A gallon of rusty, moldy water on the head

Andy Bailey posts a copy of a letter he sent the MBTA after a morning commute (a couple of weeks ago; I'm slow on the uptake sometimes):

My wife and I were riding on Red Line Car #01622 this morning. When the train made a sudden stop between North Quincy and JFK, a piece of the ceiling paneling gave way and approximately a gallon of a mixture of water, rust, and mold poured onto me, my wife, and another female passenger. ...

Summer Reading Musts

Got a great summer read to suggest? Help compile a master list by submitting your recommendation to the WBUR Arts blog.

WBUR arts critic Adrienne LaFrance starts with her picks in a wide range of categories including science, art, history, new fiction, guilty pleasures (but not so guilty you could buy them in a grocery store) and more.

Throw in your two cents by visiting: http://blogs.wbur.org/arts/?p=357.


Click for Italia!

Some supporters of Italy in the World Cup today went down to Columbus Park to exult after Italy's win over Germany. "They took the head off Colombo!" one supporter yelled when he saw the statue, which, indeed, no longer has a head. Click the image above to hear them sing Italy's praises (750K QuickTime file).