Down and dirty

Following its "scoop" on Keith Foulke's Alabama orthopedic barbecue trip, Boston Dirt Dogs is once again under attack for allegedly just making stuff up:

Boston Blood Sox: I knew this whole story was a bunch of BS from the moment I heard about it:

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Boston Dirt Dogs is not a news source and shouldn't act like it is.

Bruce at Boston Sports Media Watch (who's long argued Boston Dirt Dogs is a blight, anyway): To call Dirt Dogs a fan site is to slap the true fans in the face:

... Hearing Silva defend his sources during a defensive call-in to the Dale and Holley was uncomfortable, to say the least. There was an email, and a posting on Sons of Sam Horn, and a call to a store owner in Cooperstown. He also said that the story was "out there" so he put on the site. That's hard hitting investigative journalism, folks. High standards as well. So next time you read any story on, remember that it could be following that same pattern…because the editorial standards are the same. ...

My standard newspaper disclosure.


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