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Rodney Harrison, drug abuser

Lance cuts Harrison no slack:

Meet Rodney Harrison. Cheater, liar, thief. ...

Angela is more heartbroken than angry:

... Rodney made a huge mistake that hurts the Patriots and for that, I'm pissed. I'm not going to throw his jersey into a fire or boo him. ... he's going to have to make it up to me in October when he returns to the field. ...

Mats Tolander says it's a shame because now the Patriots' record is tainted


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I have a long winded response to this, but instead of taking up space here, I posted it in my Universal Hub blog.

The short version: Rodney broke the rules, let him pay the price.

However, many of our favorite players use steroids, etc - they just haven been caught (I'd bet a large sum that Harrison isn't the only well-loved Patriot who has used questionable substances). I'd also wager that almost all championship teams of the last 20 years across all leagues include prominent users, so the Pats’ record is no more or less tainted than anyone else.

I'm not here to excuse steroids. However, given that steroids have been prominent in pro sports since at least the 70s, and considering the evidence of rampant performance-enhancing substance use in pro sports, no professional athlete is 100% beyond suspicion; therefore, when compared to the norm, Rodney Harrison, while a rule breaker, is not the horrible black stain the media has made steroid users out to be.

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"the Pats’ record is no more or less tainted than anyone else."

While I assume several Patriots use or have used illegal or banned performance-enhancing substances it strikes me as reasonable to say that a team with one or several players busted for such abuse is more tainted than teams that don't. To what extent that taint matters is a different story. I certainly won't think any less of the three Super Bowl victories because of Harrison's abuse.

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