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A U-turn - the Official Turn of Boston drivers.
Keith McDuffee

Heading south on the Cape.

In Gloucester, a trip that involves heading southbound on Rte. 128 - usually in connection with a trip to Liberty Tree Mall or North Shore Shopping Center: "I gotta go up the line ta finnish my Christmas shoppin'. "
W. Olson

Island south of the Cape.

"Let's step outside to the parking lot and settle this like real men."

Terra incognita; beyond the bounds of civilization (some Bostonians will argue that that boundary is actually Rte. 128).

"I think a Bostonian would much rather go north or south than east to west. There is a sense that anything west of Rte. 495 needs a passport and currency control." -- John Mullin, director of the Center for Economic Development, UMass-Amherst, in the Boston Sunday Globe, 5/31/98.

How are you?

"A favorite insult of my 85-year old maternal grandmother; usually yelled out the window of her car when cut off in traffic on 128, or or when someone is ridin' her bumpah: 'Get offa my ass, ya whoah-monga!' "

Griffin Hansbury

A complete replacement; "I got a whole 'notha computa on my desk now."

Wicked high tidesWicked high tides a common problem on Morrissey Blvd. Photo by Lauren Glynn.

A general intensifier; very: "He's wicked nuts!"

Something that's just absolutely too cool for words.

Something that's way cool.

Cocaine, in Charlestown.
The Burke Boys

Reply to "No Suh!"
Laura McAvoy

"Yeah," when followed by a word that begins with the letter I. "Yeah, it's awesome" comes out as "Yarit's awesome."
Matt Ross

To make fun of: "What are you, zooin' on me?" Heard in Hyde Park.
Dan Lebowitz

Graduate of ZooMass, a.k.a, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Jeff Kline

Verb. When the mayor takes control of an idea first proposed by a city councilor. Derived from West Roxbury City Councilor John Tobin's idea to build a citywide wireless network, which Mayor Menino latched onto as if he had thought it up (in the end, a few scattered pilot projects were built in Roslindale, Roxbury and the area around City Hall; no citywide network was ever built).

On Sept. 28, 2011, David Bernstein tweeted about an announcement by the mayor about an ad campaign against sex trafficking:

Menino WiFi's Ayanna Pressley. #bospoli MT @mayortommenino: Just launched a human trafficking awareness campaign...: tinyurl.com/6jevq34

What Boston would become if only a speaker's audience would rush right out and do whatever the speaker is asking them to do.