East Boston

By - 12/18/17 - 4:01 pm

A member of an MS-13 "clique" in East Boston pleaded guilty last week to fatally stabbing Irvin de Paz, 15, on Trenton Street as part of a successful effort to increase his standing in the gang in 2015.

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By - 12/17/17 - 9:16 pm
Rescued cat in East Boston

Firefighter David McSweeney with rescued cat. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports no injuries and one soggy cat rescued from a three-alarm fire at 360 Meridian St. in East Boston this afternoon. Read more.

By - 12/16/17 - 9:26 am
East Boston fire

A fire in a duplex unit undergoing renovations at 2-4 White St. Place in East Boston displaced the four people living in the building's other unit early this morning, the Boston Fire Department reports.

Firefighters responded at 4:03 a.m. to what became a two-alarm fire in the 2 White St. unit. Damage was estimated at $100,000 and the cause is under investigation, the department says.

By - 12/15/17 - 10:51 am
Duncan Ketter

Duncan Ketter, who officials say died in a holdup inside an SUV in East Boston, was born in Kenya, where his mother and other family members still live. A Kenyan newspaper talks to his sister:

“We were informed that my brother was home from church on Sunday when a girlfriend asked him out. He stepped outside his house to meet her so they could hang out with two other male friends who were in a car,” narrates the sister who believes it was a setup.

By - 12/13/17 - 1:31 pm

Demetrius Cast, 20, of Everett, was arraigned today on charges that include armed robbery in connection with the pot deal turned murder that left Duncan Ketter's body on the street at Orleans and Marginal streets on Sunday, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 12/13/17 - 10:37 am

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports state transportation officials are looking at possible routes for a ferry that would shuttle between the downtown/North End side of the Harbor, the South Boston Waterfront and the East Boston/Charlestown side of the briny shallow. The exact routes and stops are still under study.

By - 12/12/17 - 2:35 pm

Two teenagers are behind bars for their alleged roles in a robbery turned murder in East Boston Sunday afternoon.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Duncan Ketter, 21, of East Boston, tagged along with a woman who'd agreed to sell some pot to a 16-year-old Sunday, only to wind up fatally shot in a small SUV, his body dumped out at Orleans and Marginal streets. Read more.

By - 12/11/17 - 9:15 pm

Boston Police report arresting Thorus O’Brien, 18, of Brockton, on charges he fatally shot Duncan Ketter yesterday. Read more.

By - 12/11/17 - 10:57 am

Steve Holt lives where police say Duncan Ketter's body was pushed out of a car after being shot yesterday. He writes:

"Did you know him?" I ask.

The boy looks up from his morning prayers at the shrine he’s just lit at the base of the street lamp on my corner, his eyes brimming with tears.

"Yeah," he replies, his lip quivering. ...

By - 12/10/17 - 5:35 pm

At Orleans and Marginal streets around 4:40 p.m., Chargemyline reports.

WCVB reports the victim, Duncan Ketter, may have been shot in a car, then dumped there. Ketter was 19.

In 2014, Ketter ran across Orange Line tracks at North Station to help save a man who'd fallen on the tracks.

By - 12/5/17 - 5:22 pm

The Globe reports HYM, which is co-owned by a guy who used to run the BRA, has asked the Baker administration to let it begin construction on two buildings in its proposed mega-development tout suite, which means without requiring it to do any of those annoying environmental reviews normally required of large projects along waterways, in this case Chelsea Creek, as a way to signal to Amazon that Boston is willing to do whatever it takes to bring it here short of, perhaps, human sacrifice. And if Amazon doesn't pick Suffolk Downs? Well, que sera sera.

By - 12/5/17 - 1:42 pm
Map of proposed Eversource substation

Map of the new substation.

State energy regulators have given Eversource the go ahead to build a large new substation near Chelsea Creek, off East Eagle Street, and connect it to new transmission lines across the creek in Chelsea and Everett. Read more.

By - 12/2/17 - 6:02 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports a two-alarm fire at 89 Morris St. in East Boston around 2 p.m. displaced ten, but caused no injuries.

The basement fire caused an estimated $150,000 in damage, the department reports, adding the cause remains under investigation.

By - 12/1/17 - 7:33 pm

The MBTA reports "moderate" delays on the Blue Line due to a deceased train at Wood Island.

By - 12/1/17 - 10:59 am

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports on the proposal for 18 Everett St.

Because the proposed building has fewer than 10 residential units, the developer would not have to set aside any space or money for affordable units.

East Boston getting denser: Board approves slew of projects, none of which will include affordable units.

By - 11/30/17 - 6:49 pm
Street Danger

Henry Josue "Street Danger" Parada Martinez, 22, pleaded guilty yesterday to racketeering charges that include the murder of Wilson Martinez, 15, whose body, stabbed repeatedly, was found on Constitution Beach on Sept. 7, 2015, the US Attorney's office reports.

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By - 11/29/17 - 8:55 am
Suspect in custody in Revere

Rick Macomber was on scene when state and local police took the man into custody near Railroad Street in Revere shortly after midnight. NECN and WHDH have more.

By - 11/28/17 - 3:00 pm

The Board of Appeal today approved a total of 27 new residential units across East Boston. Because none are in projects of 10 or more units, all can be sold at market or luxury rates, with no units designated for people making less than the median income.

In a sign of political changes to come in the neighborhood, though, incoming City Councilor Lydia Edwards, who takes office in January, opposed two of the projects supported by outgoing Councilor Sal LaMattina. Read more.

By - 11/28/17 - 2:32 pm

Jose Adan "Chucky" Martinez Castro, 28, the leader of MS-13 on the East Coast, yesterday pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge that could get him 20 years in federal prison, the US Attorney's office in Boston reports.

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By - 11/16/17 - 12:55 pm

The Boston Fire Department reports a four-alarm fire that heavily damaged a warehouse on Border Street in Central Square started inside a trailer parked inside the warehouse:

Heat source too close to combustibles. Indication someone may have used it to sleep.