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2007 Roslindale Day Parade

Unlike last year, the weather for the Roslindale Day Parade today was just wonderful. The woman above was part of a Bolivian dancing troupe. One cool thing: Boston firefighters, marching behind a "Thank you for your support" banner, got loud applause.

There were a lot of Bolivian dancers. Who knew there were so many in the Boston area?

Plenty of other dancers, of course:

That's the Tin Woodsman on the left and Dorothy on the right:

A bunch of local veterans' groups apparently spend the year between Roslindale Day parades carving wooden bears, because this float seems to grow longer each year. See if you can spot the beaver that snuck in somehow:


Old cars, some with interesting stuff in the trunk:

One of my favorite parts of the parade is always the commandante, or whatever he is, of the local Sons of Italy. He pretty much just stands atop his float, serenely and slowly waving at the crowds.

If you look closely, you can see the original Charlie on this MTA bus, running just a tad late on a run from Forest Hills:

I know it's just a Dodge, but this State Police patrol car still looks like it belongs in "Mad Max" or something:

And I know I shouldn't have thought it, but when I saw this church school's signs, I thought "Tastes Great! Less filling!"

Plenty of politicians worked the parade, of course. I'm not sure blue hair dye agrees with Marian Walsh, though - she seems a bit googly-eyed:

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