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Up the line

In Gloucester, a trip that involves heading southbound on Rte. 128 - usually in connection with a trip to Liberty Tree Mall or North Shore Shopping Center: "I gotta go up the line ta finnish my Christmas shoppin'. "
W. Olson


Westa Wistah

Terra incognita; beyond the bounds of civilization (some Bostonians will argue that that boundary is actually Rte. 128).

"I think a Bostonian would much rather go north or south than east to west. There is a sense that anything west of Rte. 495 needs a passport and currency control." -- John Mullin, director of the Center for Economic Development, UMass-Amherst, in the Boston Sunday Globe, 5/31/98.



"A favorite insult of my 85-year old maternal grandmother; usually yelled out the window of her car when cut off in traffic on 128, or or when someone is ridin' her bumpah: 'Get offa my ass, ya whoah-monga!' "

Griffin Hansbury



Verb. When the mayor takes control of an idea first proposed by a city councilor. Derived from West Roxbury City Councilor John Tobin's idea to build a citywide wireless network, which Mayor Menino latched onto as if he had thought it up (in the end, a few scattered pilot projects were built in Roslindale, Roxbury and the area around City Hall; no citywide network was ever built).

On Sept. 28, 2011, David Bernstein tweeted about an announcement by the mayor about an ad campaign against sex trafficking:

Menino WiFi's Ayanna Pressley. #bospoli MT @mayortommenino: Just launched a human trafficking awareness campaign...: tinyurl.com/6jevq34