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The part of Boston directly across Boston Harbor from downtown, i.e., East Boston.

Large, fluffy rolls, a.k.a. kaiser rolls.
Reuven Brauner

Rubber bands. Properly pronounced "lastics."
James Ritz

Laugh so hard milk would come out your nose if you were drinking any at the time.
Alicia from Meffid

Foreign-born Irish. Derisive Southie term for recent immigrants from Ireland who take high paying jobs in high tech.

The numbah aftah thihdy-nine.

Out-of-stater. "One of the worst places to be is stuck behind some rubbernecking foreigner, for example, on Newbury St. or any of the converted cow paths Boston is home to."
Erica Hruby

Someone who went to Harvard as an undergrad and then went to Harvard Medical School. See also Triple Eagle.
Casserine Toussaint

Hot dog. You can find them in the meat depahtment, neah the hamburg. Served on Massachusetts frankfurt buns, which are mostly white on the outside.

A milkshake or malted elsewhere, it's basically ice cream, milk and chocolate syrup blended together. The 'e' is silent. Despite the chocolate syrup, it actually comes in many flavors. "My favorite was a coffee frappe with two scoops of ice cream in Guild's Drug Store (pronounced like guile), which stood on Boylston and Exeter until this past year when they wrecked it,'' Dee Burton reported in 1997.

Frappe reviews

The F-word as an adjective in polite company. "Often paired with 'wicked,' creating the sublime poetry of 'That kid's wicked frickin' quayuh,' or 'The Ozzy cawncert wuz frickin' wicked!!!'"
Daniel Boudreau

Bihzah. "The only time my car ever breaks down is when it's right in front of my house - Isn't that fried?!?!?"
Dan Lebowitz

A Boston Fudgsicle.