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A city next to Sommaville. People on the north side of the city pronounce it "Medfid."

Well, or so we've been told. We received this urgent message: "I'm Alicia, from Meffid, and I want to cleah somthin' up right now. I have a B.A. English Lit., from U-Mass, and a Master's in elementary education from Lesley, but most impohtantly, I have a diploma from Meffid High School. I have been down the squayah, down the Mall, and up Fulton Heights tryin' to get this thing cleahed up. It is not and never was MEFFA! It is and always has been MEFFID. I will gatha signachas. I will shout this fact from any table at Papa's down the squayah (Papa Gino's Meffid Squayah)."

But then we got this note from Daak Madison, another local: "I guess I'm a weirdo, but I say Medfid. And if I'm talking to officials of any kind or strangers who I'm sure don't know their way around, I say Medferd."

And we recently heard from an ex-Medford resident who adds: I grew up in Meffid but now live in the suburbs of Concord. Whenever I tell people where I'm from, they will correct MY pronunciation and say "Oh you mean MEFFAH". People who grew up in Meffid know how it's pronounced! This is a source of constant irritation to those of us who grew up in Meffid and needs to be corrected. Townies unite!"

Third-year student at Nawtheast'n University (a five-yeah school).
Allison White

Milk with some flavored syrup, but NO ice cream.

Compare to: frappe.

Friend, in the Nonantum section of Newton.
Steven Liberace

Officially, Morgan Memorial, but can be used to refer to Goodwill, the Salvation Army or any other charity that picks things up or runs a thrift store.

To welch on a bet or to stiff someone on a debt. "I owe him $20 since forevah; but I'm quittin work, so I mushed him."
R.D. McVout

No way!
Al Donovan

Opposite of "yuh" or "yah."

When used with a day of the week, to indicate an upcoming day, for example: "Let's meet Friday next."
Michael Howell

Something that is very cool: "I just bought a nizza looking sports car for only $18,000."
John Scaro

"Really?!?" or "What did you say?!?" Often answered with "Ya huh!"

A proud Massachusetts driver, bangin' ueys and cuttin' you off like nobody's business. Now officially enshrined in the Oxford English Dictionary for all the world to enjoy:

A contemptuous term for a native or inhabitant of the state of Massachusetts.

Updates on Masshole driving techniques.