By - 5/12/05 - 11:54 am

Tim, who seems to always be where the traffic action is, discovers what happens when somebody's car overheats in one of the I-93 tunnels:

... He put his windows down because he had to turn on the heat to cool down the engine, which has always been a weird paradox. It wasn't enough, though, because his car started spewing steam. He had to pull over by cutting through two lanes of traffic, and where he stopped meant anyone trying to use the Government Center/North End ramp would have to snake around him. I doubt this helped traffic.

By - 5/12/05 - 8:58 am

Domenico drives by that tractor trailer that crashed and burned on 495 last night:

... As we drove on, we thought of how close we were to being in that accident. A few more minutes dawdling with my nieces and our whole lives could have changed. We prayed for the people involved, especially the driver of the truck, and thanked God for all the bad things that don't happen to us that could.

More from the Herald.

By - 5/11/05 - 10:19 am

Jay notes that even owners of $300,000 German cars need to watch where they walk and feed the meter when they park on Beacon Hill.

By - 5/10/05 - 12:54 pm

John says Big Dig "improvements" near the South Bay shopping center are anything but:

... [T]hey have to hire half a dozen detail guys each day to pull traffic through the lights where before things flowed smoothly on their own. And even with the cops pulling traffic, it's still a mess. Traffic now spills over into and saturates Mass Ave and the Norfolk Ave. neighborhood in Roxbury. ...

By - 5/5/05 - 2:34 pm

Carpundit reports that some of his Back Bay neighbors are trading in German vehicles for Toyota Sienna minivans:

... Apparently, it's enough like a Lexus that people are willing to overlook the Toyota badge as they trade in their BMW X5's and their Mercedes ML's. Of course, only the top-line XLE Limited will do, but it's a still a surprise to see these wealthy, status-conscious, couples buying a minivan. Even my wife is getting interested, and she's Mrs. No-way-No-how-Not-ever-No-Minivan-Never. ...

By - 5/3/05 - 11:20 am

Vengeance wonders:

anyone see the plane over 128 this morning trailing a banner that says 1-percent mortgage call 1-800-blah-blah? And did anyone get the number? Because I would like to give them a call... and ask them what the hell they are trying to do other than distract drivers and get somebody killed? Is that even legal?

By - 5/1/05 - 7:54 am

An oldie but goodie: Videos showing how to get to Rte. 9 from JP.

By - 4/30/05 - 10:20 am

Jay sees one of those turnpike signboards flashing:


So he calls 911 to see what's up.

By - 4/28/05 - 10:13 pm

The ire wells up in Bri when he thinks about the Big Leak Dig:

...Well, I'll tell ya what. I am pretty good at doing these here web thingies. I have no problem building pages for the State of Massachusetts about each of your little Modern Continental, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Bechtel asses and telling the world how much you suck.... and providing everyone all your little Republican party donation amounts on one happy site. It would be a lovely little place where we could again see how giant corporations, bend over the little guy and repeatedly violate his blow hole. ...

By - 4/28/05 - 9:11 am

Tim notes this Herald story about the state thinking about charging Turnpike drivers a fee for replacing dead Fast Lane transponders, and says there's an E-Z alternative: Get a New York E-Z Pass transponder. It works on the Pike and New York replaces dead transponders for free (they do charge a $10 initial deposit, but you get that back when you quit the program).

By - 4/25/05 - 9:04 pm

Be thankful it wasn't your car that was hit by an SUV that was hit by a dump truck on Rte. 60 in Medford Square this morning. Tim reports on one of the freakier accidents he's seen.

By - 4/19/05 - 12:47 pm

Carpundit to Herald: Shut up. You, too, Maura Hennigan. He says there's nothing wrong with buying a Ford Expedition if you travel with an entourage:

... Mayor Menino needs a large vehicle. He needs to travel with aides, with cops, with official guests, and with mayor stuff. I guess his car is usually full whenever it rolls out of City Hall. He'd need three Ford Escapes to carry the same load. Not efficient. ...

My standard newspaper disclosure

By - 4/17/05 - 7:33 pm

A Rhode Island driver, Tim says:

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon on Route 95 North near the Neponset Street/Canton exit. What could happen? Well, a man was pushing his older model Ford Explorer with the driver's door open and half in the breakdown lane and half in the right travel lane.

It was a surprise at first. Then I saw the tag. The guy was from Rhode Island, which explained everything, especially the idea that this was an OK practice. ...

By - 4/13/05 - 2:58 pm

Jeff says that's the only conclusion he can come to after getting stuck in a lengthy Rte. 128 traffic jam this morning because somebody decided they had to do some pothole repair RIGHT THEN and narrow the road to just one lane in Needham:

... I wonder what kind of conversation goes on in an office about things like this ...

By - 4/13/05 - 9:13 am

Carpundit notes an Audi from New York with newly missing headlights in Bay Village, uses his forensic skills to determine the theft was recent and sympathetically adds:

Sorry, pal. But I'm sure plenty of Bostonians get mugged in New York, so maybe we're even?

Earlier: Audi-cious crime spree

By - 4/12/05 - 5:20 pm

On the way to work this morning, Kristie watches 20 chanting Boston Police cadets jog down Hyde Park Avenue, escorted by BPD cruisers:

... I'm sure all the people driving behind them, on their way to work, are quite pleased with this use of tax dollars. ...

By - 4/11/05 - 2:47 pm

Fender-benders on the Southeast Expressway are nothing novel. But Tim is taken aback this morning when he crawls past two people just stopped in the middle left lane by Neponset Circle to exchange papers:

... The minor inconvenience to fellow motorists aside, I couldn't believe this seemed OK to the pair because of the danger of standing next to stopped cars in a travel lane of an interstate highway, DURING RUSH HOUR. ...

By - 4/9/05 - 10:55 pm

4/9 gas pricesYes, I can come up with pretentious names with the best of them! I'm going to try an experiment: Chronicle the changing gas prices in the Boston area.

Every day (more or less), I'll post a photo of the day's prices at the Hess Station on Centre Street in West Roxbury (they tend to have some of the lowest prices around; more important, it's only a couple blocks out of my way to/from work). So here are today's prices. Will they go up tomorrow?

If you want to get a more regional view, BostonGasPrices.com lists prices around the area (you can sort by chain or town).

By - 4/9/05 - 6:20 pm

Anybody who's driven in West Roxbury over, oh, the past five or six years knows that the neighborhood's worst, bumpiest thoroughfare is LaGrange Street between Centre and Washington streets. The city's *finally* started repaving the road.

By - 4/6/05 - 11:30 pm

Boston Crazy Driving:

Documenting all the stupid, weird, unusual and just-plain-crazy driving maneuvers I witness in the Boston area on a daily basis - without being redundant.