Homeless man set on fire in the North End

Apparently not satisfied with merely kicking a sleeping homeless man in the stomach in Langone Park off Commercial Street early this morning, two guys doused him with a flammable liquid and then set him on fire. He was taken to Mass. General with burns on his legs. The two suspects, described as black men about 30 (one wearing a White Sox cap) are still at large, BPDNews reports.

Channel 4 report.
Channel 7 report.

Meanwhile, over in the South End, a 7-Eleven clerk who tried to stop two men from walking out the door with stolen goods shortly after 1 a.m. got himself dragged outside and stabbed in the stomach. Police say he's expected to recover (more details at the same link above).

Roast boar

On Amuse Bouche, Jo writes she noticed a softball-sized package of wild boar in the freezer at John Dewar in Newton Center. She bought it, made roast wild boar with port cherry sauce and declared she wants more:

... It was absolutely amazing. The meat is not at all like the pork you are used to. Dark, dense, and more like beef or buffalo to the tooth, it is a substantial meat. The taste was like a more intense version of the way I remember pork tasting as a kid before they were all defattened and fed a universally bland diet. ...

Witness to a rollover

On underthesink.net, Berto reports on a rollover he witnessed yesterday on the Revere/Saugus line (which town it was in mattered because it determined which town would send police and EMTs when he called 911 on his cell phone):

... Now we're all just waiting for the cops and ambulance. The guys seem fine to the naked eye, so people start looking more closely at the car. Everyone sees the vodka bottle.

It's one of those fruit flavored vodkas, with a green cap. I can't tell if the bottle is open or not. ...