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Probably just a bunch of coincidences, right?

UPDATE: Connolly just lost my vote. His campaign admits sending out the Murphy piece.

Over the past two days, we've gotten a pair of mailings related to Tuesday's city council elections. One is from John Connolly and basically explains how wonderful he is and why he should be an at-large city councilor. The other is an anonymous mailing telling us how awful incumbent at-large councilor Stephen Murphy is.

What's interesting is the physical similarities between the two mailings. Both are the same size and use the same cardstock. Both make extensive use of dropshadow. The computer-generated mailing "labels" are identical (and in our case, both addressed to "The Gaffin Household"). And then there's the thing I find most interesting: That the cut-outs used to attribute something to the Boston Globe have the same exact scissor-like borders:

The Globe "cut-out" from the John Connolly mailing:

Connolly mailing

The Globe "cut-out" from the anti-Murphy mailing:

Murphy mailing

Now, this doesn't prove that the Connolly campaign had anything to do with the anti-Murphy mailing. There probably aren't a ton of union print shops (both mailings have the same union bug) that do political printing and it could be a case of two separate groups using the same shop by coincidence. And the Herald cut-outs on each flier have different borders. It sure would be interesting to find out who at 31 Milk St. (the address listed on the Murphy thing) published it.

And for me, ironically, the anti-Murphy mailing does spell out why I wasn't planning to vote for him: He seems terminally bored as a city councilor and keeps trying (and failing) to get other jobs. But if we do find out that another candidate is behind this gutless (because it's anonymous) mailing, he'll lose my vote as well.

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Are both of them from 31 Milk Street? If so, do the return addresses use the same typeface?

What sort of postage is on each mailing? If pre-sorted first class or third class, is there a permit number?

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The Connolly one lists a West Roxbury post office box and has a permit number; the anti-Murphy one has a "presorted standard" stamp and no permit number - and that infamous 31 Milk St. address.

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I'll try to remember to walk into that building Monday morning and ask the reception desk whether anyone's campaign committee is located there. I'll also look at the directory. I'm not expecting much, given that 31 Milk Street is also the address of a post office.

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Lessee here, the lessees here are:

Massachusetts Food Association
Telephone Workers Credit Union
United States Post Office
Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers
Anzuoni Stephen G
Bolvin Wealth Management Group Inc
Fragomen Delrey Bernsen & Loewyy
Hays & Skerry
Hays William
Lamont John R
Law Offices Of Chung Lee
MSX International
Newbury Financial Systems
O'Connell & O'Connell
Paradigm Properties
Responsible World Inc
Skerry Jeffrey J
Spring Hobart W Jr
State Street Consultants
Stedman Buttrick
Thornton-Thomasetti Group
Welsh Consulting Inc
Bender Nancy
Boston Insurance Specialists
Hatch H R Ins Agency Inc
Hollis Perrin & Black Ins Agency Inc
Kim's Lobby Shop
Mutual Trust Life Ins Co
The Premier Insurance Co Of Mass
Summers Robert L Insurance Agency
Travelers - Bender Nancy Z Agency Inc

I got all this by clicking on the building on the map on this link - it lists businesses listed for 8-37 Milk St.: http://boston.povo.com/Milk_Street_(8-37)

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Wayne Braverman reports getting a mailing from "The Parkway Coalition" reminding him that the last time somebody got elected as an at-large councilor from West Roxbury was 1979. One guess who is running for an at-large seat from West Roxbury this year:

... Many people feel that Connolly or his campaign staff as responsible for this ad and the attack on Murphy. His staff neither confirms nor denies it - they have been unavailable for comment over the past few days. ...

They must be really busy answering all those lengthy questions from the Globe and the Herald, which have been covering this year's election like nobody's business, snort.

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Connolly lost my vote too. Up until now, he had it. I thought he was a good guy, former teacher and all that. He's run good campaigns in the past. Funny thing is, his smear rang true. Steve Murphy has underwhelmed in recent years and looked for every hack job in the book. But he does show up at neighborhood meetings and seems to help out with local issues.

This anonymous mailing was a piece of crap. Honestly I've never seen anything like it in my mailbox, in 15 years living and voting in Boston. I didn't want to believe it was Connolly who did this. He has built a good reputation over years and now he has destroyed it in about 3 days. Coward. Gone.

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Once Connolly loses, he can travel the country presenting a seminar: "How not to do anonymous mailings"

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