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By - 2/2/09 - 5:07 pm

A Roxbury man was arrested at Logan Airport Saturday on charges he used a false-bottom suitcase to try to bring more than four pounds of cocaine on a flight from the Dominican Republic, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Raphael Espinal, 21, pleaded innocent to a charge of trafficking in more than 200 grams of cocaine in East Boston District Court today. If convicted on that charge, he will get a mandatory 15-year prison sentence. His bail was set at $200,000.

According to a statement from the DA's office:

Espinal arrived at Logan on an American Airlines flight from Santo Domingo shortly after 9:00 Saturday night. As with all passengers, his luggage was subjected to a routine search by United States Customs officials; following this initial search, Espinal was remanded to a secondary inspection area, where officials probed further and discovered a false compartment in his suitcase.

A search of the compartment yielded a large package of a white powder-like substance, later determined to be approximately two kilograms of cocaine.

By - 1/30/09 - 12:07 pm

Boston Police report that when a Princeton Street resident discovered a man walking out of his home with two bags of clothing Wednesday night, he followed him to Marion Street, where he confronted the guy and grabbed the bags. But then ...

In short time, however, the victim soon discovered other items missing from his apartment. As a result, the victim returned to the suspect's residence on Marion Street and told the suspect that he was calling the police. In the interest of resolving the issue, the suspect agreed to return to the victim's house. While awaiting the arrival of police, the suspect removed two pairs of women's underwear from his pocket and returned them to the victim.

Melvin Lopez, 20, of East Boston now faces a charge of receiving stolen property.

Boxers wearer until proven guilty of preferring the feel of silk.

By - 1/29/09 - 9:30 pm

Boston Police report a man was mugged at knifepoint shortly after 9 p.m. on Jan. 25 at Brooks and Princeton streets by two Hispanic men who then ran toward Bennington Street.

By - 1/29/09 - 8:27 pm

Boston Police report on a fight at Eutaw and Meridian streets around 3 p.m. on Jan. 23:

The victim stated that while walking he was bumped in the shoulder area by one of three Hispanic males and that an argument ensued between the victim and the three unknown Hispanic males. The victim stated that the argument became physical and that suspect # 1 a white Hispanic male wearing a black North Face jacket with fur on the hood, used a machete to cut him on the back of his right hand causing a very serious laceration.

By - 1/25/09 - 7:04 pm

DiMasi talks to the Globe.

Outraged Liberal: In the end, Sal DiMasi is doing the right thing ...

... But he is being less than honest in blaming his downfall on "powerful special interests" in the casino industry. ...

By - 1/21/09 - 7:19 pm

George surveyed the scene at Belle Isle Marsh this morning:

... I walked out the Overlook path and saw a full crew of Tree Sparrows at the old feeder. The sparrows intimidate the Chickadees and keep them away from the food. A little ways further and the Robins were still hanging around. The Sumac fruit is enough to keep them in the area. ...

By - 1/20/09 - 9:28 pm

Boston Police report East Coast Variety, 67 Bennington St., was held up at gunpoint around 10:48 p.m. on Jan. 7, by a white Hispanic male wearing a grey hoody, a black scarf over his face and blue Adidas running pants with white stripes and white sneakers, who got away with $700 in cash.

By - 1/20/09 - 9:22 pm

Boston Police report a man making a food delivery at 118 Trenton St. in East Boston around 9:10 p.m. on Jan. 16 was jumped by three black males, all about 5'6" and wearing black puffy coats with hoods:

The victim stated that the suspects then grabbed him, one held him from behind while the other two punched him about his body. The victim also stated that he fought back and the suspects pushed him to the ground and kicked him several times. The victim sustained bruises on his face and a minor cut on his right hand.

The robbers got away with his jacket, his cell phone, car keys and the $50 he had just been paid for delivering the food.

By - 1/16/09 - 2:55 pm

NicholsA plainclothes transit detective put the pinch on a Beverly man after he allegedly put the moves on her on the Blue Line this morning, the MBTA says.

Jeffrey David Nichols, 51, was charged with indecent assault and battery for the rush-hour incident in East Boston around 8:45 a.m., T spokesman Joe Pesaturo says, adding the Transit Police anti-grope unit had been monitoring the Blue Line after a passenger complained about groping. Nichols was actually arrested at State Street station.

Nichols is scheduled for arraignment on Tuesday in Boston Municipal Court.

Innocent, etc.

By - 1/15/09 - 7:26 pm

The Boston Natural Areas Network is sponsoring a couple of sled-dog exhibits on Feb. 1: Get to watch sled dogs, well, mushing. They'll be mushing at Belle Isle Marsh off Bennington Street in East Boston from 10 to noon and at John Paul II Park off Gallivan Boulevard in Dorchester from 2 to 4 p.m.

Only caveat: Don't bring your own dogs.

Via dotmass.

By - 1/12/09 - 2:17 pm

Victor Rosario, who managed to beat a man to death despite being shot in the chest himself, today pleaded guilty to the April 23, 2007 death of Frank Dillon on Marion Street in East Boston, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office announced.

Rosario was sentenced to eight to ten at MCI Cedar Junction.

According to the DA's office:

By - 1/8/09 - 9:22 am

They're down. Anthony Giacalone reports 2008-vs.-2007 prices and notes that while almost all the condos on the market in 2007 were new, more than 20% of the condos that went up for sale in 2008 were foreclosed units owned by banks.

By - 12/31/08 - 8:18 am

The Globe reports on the lawsuit by Pasquale Capogreco of Winthrop, who alleges the DA dropped drug charges against an East Boston acquaintance because the guy's brother is East Boston state Rep. Carlo Basile. DA Dan Conley and Basile both deny the charges.

By - 12/29/08 - 9:23 am
Downtown at night

Faegirl took this cool photo of downtown Boston from the Madonna Shrine in East Boston.

By - 12/23/08 - 1:53 pm

Fabulously Out There reports on a wonderful thing outside her East Boston home:

... The old gentleman was standing there with his shovel and had this mountain of icy snow in front of him, tough to do for even a young men. And I am not exaggerating when I say that other people came running with their shovels.

There must have been 5 men shoveling his spot free.

That almost made me cry. Maybe I am sometimes built a little close to water, but that just made me really happy. ...

By - 12/17/08 - 8:30 am

Anthony Giacalone reports that banks are beginning to unload foreclosed properties at reduced prices - especially if they're in need of some work:

... At 212 Chelsea Street, a bank owned brick three family is on the market for $189,900. This property sold in December 2005 for $430,000. ...

By - 12/11/08 - 8:23 pm

Faegirl lists them, including the one thing that only East Boston residents have - special sound-proof windows paid for by Massport:

Massport windows are among the best inventions in the world. They keep out the noise, the cold, and don't shake nearly as bad as other windows.

By - 12/9/08 - 11:17 am

[float=right]IMAGE(http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk143/nfsagan/playable-shirt.jpg)[/float] Instructables .com has this post on how to rip apart an electric toy piano and wire it into a shirt turning your chest into a playable instrument, and your outfit into yet another way to get arrested at Logan Airport by over reactive under trained security personnel, who will not drop charges when they make a false arrest.

By - 12/7/08 - 11:39 am

Channel 4 reports on the early-morning fire at Heritage Apartments, an elderly housing project on Jacobbe Road.