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A Natick collection of posts

Dare I admit it? We actually went to the Natick Mall yesterday. My basic reaction: It's a tarted-up paean to American consumerism. If you like the Atrium or Chestnut Hill, you'll love this joint - especially the new wing with the extra-pretentious stores and the lady playing a harp. Indeed, as we were eating a gelato on the floor above her, the guy behind us was gushing: "The Atrium looks like a dump compared to this place."

Get a grip, bub. In any case: The "old" section, basically from Macy's to Sears, is an updated, yupped up mall (they replaced the ice-cream stand at the food court with a sushi bar). Thank God: Spencer Gifts (now just Spencer's) is still there! Plus, they stuck on a JC Penney, just in case Sears no longer does it for you.

The new section, which extends perpendicularly from the center of the old one, is where all the real money shops. To me, it looks like the world's fanciest airport terminal, only with expensive stores instead of airplane seating areas. It's actually kind of dramatic standing where the old mall used to end and looking toward (the still not open) Neiman-Marcus. Then you notice the birch trees are fake and the plush white seats are already getting dirty.

But I'm no shopaholic (Greta, happy with an entire wing of stores for kids and tweeners, like Gymboree and Limited Too, kept asking me what I wanted, and I kept saying "to go home," so no, don't ask me along on any all-day shopping trips, just sayin'). More reactions:

Megan got up at the crack of dawn on Friday to attend Nordstrom's pre-opening tailgating make-up party:

... Christine finished me off with HydrAction Mist, and did my lips. She lined around my lips and then filled in the lips with the lip pencil which helps your lip color last longer. I usually go with a neutral rose color for my lips, but Christine thought I needed some bright pink - a hot color this season. I had my doubts, but I put my fate in her hands and was not disappointed. ...

After that, she shopped 'til she dropped.

Photo of people waiting for Nordstrom to open.

Patrick reports:

... One might think with such high-brow drastically overpriced retailers you would see more ritzy clientelle. Alas not, the same crop of slovenly american shoppers persists even amongst the $300 hoodies. The highlight was the older gentleman in the white bermuda shorts, white undershirt, and black socks to his knees ...

Color Kate happy:

... Aside from it being a total zoo the day after opening day, I was very impressed. ...

Han: I refuse to call it "the collection" I'm still going to call it the mall.



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I'm with Han - it's a mall (and I should know, I grew up in mall country... also known as suburban NY/NJ)

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I found the new section of the mall very boring. There is no sign of any life, no gardens, no live trees, very poor chi (natural energy)! The elevators are covered in a very poorly designed box affair. With great looking glass elevators these days why install freight like elevators in a new mall? I feel the water feature also was a poor design for the entrance, a huge waste of space. A nice water fountain, I feel would have been a better choice and it would helped the chi.

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