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2013 elections

Former state rep, Menino aide, thinking about running for mayor

The Globe reports Charlotte Golar Richie of Dorchester is thinking of running for mayor because, well, why not?

If elected, she would be our first black woman mayor from Brooklyn. If she runs, she'll be competing against, among others, Mike Ross, who would be our first Jewish mayor, Will Dorcena, who would be our first Haitian-American mayor, Felix Arroyo, who would be our first Hispanic mayor, Bill Walczak, who would be our first Polish-American mayor, Charles Clemons, who would be our first mayor to own an unlicensed radio station, Rob Consalvo, who would be our first Italian-American mayor to succeed another Italian-American mayor, and John Connolly, Dan Conley and Marty Walsh, any of whom would be our first Irish-American mayor in 20 years. Also thinking about a run: Ayanna Pressley, who would be our first black woman mayor from Chicago.

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Mike Ross runs for mayor; is anybody left?

City Councilor Mike Ross, who almost fled to Newton, today jumped into the race for mayor of Boston:

This week, our Red Sox returned for their home opener, providing Bostonians with a surge of hope, optimism and renewal. Every year on Opening Day, I think back to 13 years ago, during my earliest days as a city councilor, when a small group of us stood together against powerful forces to save Fenway Park. All of Boston won that fight and look at the neighborhood today.

Today, in that same spirit of community activism and determination to continue building a better Boston, I am announcing that I will be getting into the race for mayor.

I love this city. I believe in its people and our limitless potential. It's why, when I formally kick off my campaign in May, you are all invited to hear me share a progressive vision for Boston that is built on the values and diversity of our neighborhoods, and rooted in my upbringing and work on the city council.

I learned from my father, a survivor of the Holocaust, that we all have a duty to ensure the society we live in is just, equal and fair. Through him I understood the immigrant experience and,

as a first generation American, I want to help new generations achieve their dreams as well.

My mother, a 71 year-old proud and openly gay woman, taught me that we don't judge people by how they look or who they love, but rather what they do and how they treat others.

And it was Tom Menino who taught me long ago that the business of public service is, at its heart, about helping people. For many Bostonians, he is the only mayor they've ever known. My service as city council president was a partnership with Mayor Menino that I will always be proud of.

I believe that leadership is about standing up for what you believe in, especially when it's hard. I also know that the best ideas come from outside the walls of City Hall.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to the many conversations we will have in the months ahead.

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Walsh makes it official: He wants the mayor's job

State Rep. Marty Walsh of Dorchester today finally officially announced his bid for mayor in the fall elections. His campaign says he already has $200,000 in the bank, with commitments for $400,000 more in donations.

His press release:

Rep. Martin J. Walsh formally announced today that he is running for Mayor of Boston. "I love this city - its people, its institutions, its traditions and its innovations - and want to do all I can to see it continue to thrive. Boston is a diverse and welcoming center of creativity, where people are valued and possibilities are realized. The future of Boston depends on the education of our children, the strengthening of our working families, the protection of our vulnerable, and the growth of our businesses. I am running for Mayor because I have the skills, record and passion to do the job. I want to move our schools forward, create good jobs for local residents, and create an environment where families can prosper and businesses can grow."

Walsh opened up a campaign account this week and has over $200,000 in the bank. In the few days since he opened this account, Walsh has captured commitments for an additional $400,000 towards his campaign.

Walsh, a lifelong resident of Dorchester, has represented the 13th Suffolk District in Dorchester since 1997. In the Massachusetts House, he has been a steadfast voice for civil rights, working families, youth, seniors, and addiction and recovery services. He is the son of Irish immigrants, and attended St. Margaret's in Dorchester and Newman Prep. He graduated from Boston College in 2009, working his way through college at night while serving the the state legislature.

He currently holds a leadership position in the House as the Chairman of the Committee on Ethics, and he is the Co-chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party Labor Caucus. He serves as a Board Member for local organizations such as the Dorchester Boys and Girls Club, The Gavin Foundation, the University of Massachusetts Labor Caucus, Friends for Children, Project D.E.E.P., and the Neighborhood House Charter School. In the past, Rep. Walsh has been President of the Columbia Savin Hill Civic Association, Dorchester Allied Neighborhood Association, and the Savin Hill Baseball League. Walsh has also been the Business Manager of the Boston Building Trades, a position which he is resigning effective Friday, April 12, 2013 to pursue the mayoral bid. He is a member of the Laborers Local 223.

Walsh will kick off his campaign on Saturday, May 4 at 10 am with a rally at a Dorchester location to be announced. Said Walsh, "We plan to gather hundreds of supporters, neighbors and friends, and begin a grassroots neighbor-to-neighbor campaign that will take us to all corners of the city. I will be a Mayor for all of Boston, and I look forward to meeting with voters and taking that message out there."

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Guy who co-founded radio station could run for mayor - against guy he founded the station with

John Laing of Hyde Park, who co-founded Touch FM with Charles Clemons, has filed papers with the state for a committee to run for mayor. Clemons has also filed papers to run for mayor. They'd still have to collect 3,000 signatures to get on the ballot this fall.

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North End restaurateur ponders bid for at-large council seat

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports Philip Frattaroli, owner of Ducali Pizzeria, could go citywide.

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Report: Flaherty to try to get back onto council

The Herald reports former at-large Councilor Michael Flaherty will run for an at-large seat, rather than for mayor.

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Felix Arroyo to join the mayoral party tomorrow

Michael Jonas tweets he formally announce at the offices of SEIU 615, where he was an organizer before getting elected a city councilor.

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Dorchester community activist to run for mayor

The Globe reports that Bill Walczak, co-founder of the Codman Square Health Center and former head of Carney Hospital, decided yesterday to run for mayor.

He becomes the seventh person to say he is running for the city's top elected job this fall.

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Irish eyes smiling on Irish-American candidate for mayor - no, not that one, no, not him, either, the other one

The Galway Independent finds an area man who used to live here to exult that state Rep. Marty Walsh would make a great mayor, at least as far as Galway is concerned:

If he were elected Mayor of Boston, I think he would try to push and pursue whatever kind of collaborations and links between Galway and Boston that he could. He would be great for Galway, there's no doubt about that.

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Tito Jackson not running for mayor

The Dorchester Reporter alerts us that the Roxbury district councilor isn't looking to change offices at City Hall this year, which is too bad, because we could really use a candidate with his own music video - or even one who can play a mean keyboard:

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Rob Consalvo announces he's running

City Councilor Rob Consalvo (Hyde Park, Roslindale, Mattapan) says he's running for mayor. His statement:

Boston City Councilor Rob Consalvo announced today that he would be a candidate for Mayor of Boston. Rob pledged to lead Boston into its next generation of greatness and continue working at making Boston better.

"For the last 11 years I have built a very strong record as a Boston City Councilor bringing new ideas, new energy, and new vision all across our city," Consalvo said.

Under Consalvo's leadership, the city has embraced new "Shotspotter" technology that has enabled Boston police officers to respond at the scene within minutes of shots being fired.

As a parent of two Boston Public School children, Consalvo has strongly advocated for the Boston Public Schools and worked with parents to create an innovative community school district in Roslindale – the first of its kind in the city and a model for the new assignment plan.

Under Consalvo's leadership, Boston became the first city to pass an ordinance called "John's Law" to help stop drunken driving. John's law and a similar law in New Jersey served as the catalyst for national legislation later passed by Congress.

Consalvo authored a groundbreaking foreclosure law that holds banks accountable for blighted properties in Boston's neighborhoods.

"I am running for Mayor because I love the City of Boston and I am prepared and ready to serve all of our neighborhoods. I have a proven record of innovation, leadership, compassion, and a strong commitment to public service," Consalvo said. "Boston is a great city. But there are ways to make it even greater and to make sure everyone in it benefits from that greatness – and that is what I want to do."

Consalvo will formally kick-off his campaign later this month.

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Connolly to pick up some hometown endorsements

A trio of West Roxbury officials are scheduled to endorse John Connolly for mayor today outside the West Roxbury BPL branch.

If you want to see City Councilor Matt O'Malley (West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain), state Rep. Ed Coppinger (West Roxbury) and School Committee member Mary Tamer (who is from West Roxbury), they'll be at the library at 12:30 p.m. to announce their support.

Connolly, who lives in West Roxbury, is currently an at-large councilor.

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Conley joins Connolly in race; will Marty Walz join Marty Walsh?

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley made it official today: He's running for mayor this fall.

His formal statement:

Boston is a great city, and with the right leadership and vision, its best days are still ahead. So today I am officially declaring that I am a candidate for Mayor of Boston.

My entire career has been dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless and hope to the most poor and vulnerable among us. Boston needs to be a city where long-time residents and those fixed on incomes can feel secure, and where middle class families aren't priced out. It means making Boston a place where younger residents can start careers and families, and where our poorest neighbors can find real economic hope and mobility.

To make Boston the city we want it to be requires a mayor who can make tough decisions, even when they offend powerful interests and upset the status quo. It's going to require a mayor who leads with integrity, for whom transparency is a way of doing business and not just a buzzword, and who will ensure that city government is responsive and accountable to the people it serves. We'll need a mayor who can manage and innovate in good times and tough times. We'll need a mayor who has worked with residents and businesses in every neighborhood and has built partnerships with every conceivable constituency. Finally, we need a mayor who recognizes Boston as a city defined not by old divisions and superficial differences but by our shared hopes and aspirations.

I've done these things. These qualities are the hallmarks of my career and the leadership I will bring to the Mayor's office. So if you are like me and love this city and want to see it live up to its full promise and potential, then my campaign is your campaign. Boston can only reach its full promise and potential when every one of its residents has a fair chance to reach theirs. I intend to put my heart and soul (and several pairs of shoes) into this campaign. I ask for your support, your energy, and your ideas and together we'll make Boston the most livable and workable city in America.

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Dan Conley is a go

WBZ reports Suffolk County DA and former city councilor Dan Conley will announce tomorrow he's running for mayor.

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O'Malley won't, but Arroyo may

UPDATE: The Herald reports state Rep. Marty Walsh of Dorchester is running.

City Councilor Matt O'Malley (Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury) this week took himself out of the running for mayor this fall. But in an e-mail to supporters today, Councilor Felix Arroyo (at large) says, yes, he's thinking about running - but first he wants to see if he can raise the $1 million he says it would cost:

If you believe, like I believe, in a Boston where everyone has opportunities to succeed, where we invest in all of our communities, where every child can receive a quality education, where we care for our elderly, where everyone can live in a safe neighborhood, and where we all have a say in the direction of our city, I ask that you please give now and give as generously as possible. Your donation will make this campaign a reality.

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Get your mayoral madness brackets

David Bernstein has put together a 64-candidate mayoral-candidate list. Voting starts tomorrow.

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Why we shouldn't let some rich businessman buy the mayor's office

So far, most of the speculation about who will join John Connolly (oh, OK, and Will Dorcena and Charles Clemons) in the race for mayor has focused on people who have already held public office. Chris Faraone ponders the possibility that one of our local Bloomberg wannabes might want to break open the piggy bank and waltz into City Hall:

Neither over-educated Commonwealth residents, nor our region's relatively competent media, are above propping a filthy rich egomaniac for office. Just four years ago, Bain Capital alum and Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca bought himself a podium on the U.S. Senate debate stage, and was for some reason not laughed out of the state for suggesting that owning a basketball team is a relevant prerequisite for Congress. This is insane.

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Mayor of 'the greatest city on earth' announces farewell

Tom Menino entered Faneuil Hall a little after 4 p.m. today to a standing ovation and "My Way."

"I never dreamed I would end up here, mayor of Boston during its best years," he told the packed auditorium, saying that in jobs, graduation rates, construction, credit ratings, population and crime, the city is at its best numbers in decades.

"Boston's neighborhoods are thriving as they never have," he said. "And most important to me, we are more open and accepting city."

Menino said that physically, he feels better than he has in a long time, although he joked he should be at a physical-therapy appointment rather than giving a speech.

"I'm back to a mayor's schedule, but not a Menino schedule," he said. "And I miss that." He fought back tears as he finally, publicly said that he would not run this fall, that he would give up the job he loves, even though "I can run, and I can win. And I can lead. But not in the neighborhoods, all the time, as I like."

Menino said he first started thinking about not running for a sixth term several months ago; vowed he has "no intention of letting up just yet" and is merely entering a new chapter in his life on the public scene. However, he said he would not endorse a successor, asking only that Bostonians "choose someone who loves this city as much as I do."

He cited the well known statistic about how he's met roughly half the entire city's population and answered the question of how he could do that with a litany of accomplishments helping individual neighborhoods grow.

"All you do is start in Roslindale and rebuild its main streets with neighbors. You walk with the proud residents of Bowdoin/Geneva." He also pointed to everything from a new supermarket in Grove Hall to a landfill in West Roxbury turned into a park, "dazzling new libraries" in Mattapan and Brighton, summer job programs and the start of the Fernandes project in Dudley Square.

He added, "you reach out to the homeless on cold winter nights and say they count also."

"I just did what I loved, then it wasn't too hard," he said of shaking hundreds of thousands of hands.

"Boston is the greatest city on earth," he added. Boston "gets gets better every day because of all of you. And as long as you work together, that will never change."

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What would you put in a Menino museum?

David Bernstein (who broke the news that Hizzona was not running again) wonders what exhibits the curators of a Menino museum simply must have (needless to say, it would have to be located near the Menino Arts Center and the Menino Wing of the Hyde Park library):

What should go in a Menino Museum?

David Bernstein asks.

Storified by Adam Gaffin· Thu, Mar 28 2013 09:18:42

Driveway of the #MeninoMuseum would have a pothole in the process of being fixed.David S. Bernstein
#MeninoMuseum Thesaurus #TooEasy?Pundit Review
crumbled cookie #meninomuseum @dbernsteinDrew Grande
Definitely the paper with his "Varitek splitting the uprights" speech. MT @dbernstein: What would go in a #MeninoMuseum commemorating him?Matt Dolloff
Cottonballs? Marbles? What's in his mouth? MT @BostonPhoenix MT @dbernstein: what would go in a #MeninoMuseum commemorating his tenure?[by the stone]
The day the Mayor threw his 3's up with @SlainesWorld and @edogboston has to go in the #MeninoMuseum <a href="http://t.co/0RVOMKoW0y" class="">pic.twitter.com/0RVOMKoW0y</a>G. Valentino Ball
@dbernstein Kids stuck on a school bus in 2 feet of snow. #MeninoMuseumMike Neff
@dbernstein Wall of Fame full of jerseys of mispronounced names. Wekler, Wilcock, Gonk, KJ, Hondo, Varitek Pats jersey. #MeninoMuseumMike Neff
I'd go to check out the "Hey What Happened to Sam Yoon" exhibit. #MeninoMuseumBilly Palumbo
#MeninoMuseum would have an exhibit supporting a Boston-area soccer stadium, but it'd only be available once every four years.Adam Sell
@dbernstein a parking space chair,a parking meter, a Denver boot, a tow truck et al #MeninoMuseumowlgarden
@dbernstein The parking lot of #MeninoMuseum would never be plowedMatt Nowak
#MeninoMuseum would have a food court with every chain restaurant...except @ChickfilA #eatmorchiknMariaV

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Oh, yeah, there were a couple of Senate debates yesterday

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