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Forest Hills

By adamg - 3/23/23 - 1:42 pm

In the Jamaica Plain Facebook group, somebody posted today a sign in the window of the on-again/off-again Simpli Bar & Bites on Washington Street advertising the impending arrival of a new place called BU Bistro, with the BU standing for, no, not what you'd think, but "Be Understood." Read more.

By adamg - 2/14/23 - 11:43 am

Transit Police report that a 19-year-old man and an 11-year-old boy punched and kicked a 63-year-old man in the upper busway at the Forest Hills T station around 8 p.m. on Monday. Read more.

By adamg - 1/24/23 - 9:51 am

Jamaica Plain News reports the reason for the appearance of construction equipment and fencing outside the former JJ Foley's Fireside Tavern on Hyde Park Avenue is so a developer can begin work to put up a four-story, nine-unit apartment building. Read more.

By adamg - 1/21/23 - 10:28 pm
River Street crash scene

Photo by Live Boston.

Live Boston reports at least two road ragers managed to make it nearly 3 miles from Ukraine Way and Hyde Park Avenue in Forest Hills to Hyde Park without killing anyone before crashing in front of the block of stores that includes Asian-Thai Eatery on River Street near West Street in Hyde Park around 7 p.m. - possibly reaching speeds of up to 90 m.p.h. along the way. Read more.

By adamg - 1/12/23 - 6:36 pm
Car on fire outside Brassica in Forest Hills

The VU shows us the car fire outside Brassica and across from the T stop in Forest Hills around 6:10 p.m.

By adamg - 1/11/23 - 5:05 pm
Old Orange Line cars at Forest Hills

Power flows as red light stays on.

The other day, one of the new Orange Line trains was parked on the tracks that continue for a bit past Forest Hills surrounded by a flotilla of the older cars, even some of the OG 1200 series. Read more.

By adamg - 1/3/23 - 5:28 pm

Bukhara, which apparently last served something before Thanksgiving, remains closed, with a "For Lease" sign in the window, leaving Tikki Masala as the only Indian restaurant across from the Forest Hills T stop.

By adamg - 12/9/22 - 9:49 am

The Dogwood Cafe, which has been serving basic American food, wood-fired pizzas and drinks for 27 years, reports, "with deep regret and a heavy heart," it is closing for good on Jan. 14.

Via Boston Restaurant Talk.

By adamg - 12/5/22 - 11:47 am
Forest Hill elevated crash

The Boston City Archives posted a couple of photos of the aftermath of a crash at the Forest Hills elevated station on Dec. 4, 1921, when the last car of a train derailed, causing one train car to fall to the street - narrowly missing a streetcar. No deaths or injuries, unlike a derailment on the el at Beech Street and Harrison Avenue seven years later that killed two and injured several more.

By adamg - 11/14/22 - 10:20 pm

Transit Police report arresting three teens - 14, 15 and 16 - they say were particularly vicious in attacking a cop during a melee at Forest Hills station that began when officers told roughly 50 teens to move along rather than continuing to loiter in the station lobby. Read more.

By adamg - 9/1/22 - 2:47 pm

Keolis announced today that it will be having even more Providence Line and Franklin Line trains stop at Forest Hills both on weekdays and weekends to handle riders who would normally take the Orange Line or who just don't like the idea of taking a shuttle bus, no matter how plush the seats. Read more.

By adamg - 8/19/22 - 9:29 pm
No more trains at Green Street

The sign at Green Street says it all.

Kristin MacDougall got off the last train into Forest Hills tonight and reports that the departure board immediately lit up with "No train service" and then The Voice announced over the PA: "This station is closed."

Perhaps appropriately, that last train was one of the 1980s rolling rec rooms with the wood paneling rather than one of the shiny new bing-bing-bing-bing jobs: Read more.

By adamg - 8/5/22 - 2:20 pm

NBC Boston reports one of the two workers injured trying to deal with the flaming bus was released from the hospital yesterday but that the other was admitted for care.

By adamg - 8/4/22 - 3:57 pm

Darragh Murphy captured the flaming bus on Washington Street, reports:

Kudos to the driver for safely driving their ON FIRE bus into the @MBTA yard. Also kudos to @BostonFire for arriving in less than a minute and putting out the fire.

Video: Bus flaming in the bus yard.

By adamg - 5/16/22 - 9:19 pm

Transit Police report arresting a Quincy man they say was sitting in a seat on an Orange Line train at Forest Hills Saturday evening when he "got up from his seat ran towards the train's window and kicked it causing it to shatter." Read more.

By adamg - 5/2/22 - 11:11 pm
Smith behind the bar

Smith behind the bar with the one installed tap - for Guinness; says more will be online by next week.

Eugene O'Neill's, across from the Forest Hills T stop, plans to throw open its door on May 12, some 4 1/2 years after it closed during the morass caused by the demolition of the old Casey Overpass and construction of the new Arborway. Read more.

By adamg - 4/29/22 - 10:54 am

A Boston Police officer who says he suffered permanent injuries in a crash on Hyde Park Avenue at Ukraine Way and is no longer able to work is suing the drivers and companies he says were to blame. Read more.

By adamg - 4/28/22 - 1:01 pm

A Transit Police officer who dragged a man off a bus, used his knee on the man's back to hold him to the ground for 20 seconds, then pushed his head into the pavement had his case continued without a finding for 18 months, which means the charges will go away if he stays out of trouble for that time, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By adamg - 3/18/22 - 12:19 pm
Cruiser that was on fire

The cruiser that was on fire. Photo by Chris in 02134.

On the lower side of Forest Hills station around 12:05 p.m. The officer inside was able to get out OK. A passerby with a fire extinguisher helped extinguish the fire, which apparently started in the vehicle's electronics in the rear, before it could consume the entire vehicle. Boston firefighters responded and made sure the fire was completely out. Traffic towards Jamaica Plain on Hyde Park Avenue was diverted at Ukraine Way.

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