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MAP Out Your School Year

For any parents who have children moving or returning to Boston for college or grad school, there is one back-to-school product that can be called truly essential: MAP BOSTON. The Motion Affair Planner (MAP) BOSTON was created in 2006 by students and recent grads, for students and recent grads, and combines the utility of a city guide for locals with the necessity of a weekly planner, featuring over 100 off-the-beaten-path locations, maps of city streets and public transportation and academic calenders. It really is the perfect planner for anyone who either just moved to Boston or just wants to get to know the city better.

Most college students when they first move to the city tend to stay very campus oriented, rather than taking the time to explore this beautiful city. With the help of MAP BOSTON, adventures and fun times are right there on the page, waiting for them to go out and try these new experiences.

Anyone who wants to check out MAP BOSTON should visit http://www.MAPBOSTON.com for more info.

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