Up the line

In Gloucester, a trip that involves heading southbound on Rte. 128 - usually in connection with a trip to Liberty Tree Mall or North Shore Shopping Center: "I gotta go up the line ta finnish my Christmas shoppin'. "
W. Olson



re: Up the line

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I gru-up in Glostah. I remembah my parents and grandparents always saying "up the line". You'd ask, "Where-ze wok?" (translation:Where's he work?). Answer would be, "Ah d'no, somewheah up the line." I now live in mid-coast Maine. They say "wicked" a lot, but boy, sometimes I have no clue what the native Maineah's ah talkin' 'bout. Took me a day to figure out the plumber was saying he had to go to "PAHT-lin' for a paht" (Portland for a part). I got the "paht" paht, but not the PAHT-lin' paht.

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