East Boston

By - 11/14/18 - 10:20 am
Architect's rendering of 277 Border St. in East Boston

Architect's rendering

The Zoning Board of Appeals yesterday approved a developer's plan to build a five-story, 18-unit residential building on what is now a salvage yard at 277 Border St., near Central Square. Read more.

By - 11/13/18 - 7:00 pm

Signal problems from Orient Heights to Suffolk Downs caused major delays on the Blue Line at rush hours, the MBTA reports, adding the problems have been fixed.

By - 10/26/18 - 9:07 am

The US Attorney's office reports that Elmer Alfaro Hercules, 20, pleaded guilty yesterday to one count of being an alien in possession of firearms and ammunition. Read more.

By - 10/24/18 - 9:47 am

This morning I posted something about a teacher at the Guild School in East Boston going online to request donations to buy a couple of water coolers so that kids could get water to drink without having to worry about missing classes.

I expressed some outrage.

I was wrong. Read more.

By - 10/10/18 - 5:45 pm
Proposed building along Frankfort Street

Architect's rendering of new building along Frankfort Street.

Developers Timothy White and Richard Egan have filed plans to turn the long closed Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic Church at Gove and Frankfort streets into 14 condos and to demolish the rectory and convent across Gove to make way for a new six story building with 98 condos. Read more.

By - 10/9/18 - 10:16 pm
Herzzon Sandoval

A federal judge today sentenced Herzzon "Casper" Sandoval to 20 years in prison for a RICO violation - his role in encouraging the murder of a 15-year-old on Trenton Street in East Boston and two attempted murders.

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By - 10/7/18 - 6:58 pm
Hidden hydrant in East Boston

An outraged citizen filed a 311 report about this situation on Marion Street in East Boston:

Car has illegally put a recycle bin over a fire hydrant so they could park in front of it. The trash from recycle bin is now all over sidewalk. Please tow and remove recycling bin. Highly illegal!

By - 10/3/18 - 12:28 pm
Architect's rendering of 656 Saratoga St. proposal in East Boston

Architect's rendering.

MG2 has proposed another East Boston building, this time a 30-unit building at 656 Saratoga St., near Curtis Street - and Rte. 1A. Read more.

By - 10/3/18 - 12:00 am
Aileron architect's rendering.

Architect's rendering.

The Neighborhood of Affordable Housing has filed plans with the BPDA for a 33-unit apartment building - half reserved for artists who would have access to private studios - and a 7-unit condo building on Condor Street between Brooks and Putnam streets in East Boston. Read more.

By - 10/1/18 - 10:53 pm

A federal judge today sentenced Carlos "Chuchito" Melara, 21 and a Salvadoran national, to 35 years in prison for fatally and repeatedly stabbing a 15-year-old on Constitution Beach in East Boston in 2015 - along with three other gang members - the US Attorney's office reports.

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By - 9/29/18 - 11:22 am
Architect's rendering of 191 Sumner Street in East Boston

Architect's rendering.

The East Boston Community Development Corp. has filed plans to renovate the four-story building it owns at 191 Sumner St. in Maverick Square and building a new seven-story, 42-unit building behind it. Read more.

By - 9/27/18 - 1:33 pm

Boston Police report arresting a 19-year-old from Dorchester and three teens too young to be named for a knifepoint robbery around 6 pm. at Condor and Glendon streets in East Boston. Read more.

By - 9/20/18 - 9:37 am

The East Boston Time-Free Press reports the airline wants to offer seaplane service to New York. Cape Air first proposed the idea in 2016.

By - 9/18/18 - 11:16 pm

A concerned citizen files a 311 report about the intersection of Saratoga and Bennington streets in East Boston:

Smell like Gas!!! Please send a competant gas crew to investigate this god damn gas leak that has been in this intersection for weeks.these useless contractors come here and barely check anything..the public is scared .is anyone listening

By - 9/14/18 - 8:44 pm
Murder scene

Falcon Street murder scene.


One of three MS-13 members who hacked a 16-year-old to death with long knives on Falcon Street - as a fourth member fired a gun at him repeatedly - got a 35-year federal prison sentence today.

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By - 9/13/18 - 9:24 pm

Boston Police report the arrest of Jeremy Menendez, 29, of Nashua, NH, for the June 1 murder of Taquise Johnson on Border Street in East Boston.

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By - 9/12/18 - 7:40 pm

A federal judge today sentenced an MS-13 member to 27 1/2 years in prison for his role in murdering 16-year-old Cristofer Perez de la Cruz on Falcon Street in East Boston in January, 2016. Read more.