Jamaica Plain

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It might look something like this:

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Boston Police report the arrest of Gorio "Mikey" Lopez of Dorchester for the March 11 gunshot murder of Shoughan Morgan on Mozart Street in Jamaica Plain.

Lopez, 19, was to be arraigned this afternoon in West Roxbury District Court.

Innocent, etc.

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As I type this, Joseph Porcelli is livestreaming the JP landmark's move seven blocks to a new home (the parade kicks off at 2). He reports 300 or 400 people are already there.

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Happy peds

It doesn't take much to make peds happy, Scott discovers on a walk around Jamaica Pond.

Copyright, Scott.

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The Jamaica Plain Gazette reports on how the BRA is encouraging Citizen Advisory Committees set up to review local development projects to bar non-members, such as reporters:

The BRA insists that the Open Meeting Law does not apply to these advisory groups. The BRA prefers public meetings, it says, but claims it does not control the groups, which are free to discuss issues without public scrutiny.

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The deli with outlets in West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain has plenty of sandwiches named for Italian and Jewish gangsters, but none for Irish mobsters, whether local or not (gosh, I can't imagine why a sandwich shop in West Roxbury wouldn't want to name wraps after Irish thugs, can you?).

Apparently, one Italian resident of Roslindale takes great offense at having to explain the Tony Soprano and the Lucky Luciano to his grandchildren - but not the Meyer Lansky or the Moe Green - enough to write a letter to the Transcript, which now has a poll up on whether the sandwich names are offensive to Italians (but not Jews, apparently).

My advice to the offended man in Rozzie? Eat local - at the Square Corner Cafe or Romano's.

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I was driving by the lower level of the Forest Hills T stop around 2 and saw what looked like the remains of quite a fire: A gutted and blackened low-rider Civic or Accord being pulled up onto a flatbed truck right in front of the station.

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Boston Police report on a cab ride that didn't end well around 3:40 this morning at 250 Moss Hill Rd. in Jamaica Plain:

The victim reported to officers that he picked up the suspect and his girlfriend at a downtown bar, and drove them to 250 Moss Hill Road. The victim however told officers that when he told the suspect cost of the fare, he started arguing with him and then rammed the victim in the nose with his head. According to the victim, after the suspect head butted him, he then walked over to a car parked in the lot and grabbed an 8x3 stud and attempted to hit him with it. The victim reported that the suspect did not him because the suspect's girlfriend interceded and stopped him. The victim reported that the suspect did end up paying but only after assaulting him and then fleeing into the home at that address.

Gervase F. Toner, 30, of West Roxbury, was charged with assault and batter and assault by means of a dangerous weapon.

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Boston Police tweet there was a fire at 3234 Washington St. in Jamaica Plain around noon and that several nearby streets were closed as a result.

Lori Magno lets us know a fire at Canton means delays on the Providence/Stoughton commuter-rail line.

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Gorio LopezUPDATE: Lopez surrendered to Boston Police on March 23.

Boston Police report they are looking for Gregorio "Mikey" Lopez, 19, of Dorchester for this morning's shooting murder of Shoughan Morgan, 32, on Mozart Street in Jamaica Plain.

Police say witnesses heard two men arguing on the third floor of 43 Mozart St. around 2 this morning, shortly before they heard gunshots. Morgan was pronounced on the scene of a gunshot wound to the chest.

Police say they consider Lopez armed and dangerous.

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Captured: Alleged Orange Line groper led away at Stony Brook.Captured: Alleged Orange Line groper led away at Stony Brook.

MBTA Transit Police report arresting an Everett man yesterday on charges he kept feeling up a woman who didn't want to be felt up on the train between Green Street and Forest Hills.

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The Herald reports a man, 30, was pronounced dead at the scene when police arrived at 43 Mozart St. shortly after 2 a.m. today.

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Boston Police report they are looking for a maroon Camry with a missing driver's side mirror whose driver fled after running down a guy standing in the middle of Centre Street in Jackson Square around 8:30 last night:

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All that's missing from MJ's photo of Hi-Lo Foods on Centre Street are some Chevy BelAirs and maybe a Nash Metropolitan or a Studebaker.

Copyright MJ.

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Cruiser struck in JP. Despite catching up to the vehicle and chasing it for roughly a mile to the Brookline border, the officer failed to get the make, model, or license plate- or a description better than "a white SUV".

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Monk or inmate?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, or, in the case of the Arborway overpass by the Forest Hills T stop, when somebody paints over some graffiti, take advantage of that by drawing a head and hands atop the "body" (his left hand is actually on the other side of the pillar). He's been there for several months now, too.

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The Jamaica Plain Gazette posts the good news.

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Tire arsonist?: Police say he's getting ready to start a tire fire.Tire arsonist?: Police say he's getting ready to start a tire fire.

Boston Police have released a series of photos of a man they say may be responsible for using tires to set several Jamaica Plain homes and a business on fire in recent months - and that there is now a $5,000 reward for information leading to his capture.

Police say the photos were taken around 4:40 a.m. on Feb. 7 at 22 Sigourney St., shortly before flames erupted.

The man is also suspected for setting Maria's Hair Salon and Spa on fire around 4 a.m. on Jan. 6 and then setting 111 School St. on fire early on the morning of Jan. 28.

Information can be called into the city Arson Hotline at 617-343-3324. Anonymous tips to 1-800-494-TIPS or via texting 'TIP' to CRIME (27463).

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Gribley posted a time-lapse series of the view out his JP window overnight (used under this Creative Commons license).

Steve Garfield measured the snow in JP live on NECN, via his cell phone.

Fotosqrrl captured a guy sweeping dirty off a snowbank on School Street with a broom.