Everything that's wrong with CharlieCards

Bill compiles quite a list of outstanding issues, from the T's continued inability to figure out how to get them to work on commuter rail to the amazing way they've made fare evasion so easy:

... Fare evasion was somewhat of a rare sight for prior to the introduction of the AFC system, but now it's something you don’t have to look around to find. Three, four or five people going through a gate at once on a single tap of a single card occurs constantly. Evaders forcing their way past people as they open a gate to exit is something that happens frequently as well. ...

Other cities have implemented gate systems that have successfully kept fare evasion under control. The T spent millions on a custom solution that has turned evasion into an epidemic.

He also discusses ongoing delays in station reconstruction projects along the Green Line.



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Minor Infraction?

Every time I ride with my kids and my pass, they have us scrunch up and dive through the gate all together. It gets to be a bit of a game to pack and push.

One is 11, the other is 9. They are free with a paying adult, so this is perfectly legal fun with the gates. I have had people push up way to close to me, only to dive back and run through with another when they see that I have the ticket form of pass (Zone 1A) and not the tap and go.

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