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Woman in bathtub full of rose petals consecrates $3-billion Fan Pier project

Jason Feifer tells us more, although, sadly, most of his post concentrates on boring Fan Pier construction details (24-hour city in a city, yada yada yada), rather than on the woman in the bathtub: Like, what was she doing there? Was she naked or did she have a bathing suit on? Did any of the dignitaries try for a closer look? How pruney did her fingers get?

More details on construction; none on the lady in the tub.

Sure, you'd expect Commercial Property News to ignore her in in its story, but the Herald? Gawd!

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Great, more unaffordable housing. It seems that there's no shortage of 'luxury' condos etc.

Maybe I can apply for one or more of the (low wage) jobs that are being hyped. Unless, they're being taken by illegal aliens.

Families with kids (the future) are leaving for the 'burbs. There seems to be a serious lack of housing for what's left of the blue collar/working class here in Boston.

How much tax breaks did this developer get? In the long run it'll reflect in my and your taxes.

Don't forget us.

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Good point: People want more details about the woman in the tub, not boring ol' Fan Pier! So here it is: The woman was one of a handful of models who were stationed and posed in ways representing the different elements of Fan Pier. For example, arts was represented by a guy dressed up like a painter. There were people representing restaurants, nightlife, etc. And for "spa," they had the woman in the bathtub, positioned most prominently in the middle of the lunch tent. She was mostly motionless, occasionally turning her head or opening her eyes (which was done, I'm guessing, to let her bosses know she hadn't fallen asleep). An interesting choice, for sure.

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