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Police investigate yahoos shooting guns under Logan flight path

Jorge makes his daily trek to Belle Isle Marsh this morning and discovers three duck hunters:

... I have no quarrel with hunters but it is reckless to hunt within 200 yards of a busy street and 40 feet below the approach to a runway at Logan Airport and it is almost certainly illegal to hunt within the city limits of Boston with a firearm. The ultimate irony is that they set up their shooting blind at the base of the Osprey platform. I reported the incident to the Boston Police who seemed to take it seriously. It is very strange to hear gunfire in Belle Isle Marsh. I hope that these people stay away.

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Oh, the marsh is not the only place you will hear shot gun fire around Logan. We see the Loan airport Wildlife Hazaard Management staff kicking it up with the poor birds right at the airport all the time. Unfortunately, I don't usually have my camera handy, but we have seen them shooting overhead, sideways, I saw one guy pull up within 150 yards of me, take down three gulls and a duck in about a minute. I will keep my eyes out to post better footage. But, for anyone who is interseted, the adventures of Cowboy Logan 129: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwS4Bcu0ORU

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