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Red Line

By adamg - 12/11/19 - 8:51 am
Wait at Porter Square for the Red Line

The T isn't announcing any official Red Line delays, but as Jennifer Helfer discovered at Porter Square, just because a train pulls into the station doesn't mean you can get on it.

Meanwhile, Ryan provides some video of the water pouring into one Red Line car from Braintree this morning: Read more.

By adamg - 12/9/19 - 10:29 am

Even as state officials keep boasting of $8 billion in upcoming new trains and tracks and stuff, the T is continuing to suffer serious safety and other problems because of inadequate maintenance of the trains and facilities it already has, caused in large part by ineffective policy setting by constantly changing leadership, according to a report by a panel formed to investigate T safety issues. Read more.

By adamg - 12/6/19 - 9:48 am

A. He has a wooden leg. The Globe's Emily Sweeney reports on the 1955 fall her grandfather took onto the tracks at what was then Park Street Under. Afterwards, he made the news around the world.

By adamg - 11/24/19 - 8:44 pm

Last week, state Rep. Mike Connolly (D-Cambridge, Somerville) got a promise from T officials to do something about the perpetual even-in-dry-weather puddle at the bottom of a set of stairs on the outbound side of the Central Square Red Line station. He reports today: Read more.

By adamg - 11/18/19 - 4:06 pm

With many Red Line riders still fuming over delays this morning that lasted more than an hour, Gov. Baker's office decided 12:35 p.m. was a good time to boast about improvements being made to the Red Line.

By adamg - 11/18/19 - 10:33 am

Jessica Saint Jean reports from a Red Line train on which she'd been trapped in a tunnel for an hour (the one that shut down the whole line, perhaps?): Read more.

By adamg - 11/18/19 - 9:15 am
No train at Davis Square, sign says everything is stopped

Hey, sign, how's the Red Line?

Mister Jon is among the discouraged hordes at Davis Square for the first Red Line commute after the first Red Line Repair Weekend and he reports things are not going well: Read more.

By adamg - 11/14/19 - 9:15 am
Empty train at Kendall Square

Tom was among the passengers ordered off an inbound Red Line train at Kendall Square around 8 a.m. because the train just couldn't take it anymore. "Smells of burning rubber/oil," he reported. The T reported the newly ill train caused delays of up to ten minutes southbound.

By adamg - 11/13/19 - 9:51 am

The MBTA is reporting southbound Red Line delays of up to ten minutes due to bum signals at Andrew.

By adamg - 11/12/19 - 6:08 pm

The MBTA is blaming a deceased train at Savin Hill for mounting Red Line delays. Stuart Spina reports:

57 minutes to travel ~1,700 feet. That is all.

Jon adds some people are just walking: Read more.

By adamg - 11/7/19 - 10:26 pm

First New Red Line Cars Arrive in Boston

Chris Lovett of BNN took a tour at the T's Cabot Yard in South Boston today. The cars look a lot like the new Orange Line cars, except a bit wider and a lot redder. The goal is to replace all the current Red Line cars by 2023.

By adamg - 11/2/19 - 10:43 am
Sign in Brookline Village points to Red Line station, even though the Red Line goes nowhere near there

Seth Kaplan has been watching all the new office construction along Rte. 9 in Brookline Village these days ... Read more.

By adamg - 10/25/19 - 1:11 pm

Service is running again, but with delays of up to 15 minutes, the MBTA reports. Scott Eisen reports the person "got themselves out once the power was shut down."

By adamg - 10/24/19 - 11:21 am

The MBTA is reporting Red Line delays of up to ten minutes due to a train that sighed and died at Charles/MGH.

By adamg - 10/22/19 - 9:39 am
Judgment vs. judgement

One of the legions of prescriptivist spelling nerds who have long harshly (if normally quietly) judged Planet Fitness for their "judgement free" zone finally couldn't take it anymore and took pen to health-club ad on the Red Line - only to be countered by one of the legions of descriptivist gadabouts who tells him to chill, as Michael, who appreciates "some good old fashioned pedantry," shows us.

By adamg - 10/10/19 - 9:09 am

Cowardly Assault & Robbery Ashmont MBTA


Transit Police report arresting a Hyde Park man and say they are looking for other men for an attack and robbery at Ashmont station around 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

Read more.

By adamg - 10/9/19 - 11:36 am

The MBTA says all's right with the world and the Ashmont line again after a dead Red Line train there was taken out back and, well, you know.

By adamg - 10/9/19 - 9:05 am
New Red Line cars

The MBTA reports the first of the new Red Line cars arrived at the T's Cabot Yard in South Boston yesterday. Read more.

By adamg - 9/27/19 - 9:54 pm
Red Line test car being offloaded in New Jersey

Red Line car being offloaded in New Jersey

The MBTA reports that the first two "pilot" Red Line cars from CRRC arrived in New Jersey from a Chinese factory today and will now be trucked up to the Red Line's Cabot Yard in South Boston, where they will undergo extensive testing (including, no doubt, of the doors) before the T gives the go-ahead to CRRC's Springfield plant to start cranking those puppies out. Read more.

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