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Have the Red Sox really improved Fenway?

The neighborhood, that is, not the ballpark. In the Herald yesterday, Scott Van Voorhis gushed over how the Sox have turned a backwater into Boston's new exciting neighborhood.

John Keith begs to differ, arguing the neighborhood was just fine, if sleepy, before John Henry et al arrived and that, if anything, the neighborhood has done well in spite of the Red Sox and the neighborhood disruption they cause at least 81 times a year:

... The Trilogy and 1330 Boylston apartment complexes were built without any regard to the location of Fenway Park - it was more the proximity to Beth Israel, Deaconess, and Joslin & Dana Farber, in my opinion. ...

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Harvard secretley buys land in Allston and it's a horrible thing. The Sox do the same thing in the Fenway and it's a good thing. Someone, please explain this logic to me!

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When the city gave them another public road (Yawkey Way and Van Ness) to shut down for their monetary benefit on game days the Red Sox promised that anyone who wanted to pass through would be allowed with an escort. All you got this season was, "that is not our policy." And then you had a mighty long walk around or play dances with rats in the alley. Sadly, I no longer feel the love.
Just another Wahoo

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I've lived in Fenway (on Queensberry Street) and I have to say the Sox are bad for the neighborhood. Hang out near Fenway park in the winter and tell me if you disagree.

And summertime? Bad traffic on game days means non-fans just avoid Fenway in general. Especially restaurants (non-bar restaurants, I mean).

Fenway park attracts seasonal businesses like souvenier stands, encourages local businesses to turn into valet parking lots on game days, leaves trash, clogs roads, and brings money only into the ballpark and a few surrounding bars. At least the Landsdowne Street clubs are consistently open year-round.

I say this even as someone who likes the Sox.

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