When Boston started getting skyscrapers

On DesignerBlog, Will begins a series on construction of the Pru and the Hancock:

... The excavation site became a major attraction. People lined the fence and waited eagerly to see how far down each pile would go. Anticipation increased after a hundred feet, then a hundred and fifty; a hundred and seventy five. Finally, at one hundred and eighty feet, the first pile bounced back up about a foot. It was struck again, and bounced again. Very gently it was tapped into place against solid rock. Now they knew. ...

The wheels have come off the Reilly bandwagon

That's John Daley's assessment:

... Some politicians can be incredibly brave, rational and decisive when it comes to public policy -how to spend and distribute tax money, etc. In other words, other people's stuff. But for the big decisions where their own fate or ambition is concerned, panic and an inability to decide on a course of action set in. This is what we may be seeing here.

Change comes even to Southie

The Doorman comes back to Southie after a long sojourn in New York and cannot believe what he sees when he stops at a liquor store on West Broadway:

... We're in the heart of Southie, and it's January, and three guys are standing in front of the place smoking. Who are we dealing with here? Some of Whitey's boys? Am I gonna have to throw down? Pull out my gat and be firin'?

So, you know, my guard's up when I'm walking in there, but then I see two hot chicks checking out the wine selection. Classy ones, not pregnant visor-wearing redheads with butterfly knives sticking out the pockets of their overalls. And then there's a guy with a poodle. And three guys who give me a wide birth walking in, as if they'd never seen such thuggery. And, finally, the guy wearing the leather pants.

In South Boston. A guy wearing skintight leather pants. ...

Call her crazy

On Jenny Sais Quois, Jen once again wonders what strange magnetism she has that attracts freaks, such as the woman who came up to her in Trader Joe's near the Pru while she was checking out meat for dinner:

... This woman walks up to me, waves her half-full cup of sample coffee in my direction and starts asking me if I have any secret information on why her building manager can't get around to replacing her oven. ... As I stood there clutching a four-pack of boneless pork chops, she rambled on and on about various people connected with her oven issues, and the number of obstacles between her and a functioning appliance. I finally decided that maybe fish for dinner would be better, and I escaped her clutches and ran for the frozen seafood. ...

Call me a cab

Jennifer discovers there is justice after all - twice this week, she's seen Boston cabbies doing typical Massholish things involving red lights and such get pulled over by the cops.

Across the river, lizpund explains why you should sign an online petition in favor of Planettran, a Cambridge cab company that is seeking city permission to keep operating its fleet of hybrid taxis.

The Valentine's Day relationship competition

Blogorelli is sponsoring the Life Cycle of a Relationship (10 Steps) competition: Come up with a 10-song playlist that follows that theme - using songs available for public sharing:

... I and a few impartials will listen to the mixes, pick the top three, and award the spectacular and completely hypothetical blue ribbon on Monday, February 20, 2006. The prize is a $10 iTunes gift card to the winner, and a $5 iTunes gift cards to the second and third finishers. ...