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When news breaks, fix it!

Last night, when Brian was blogging a two-car accident near his home, he added:

I now wait to see when/if this report's been picked up by Universal Hub the Boston area's citizen journalism hub and general place to read blog rants.

Cool! Going by our respective posting times, it took a bit over two hours for me to see his post in the Boston Feeds aggregator and link to it.

But here's a request/challenge: We could cut that down to almost no time at all. Get a Universal Hub account (they're free and we've got about a bazillion of 'em), and when news breaks, log on here and post about it (or link from here to the more detailed account on your site).

The way Universal Hub works now: The aggregator checks local sites roughly every three to six hours (I didn't want to annoy all you log-checkers with more frequent visits, but if you think it should visit your RSS feed more often, let me know). And I, well, sometimes I'm not checking the aggregator all the time, press of business and all that. But one of the reasons I moved from Movable Type to Drupal was so other folks could post news. So have at it!

Like the job UHub is doing? Consider a contribution. Thanks!


I actually sent Adam an email aobut this, and in it I wrote something I'll repost here:

"I wish I could just ping the Hub if I have something like this, because I don't feel like posting it through my account there (which I only use to comment). That'd be a neat feature."

In otherwords, I definitely want to blog things... but not all my things are pertinent to UHub, but those things that are, I don't want to have to post them twice, which is a waste of time, when we have things like Pings that could be used to automate the process.

LazyWeb I summon thee: There should be a ping-able URL that a Boston-area blogger can call upon when they think their post should be reposted at the UHub. I would say authenitcation is important, so people don't abuse or spam the system. So people who could do this would need accounts...


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Yeah, a good idea - why have to basically post the same thing on two sites? In fact, some other city aggregator sites work that way - their home pages are really just an empty post with a trackback URL.

I could try something like that here, although I have no idea how to limit use to authenticated users. Any Drupal/trackback experts out there?

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