By - 8/20/18 - 9:24 am
Car with no wheels in the South End

John Hanzl spotted this newly wheelless car on Union Park Street in the South End this morning.

By - 8/18/18 - 6:39 pm

Updated, 11:25 p.m.

State Police report a bicyclist suffered serious injuries when he lost control of his bike on Perkins Street, just west of the Jamaicaway, around 3:20 p.m.

No cars were involved, State Police say, adding that the man, 64 and a Jamaica Plain resident, was taken to Brigham and Women's Hospital.

By - 8/10/18 - 3:35 pm
Flaming car on the Massachusetts Turnpike

Brian the roving UHub photographer spotted the flaming car inbound near roughly Mass. Ave. around 3 p.m.

Shamus Moynihan also watched the car go up in flames: Read more.

By - 8/10/18 - 11:20 am

MassDOT reports replacement of the decrepit parts of the outbound side of the Commonwealth Avenue bridge over the turnpike and Worcester Line is going well enough that it expects Green Line service to be able to resume this afternoon - and the bridge and the neighboring BU Bridge should be fully open to drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists tomorrow.

By - 8/10/18 - 10:25 am
Flaming SUV in Cambridge

Brendan Sullivan witnessed the flames around 10:15 a.m. on Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge.

By - 8/10/18 - 9:10 am
South Boston speeder protesters

Marchers demand safer streets in South Boston. Photo by Jim Gavaghan.

WBZ reports on last night's protest and community meeting, following the death of a toddler in a crash last month. Some residents called for cutting speed limits to 20 m.p.h.

By - 8/8/18 - 11:51 pm

MassDOT reports a piece of "delaminated concrete" fell on a car parked on the second floor of the garage at Alewife station this afternoon. Read more.

By - 8/8/18 - 9:45 pm

BPD is turn people aroun' so they don't drown on Spring Street in front of the Star Market, while State Police are turning people back on VFW Parkway near the West Roxbury Education Complex, because of the deep downpours this evening.

By - 8/7/18 - 8:58 pm
Drive Slow T-shirts on sale in South Boston

A Thursday meeting on road safety in South Boston could be filled with people wearing their new yellow "Drive Slow" shirts, like the ones Jenn Menjin reports were being offered today (and will be offered tomorrow) at M Street Park in exchange for a donation to South Boston Catholic Academy in the memory of Colin McGrath, the two-year-old killed last month.

By - 8/7/18 - 2:58 am


‘This is my neighborhood!’ White man melts down after seeing a black woman park her motorcycle on his street [near the intersection of Adams Street and Chelmsford in Dorchester]

Boston woman says she found herself being accosted by an angry white man simply because she parked her motorcycle on the street where he lived.

By - 8/6/18 - 11:29 pm

WBZ has the dashcam video from another motorist this morning at the rotary by the Arboretum where the Arborway and Centre Street come together.

By - 8/6/18 - 8:48 am
Fallen tree at West and Austin streets in Hyde Park

Sometime overnight or early this morning, a tree fell at West and Austin streets, causing problems for motorists and riders of the 50 bus. Photo by Sean Flynn.

By - 8/5/18 - 8:58 am

MassDOT says the turnpike is back to four lanes on each side under the Commonwealth Avenue bridge, 24 hours earlier than scheduled.

By - 8/4/18 - 11:41 pm

Shortly after 11:30 p.m. at 9 Favre St., off Cummins Highway.

By - 8/1/18 - 9:32 am
Exhaust pipes on Ada Street in Roslindale

A concerned citizen files a 311 report:

Looks like someone tried to drive over the high man hole cover in the middle of the road and parts of their car's undercarriage were ripped off.

By - 7/31/18 - 11:51 pm
New speed sign on L Street in South Boston

Eileen Murphy snapped the new speed-radar sign on L Street at East 6th St., where Colin Thomas McGrath, 2, was killed in a crash that ended with a van jumping a curb and hitting him and his sister.

Murphy reports watching ten motorists pulled over by police today, adds that the blue ribbons on the doors behind the sign are to honor Colin's memory.

By - 7/31/18 - 7:44 am
Beam for replacement of Commonwealth Avenue bridge

Harry Grillo watched workers placing the last major beam to hold up the new section of the Commonwealth Avenue bridge last night.

Chris Mullen also took in the work:

By - 7/30/18 - 10:48 pm
By - 7/30/18 - 3:17 pm

Shortly after 2:30 p.m., three vehicles collided where Centre Street veers off from Spring Street, sending four adults and a child to local hospitals. The crash may have happened when one of the drivers suffered some sort of medical emergency.

By - 7/28/18 - 11:18 am

BU has a Webcam pointed right at the bridge. It's not a livestream, but it's frequently updated.

H/t Perry Donham.