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By adamg - 2/18/10 - 4:07 pm

Tonight on "Greater Boston," Emily Rooney discusses that pressing Boston-area issue - what Tiger Woods will say in his scripted event tomorrow.

Also: "The animal ambassador of SeaWorld & Busch Gardens joins Emily along with some of her friends: a baby kangaroo, a kookaburra, and American alligator and Magellanic penguins." Busch Gardens is on the South Shore, right?

By adamg - 2/3/10 - 12:08 pm

Boston magazine has a long article on the public-radio war between WBUR and WGBH that I'm sure is just absolutely fascinating, but which I'm having trouble reading because it's just so full of mistakes, starting with the very first paragraph:

By adamg - 1/11/10 - 1:35 pm

David listens to 'GBH's "Here and Now" killer, wasn't much impressed.

By adamg - 1/6/10 - 9:03 am

John Carroll reports on last night's woefest at Old South Church about what WGBH is doing to classial music on air - which seemed to consist mainly of people complaining about crappy reception of WCRB.

Laurence Glavin files a report as well, notes "several rows" were set aside for the media, so expect a flood of stories about "Whither Classical?" over coming days.

By adamg - 12/18/09 - 11:18 am

Alex Beam reports on the war between WGBH and WBUR for public-radio supremacy in this most NPRish of towns:

... 'BUR staffers have an almost mystical faith in WGBH's management ineptitude, and in the past they have not been disappointed. ...

But 'GBH is hiring 10 new reporters and producers (Quick, Robin! To the Bat Resume!).

By adamg - 12/11/09 - 4:46 pm

Tonight's "Beat the Press" is scheduled to discuss the Amanda Knox verdict:

After being convicted of murder, much of the reporting by the US media sided with Knox, questioning the fairness of the Italian justice system. Was it similar to the British coverage of the Louise Woodward verdict?

By adamg - 12/10/09 - 6:52 pm

Boston Music Intelligencer reports.

By adamg - 12/3/09 - 9:35 pm

It's not enough that WGBH is stealing WBUR's news/talk format; now it's trying to wrest away its slogan, too. The station, which used to call itself "Boston's NPR Arts and Culture Station" is now calling itself just "Boston's NPR Station," as if WBUR, "Boston's NPR News Station," no longer existed. As 'BUR reporter Andrew Phelps sums up: Pretty ballsy.

By chrismatth - 11/28/09 - 10:02 pm

The Twitter account for WGBH's "Greater Boston" (@GreaterBoston) has been hacked. Either that, or PBS is finally offering some good loot when you donate money during commercial breaks.

By adamg - 11/6/09 - 9:27 am

WGBH tells the Globe that when the purchase of WCRB goes through, it will eliminate folk and blues programs because there are other outlets for that in Boston (so good news for WUMB, Boston's other other public radio station) and it wants to keep its programming "unique." And by unique, it means adding news and information shows just like the ones WBUR and WBZ already broadcast.

By adamg - 10/20/09 - 7:43 pm

OK, OK, I got sucked in and actually watched "Greater Boston" and its expose on Balloon Boy.

By adamg - 10/20/09 - 4:15 pm

Beats me, but Emily Rooney will be discussing the case tonight on "Greater Boston," which describes itself as tackling "the region's top news stories with original reporting and comprehensive analysis."

So I look forward to her "in-depth discussions with guests from diverse perspectives" (in this case, two lawyers she dug up) that will take us "beyond the day's headlines," such as, oh, letting her explain her fantasy about punching Balloon Boy's mom in the face and knocking all her teeth out, because right now, that's about the only original thing about this case that's gone untackled.

By adamg - 10/19/09 - 1:12 pm

Rooney rants; remains amazed that a mere blog could break news.

By adamg - 6/23/09 - 7:46 am

Philil Greenspun runs some numbers, concludes that WGBH on-air fund drives don't bring in enough to cover the costs of annoying listeners and driving away advertisers sponsors and that the non-profit station could make up the difference in the compensation of the 14 vice presidents who made between $200,000 and $350,000 a year in 2006. Because, he says, WGBH no longer has a monopoly for the high brow in Boston:

... I'm listening to CBC Classical right now, which is free of all commercials, free of fundraising solicitations, and streamed at a much higher audio quality than WGBH's Internet feed.

By adamg - 3/12/09 - 11:37 pm

Uncle grumps that if WGBH is going to trot out Celtic music shows for pledge week, the least it can do is get some avant-garde performances:

... Grumble grumble...buncha people in kilts with attitudes, and they didn't even have someone playing the electric bagpipe!

By adamg - 1/29/09 - 4:31 pm

A former accountant for Channel 2 was indicted today on charges he embezzled $500,000 over nine years from the station.

Innocent, etc.

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