End: Boston Common on Salem Street. All out, but will have more Tuesday morning.

Roslindale: Select Cafe, Roslindale Square (across from the train station).

Roxbury: Peet's at Northeastern International Village, 1175 Tremont. No espresso, though.

Somerville: Mr. Crepe in Davis Square; Blue Shirt Cafe, Davis Square; Aroma Cafe (formerly Cafe Rossini and Cafe Lola), on Highland Ave. just past Cedar St.; The Biscuit, 406 Washington St.

South Boston: Doughboy Donuts, 220 Dorchester Ave.; Flour by the Children's Museum.

South End:: Dunkin' Donuts at Mass. Ave. and Columbus Ave.; Mohr & McPherson Cafe, 460 Harrison Ave.; Mike's City Diner on Washington Street (closes at 3).

Watertown: Joe's Variety, Orchard Street.

Across the area: Au Bon Pain shops have coffee; except the one at the Pru.


By - 3/11/10 - 9:32 am

A company founded by a Harvard professor is rolling out inhalable coffee, the Crimson reports:

In celebration of the official launch, a group of 30 Le Whif employees and fans gathered yesterday in Cambridge restaurant Tory Row to sample the newly released inhalable coffee lipstick-sized tubes—each of which contains the same amount of caffeine as one shot of espresso.

By - 10/3/09 - 1:22 pm

We'll find out Oct. 24 during Boston's first barista competition - in Dorchester.

By - 10/2/09 - 9:15 am

The Globe (and BBC and Advertising Age, and many more) report the resignation (news release here) of Dunkin's president and chief brand officer, William K

By - 9/7/09 - 6:20 pm

Megan Johnson reports that whenever she goes there, there is always this older guy at the corner, sitting in a Mercedes convertible just reading. Hermoves takes his picture.

By - 7/30/09 - 9:21 am

Shane Curcuru gets coffee at the Kendall Square Au Bon Pain, promptly remembers why he stopped going there, including:

... ABP cups have a far higher failure rate than other local shops - more often than not while driving or walking to work, I get a steady stream of drips down the seam side of the cup, from right under the edge of the lid. Either the seams are too uneven, or the plastic lids are too inflexible. It's disappointing, and today I forgot to wrap a napkin around the edge of the cup, and so got dripped today. ...

By - 7/21/09 - 3:27 pm

On WBUR's Public Radio Kitchen, Susan McGrory notes the full-frontal assault launched in another Dunkin' Donuts hotbed - Manhattan - by Canadian donut powerhouse Tim Hortons.

Could it happen here? The Canadians are a lot closer than you might think. Take a look at the map below, which shows Tim Hortons outlets in the Providence area. There are even a few just over the border. Unlike Krispy Kreme, Tim Hortons seems a more worthy matchup for our Dunk's - they have a similar menu. If they did try to move into DD's ancestral homeland, though, who would get hurt more? Dunkin' Donuts or Honey Dew Donuts?

Tim Hortons in Little Rhody
By - 7/14/09 - 8:13 am

Nathanael reports it's at the In House Cafe in Allston.

By - 7/1/09 - 3:38 pm

Natural Bean is no more, Liza reports:

... I don't know how, why, and when this all transpired, but I was devastated. The tragedy was first of three that day, and while MJ's death put up a good fight (Farrah's not so much), the termination of Natural Bean affected me more deeply than I ever could have anticipated. So there I stood, crestfallen, forcing my feet to turn in the direction of Starbucks, cursing The Man all the while. As I sat at my desk painstakingly taking mouthfuls of my mouthful-of-a-coffee-to-pronounce caramel macchiato from Starbucks, I wondered why the good things in life never last. RIP Michael. RIP Farah. RIP Natural Bean.

Via MenuPages Boston.

By - 7/1/09 - 9:15 am

Georgy explains why she's trying to quit her caffeine habit and how it's going:

... So, two weeks in, I don't feel more or less tired, really. I've been trying to eat healthier and get more exercise on top of dropping the coffee, so it's hard to discern the health effects. The biggest challenge in giving up coffee has been feeling like I'm depriving myself of a morning treat. I realized how much I'd been depending on coffee as a sort of reward. "You had to get up early this morning, and it's cloudy out! You deserve a coffee." It didn't take much. But I guess if that's the worst part of giving up coffee, it's not so bad. I shouldn't have to give myself a special reward just for getting out the door in the morning. ...

By - 3/3/09 - 9:05 am

Tammy loathes the lids Starbucks now slaps on its cold coffee drinks, because they wind up crushing the straws you put through them:

... I hate it. Especially since I get a Caramel Macchiato… and one of my favorite things about this drink, is that the caramel settles at the bottom of the cup and then gets sucked up through the straw. However, when the straw collapes like this, the caramel gets stuck on the other side of the crease! ...

With shocking photos of a straw being crushed.

By - 1/14/09 - 2:17 pm

Jessica Lipnack accepts the blame for making the Taste Coffee House so crowded - after all, she blogged about it.

... Then a man, sitting at a table by himself, offers me the chair across from him. I explain that there are two more coming. At which point, Nik repeats his view of me as the cause of the standing-room-only. And explains that I've blogged about Taste. At which point the man pipes up: "Here's a quote for your blog: 'Taste is the best thing to happen to Newtonville in five years.'" ...