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By adamg - 11/7/23 - 9:08 am

Transit Matters runs the numbers and finds that two-week shutdown of the Red Line's Ashmont branch and the Mattapan Line seems to have worked: The trains are back to their 2018 trip times.

By adamg - 10/30/23 - 2:31 pm
Phil Eng rides a new Red Line car

Happy days are here again, rider tells MBTA's Phil Eng.

The T reports the 16-day shutdown of the two lines worked, at least so far: All 38 slow zones on the Mattapan Line and the Red Line's Ashmont branch have become normal zones again.

By adamg - 10/25/23 - 10:07 am
Bus painted to look like a train, sort of

Martin Owens noticed this unusual bus at Ashmont this morning doing shuttle duty as part of the MBTA's Mattapan/Red Line shuttle service.

By adamg - 10/16/23 - 10:34 am
Mattapan Line without tracks

Trackless Mattapan Line.

Lee Toma surveyed the Mattapan Line and the Red Line Ashmont branch, now in the thick of the MBTA's 16-day repair "surge." Read more.

By adamg - 8/31/23 - 11:27 am

The FBI today arrested former Transit Police sergeant David Finnerty, 47, of Rutland, for his alleged role in helping one of his underlings cover up the way that officer used a baton to beat a homeless man at the Ashmont T station - and then arrest the man for on a bogus charge for attacking him. Read more.

By adamg - 4/3/23 - 9:56 am

Ed. note: Google Maps says it would take 99 minutes to walk from Ashmont to the Pru.

That girl that likes planez chronicled her commute this morning, starting at 7:51 a.m., when, she reported, she was sitting on a Red Line train at Ashmont six minutes after she boarded it: Read more.

By adamg - 4/2/23 - 12:15 pm

WFXT reports two men got into a fight shortly after 6 a.m. at the Ashmont T station, which one man ended by plunging a knife into the other man's shoulder. He was then arrested.

By adamg - 3/12/23 - 4:49 pm

This morning, the MBTA reported delays of up to 20 minutes, atop the more usual delays, on the Red Line's Ashmont branch due to a "track problem" at Ashmont. You may recall that the decision to turn the entire T system into a slow zone last week was due to track problems state inspectors found on that branch.

By adamg - 3/3/23 - 12:15 pm

Surveillance photos via TPD.

A Red Line train at Ashmont had to be taken out of service at rush hour yesterday after some guy on the platform attempted to show his anger at somebody inside the train by slamming his shoulder and elbow into a window hard enough to crack it, Transit Police report. Read more.

By adamg - 1/22/23 - 10:26 pm

The Globe reports. CommonWealth considers that the restaurant meant a lot more to the neighborhood than just food.

By adamg - 12/8/22 - 11:51 am

The Dorchester Reporter goes on a tour of the stations from JFK/UMass to Ashmont and quickly finds lots of things wrong.

By adamg - 11/1/22 - 10:51 am

Transit Police report arresting a man with a knife and two egg-tossing teens at Ashmont station last night in what quickly, if only briefly, turned into a melee for which Transit Police requested aid from BPD. Read more.

By adamg - 9/9/22 - 4:21 pm

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester woman after allegedly she tried to end an argument about how long two people were taking in the restroom at the Ashmont Red Line station by decking them. Read more.

By adamg - 8/6/22 - 9:38 pm

A Transit Police officer was sentenced to just probation last month after admitting he beat a homeless man at Ashmont station - and then arrested the man on a bogus charge of assault and battery on a police officer, court records show. Read more.

By adamg - 8/1/22 - 9:40 am

But, of course, it's a Monday, so that means a train on the Ashmont Line wheezed its last and met its maker, so riders can expect delays, the T reports.

By adamg - 7/14/22 - 1:12 pm

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester man on charges he turned an afternoon Red Line ride from Ashmont to JFK/UMass into ride for hell for other passengers, at least four of whom they say he punched, kicked and chucked a metal bottle at them. Read more.

By adamg - 7/4/22 - 10:14 am

Live Boston reports four people were shot at Dorchester Avenue and Bailey Street around 12:30 a.m. Police found three at the scene; the fourth person got himself to a hospital before police arrived.

By adamg - 4/27/22 - 8:58 pm

Transit Police report arresting the man they say got on the Red Line at Ashmont last Thursday, carefully took off his pants and underwear, then got off before leaving the train at Savin Hill.
Read more.

By adamg - 4/25/22 - 10:49 am
Bare legs and the top half of the guy

Photos via TPD.

Update: Suspect arrested.

Transit Police are looking for a man they say got on the Red Line at Ashmont Thursday morning, then took off his pants and underwear and proceeded to "commit a lewd act," which police do not specify but which you can probably figure out. Read more.

By adamg - 4/5/22 - 11:41 am
Rejected proposal


A five-story, 26-unit apartment building proposed for 1809-1813B Dorchester Ave. in Dorchester was rejected today because it failed to get enough votes from the Zoning Board of Appeal. Read more.

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