The man with two thumbs on one hand

Amy reports spotting such a man on the Green Line - and also reports she wishes her neighbor would stop burning his bacon, because all the visits from the Fire Department are getting annoying.



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Quite common, actually

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Many people are born with extra digits, but they are born in places where the obvious spares are removed shortly after birth. Polydactyly or "extra digits" runs in families and persists in certain communities. Seisdedos or "six fingers" was one of the leaders of the Spanish Anarchist movement brutally suppressed by Franco, and Anne Boleyn was said to have had a spare finger on her left hand (considered to be evidence of intrinsic evil).

I actually have vestigial bones for a spare toe on each foot, splitting off from my pinky toe bones. These are underneath the skin and end before the first joint, and were found on x-ray when I injured my foot in junior high. This sort of stuff runs in my family.

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