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Priapic bridge jams Morrissey Boulevard

UPDATE, 7:29 p.m. Bridge is back down.

Jeannie Doherty reported at 6:42 p.m. that the venerable Beades Bridge, which lets motorists get on and off Morrissey Boulevard when it's not flooded, is stuck in the upright position.


Judge dismisses lawsuit over Mount Ida College shutdown, says officials did nothing legally wrong

Students at Mount Ida College may have been caught by surprise when the school suddenly shut last year, but they shouldn't have been and officials at the Newton school did nothing legally wrong in closing the school and selling its campus to UMass Amherst, a federal judge ruled yesterday in dismissing a suit by three students who sought damages for the sudden change in their educational careers.

\US District Court Judge Richard Stearns wrote that the three students, who had filed a suit seeking to represent all affected students against the school's president, trustees and other officials had "no standing" to sue because they failed to make their case and so he dismissed their suit, with prejudice.

Stearns dismissed allegations of fraud and misrepresentation over the failure of merger talks with Lasell College and the subsequent decision to just give up and sell off the campus to UMass Amherst. In his order dismissing the case, Stearns wrote the students failed to show that Mount Ida officials lied about finances and that if they did not divulge everything to students, well, "Mount Ida’s audited financial disclosures, which plaintiffs do not allege were inaccurate, were publicly available." He added that students, learning to research, should have been able to get at this data:

Plaintiffs provide no support for their contention that "it is incredulous . . . [to] argue that college students should have done independent research to find these financial statements, interpret them, and make decisions based on them."

And in any case, Stearns continued, the students failed to show that any of the statements that officials did make to them were lies - or that officials had an obligation or "fiduciary duty" to share financial data with students. He added that "Massachusetts courts have consistently held that no fiduciary relationship exists between a student and his or her college."

Stearns also rejected a claim by students that in shutting the school, officials broke a contract with students, one the students agreed to by paying tuition in exchange for a degree, by failing to provide the complete education they had promised to the students.

Plaintiffs fail to identify, among other things, the specific terms of the purported contract, when it was formed, and who negotiated it. Merely paying tuition in exchange for an education does not create a contract. Ultimately, the lack of specificity is fatal to plaintiffs’ breach of contract claim.

Alleged privacy violations stemming from the school's sending anonymized student information to UMass Dartmouth actually served "a legitimate purpose," to make it easier for Mount Ida students to transfer to UMass Dartmouth, and were not a privacy breach, he wrote.

Stearns also rejected a claim by students that the shutdown was illegal under the state consumer-protection law. He did not discuss several additional claims by students, writing that all the problems he had already found with their suit gave him more than enough grounds to just dismiss the whole thing.


Suspect found for Dorchester memorial vandalism; undergoing observation

State Police report they have a suspect for the vandalism at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on Morrissey Boulevard:

The man, a 33-year-old Dorchester resident, was taken into custody without incident this morning by State Troopers and UMass Officers. He was then interviewed by police.

Following the interview, the man was sent to a Boston hospital for mental health evaluation and treatment. As such, his name is not being released at this time.

If he is released from the hospital over the weekend he will be returned to police custody and charged with offenses of malicious destruction of property over $250 and tagging. If he is hospitalized for treatment he will be summonsed to Dorchester District Court on those charges at a later date.


Parked pickup explodes in Roxbury

HaiKid93 reports on the scene outside his home around 3 a.m.:

When you think the week is over and a car just blows up casually down the street.


A little parthogenesissss at the Aquarium

WGBH reports an anaconda at the New England Aquarium gave birth (yes, anacondas give birth) to 18 babies (sadly, most died) despite living its entire life in an enclosure with just three other female snakes.


Boston Calling, Roslindale complaining

Were the winds just right last night to carry the sounds of Boston Calling bands as far south as Roslindale and Dedham? At 9:55 p.m., Lindsayisms posted a complaint:

WTF is happening with the loud ass bass in Rozzie (Washington & Beech) right now? I get it’s a long weekend and early in the evening but damn, kids. TURN IT DOWN. Mama’s gotta sleep.

The Keep Roslindale Quirky group on Facebook was also filled with, if not complaints, at least questions about where all the music was coming from - from people in Roslindale, West Roxbury and Dedham. Some skeptics, though, said, it couldn't be and was probably just somebody with their car stereo cranked to 11 and the windows.


MFA bans members as racists unable to control themselves in the presence of minority seventh graders

The Museum of Fine Arts reports it's revoked the membership of two patrons it has identified as treating minority students on a field trip from a Dorchester school like crap and has told them to stay away:

The MFA has determined that Museum visitors made racist comments to [Davis Leadership Academy] students on two separate occasions. We have identified the patrons who made the disparaging remarks and revoked their membership, banning them from the Museum’s grounds. We will serve them with a no-trespass cease-and-desist notification.

The museum continued that a review of the incidents the day of the school's field trip showed that a staffer warned students against bringing "water bottles," not "watermelon" on their walk, but added:

The students visited a number of galleries and special exhibitions during their trip. These spaces were patrolled by 13 separate security guards who were all stationed in designated areas. During this time, guards went on and off break and occasionally overlapped as they moved from one area or another. Based on surveillance footage, it is understandable that, because of this movement, the students felt followed. That was not our intention. It is unacceptable that they felt racially profiled, targeted and harassed. In response, the MFA is taking a number of steps to adapt security procedures—specifically designed to make sure that all people feel welcome, safe and respected at the Museum. This includes additional training for guards in how they engage with visitors inside and outside the Museum, as well as reviewing how guards are instructed to patrol the galleries.

The museum said it is consulting with outside experts on "continued mandatory unconscious bias training, conflict resolution training, and sexual harassment training for all staff" and:

[T]he Museum is reviewing all visitor touchpoints to ensure that every visitor’s experience from entry to exit is positive and welcoming. Internally, the Museum was already in the process of launching an independent employee engagement survey to solicit confidential feedback about our workplace. Externally, the MFA will continue to develop roundtables of outside groups, which have been gathered in recent months to advise on exhibitions and programming.

MFA staff will dedicate itself to this work over the coming, weeks, months and years, knowing that there will always be room to improve protocols and procedures to better reflect the Museum’s institutional values of inclusion, care and shared accountability.


Arab Film Week 2019

Friday, Jun 07, 2019 7:30p -
Sunday, Jun 16, 2019 5:00p Read more.

Free tagging: 

Police say Roslindale man had 3 1/2 pounds of fentanyl

Boston Police report that after an investigation, they arrested a Roslindale man and seized what turned out to be 1,620 grams of fentanyl and $5,179 in cash. Read more.

Thu, 05/23/2019 - 10:35


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