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A spreading blight in Eastie

The cancerous Eabo meme is spreading:

EaBo is broken up into 3 major sections: Eagle Hill, Orient Heights, and Jeffries Point. I guess you could call Maverick a small area as well.

Spotted by the ever vigilant Marilora, who notes that, unlike EaBo, East Boston has FOUR major areas. She adds:

I wonder if this is an effort to trick unsuspecting yuppies into thinking that they are moving to a new, previously undiscovered neighborhood of Boston.

Earlier: Another sign of the End Times: Hipsters discover East Boston.

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That blog showed up in my referral logs this morning, searching for references to 'EaBo.' I'm heartened that most of the ones they probably found were negative.

I was also amused that the site refers to Eagle Hill being made famous in Mystic River. Because if ever a movie was trying to make a neighborhood look ripe for real estate vultures...

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