Drivin' along in his automobile

On Boston Crazy Driving, Tim discovers he's not the only one to loop around Logan waiting for an incoming flight rather than parking, wonders why the lady in the minivan is going 25 in the HOV lane in the tunnel and concludes that the Big Dig has improved traffic:

... Everyone was supremely impressed, not in me, but in the fact that it seems like maybe the Big Dig might have been worth it after all. Or, as my sister-in-law wryly pointed out, our traffic is getting better because everyone is leaving.

Enough with the girls' names on laws, he says

Chris Cagle wonders about the recent spate of laws named after young girls, such as Nicole's Law, which mandates the use of carbon-monoxide alarms effective today:

... It's never Mark's Law or even Patricia's or Linda's Law. ... I think the legislature should drop the flair for melodrama and go back to naming things stuff like the Carbon Monoxide Detector Residential Requirement Act.

Sconeless in Cambridge

Steve Nadis does not mourn the passing of C'est Bon, which, as he notes, is now c'est gone, but its closing this week does make him tally up the number of scones he'd gotten there over the past five years:

... Somewhere between 300 to 400, I'd estimate. That's a lot of fat, a lot of calories, and probably at least $500 spent on scones--$500 I could have just as easily given to panhandlers, to folks selling "Spare Change" (the homeless newspaper), or to the guy collecting for "Wheelchair Basketball." Instead, I elected to gorge myself on (conservatively estimated) 150 pounds of raisin or blueberry scones. ...

Random Acts of Violence at the Middle East Upstairs

Jenny goes, takes photos and nurses her new bruises:

... I have bruises on my shins (from being pushed into the stage), bruises on my elbows (from being pinned to a wall in a desperate attempt to sacrifice my own body rather than my D70), bruises on my head (I took an elbow to the right side of my skull), and bruises on the top of my hand (which I have no idea HOW I got). ...

Save the billboard

Sign of timesAt Mass Revolution Now, Andy has launched a campaign to save the "Little Brother Is Watching" billboard that the state has suddenly decided violates state law:

... Ladies and gentlemen free speech is under attack not only nationally but now here in the "liberal bastion" as well. The case may very well be that Rosenthal's billboard does not meet a technical requirement but Rosenthal makes a great point, would anyone challenge his billboard if it read "Support Our Troops?"

He provides addresses and phone numbers.


Citibank sucks

On Life According to Carrie, Carrie informs Citibank that after five phone calls in one week trying to get her to sign up for a new credit card, the next time somebody calls, she will hunt them down and rip their lungs out:

Me: (rudely) "What do you want?"

Citibank Bitch: "We are calling to see if you are interested in the new Citibank Signature Credit Card..."

Me: (cutting her off mid-sentence) "How many damn times are you going to call me about your damn card?! I've already told the four previous idiots that I wasn't interested!"

Bitch: "Well, you didn't tell me"

That REALLY just pissed me off. So out came the big guns. ...

Ironically, Carrie already had a Citibank Visa card. But not anymore.