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Where's a postal inspector when you need one?

Did John Connolly's not-so-anonymous mailings violate federal postal regulations? Connolly only admits to sending out some of the anti-Murphy mailings, although the Herald reports the others had the same postal permit number as used by the Connolly campaign for other mailings.


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On behalf of dead horses everywhere can we please leave this alone? NO ONE CARES (except Michael Pahre.) The election fizzled because of voter apathy….the position of City Councilor is as my beloved father was wont to say “useless as tits on a bull.” It is a Mayoral based government ….the City council means nothing…so lets move on. John Connolly attacking Murphy is analogous to discussing third string quaterbacks. Please let the horse rest in peace, and on an aside, Murphy is a tool who reaps what he sows…….

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