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Lovestruck Arroyo blames defeat on Cupid

Gosh, the Globe has an entire two whole stories today on this week's Boston City Council election, or roughly the same number of stories as it ran in the weeks before the election (good work, McGrory). In any case, one of the stories looks at Felix Arroyo's defeat, and includes this:

Arroyo said yesterday that he had fewer campaign workers, less money, and was much less organized than in previous campaigns. He also admits he has been a little distracted.

"I'm in love," he said. "Love distracts you."

Arroyo's fiancee, Selene Acosta, a gregarious woman from Venezuela, volunteered during his 2003 campaign and accompanied him on many campaign appearances this year.

Love will keep them together - especially now that he won't be distracted by city business:

Arroyo and betrothed


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