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Globe reporter says Herald sucks, at least when it comes to Peter Berdovsky

Mooninites! Boy, that's a word I was hoping I'd never have to hear again. But Associated Press did a whatever happened to? story on Peter Berdovsky, one of the Lite Brite boys, and the Herald followed up with its own story on how Berdovsky must be made to pay as hard as he can and now Geoff Edgers at the Globe is busy deconstructing what he calls "an exercise in journalistic knee-jerkism" and an example of why "why younger people are abandoning newspapers in droves" by the Herald's Joe Dwinell. He also provides a sample of the sort of art the Herald seems to imply Berdovsky should be making.

Meanwhile, over at Boston Magazine, Amy Derjue tells Berdovsky to just shut his yap and grow up already and sternly advises Boston City Council President Maureen Feeney, who wants to send Berdovsky to bed without any dessert, to stop being such an enabler.

Bonus inside-baseball fun fact: Edgers and Dwinell used to work together at the Middlesex News in Framingham (I'm also an alum of the paper, but don't hold that against me).




Richard Rinehart, the Berkeley museum's digital art curator, said 500 people showed up the night Berdovsky was there, "and they were all enraptured by his performance."

Rinehart said he hired Berdovsky on a recommendation from another artist, not because of his Aqua Teen infamy. Not that that would have hurt.

"That kind of political mischievousness plays well at Berkeley," Rinehart said.

Political mischievousness? WTF is political about a stupid marketing stunt?

The flip side of the Globe oh-so-cleverly making fun of the Herald is that his appearance matters just as much to Edgars as it does to Joe Dwinell. If Berdovsky wore a suit instead of dreadlocks for his marketing work, doofuses like Rinehart and Edgars probably wouldn't be worshipping him but pillorying him as a capitalist tool.

Amy Derjue nails it.

The city should just ignore the kid when he throws his artistic temper-tantrum. It’s not like he’s going to make a fortune off whatever crappy video he edited together. It’s time to let the Aqua Teen Hunger Force terror scare go, and that means ignoring the little jackass who installed the devices.

The only thing keeping the "little jackass" in the papers at all are the big jackasses who still want to fight some imaginary culture war.

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Joe Dwinell retorts:

... On the day Berdovsky brought the city to a screeching halt, he was an ad man. The Aqua Teen hoax was not art, it was advertising. Am I wrong?

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And a pox on both of their houses... (the Globe and Herald, that is).

I should just come clean, here; I haven't read a pay-for-it daily print publication since September of 2005. That's when I stopped buying the Sunday Globe (when they changed the Globe Magazine enough to lose the advertisers I wanted to see, along with the stories I wanted to see). I stopped buying the daily Globe back in 1992. I've never to my knowledge paid for the Herald, mostly because it was a Murdoch rag back when and didn't improve when Purcell took it.

I don't even read their online pages any longer; the few stories worth seeing get linked back to from blogs like this one; their front-pages tend to be worthless.

And no, I don't watch the local news on broadcast TV, either. NECN gets my eyeballs in the morning, and Olbermann at night, but otherwise TV news spends too much time on folks named Britney and Lindsey and not enough on anything resembling news.

I think at this point I'm better off getting my news from rumor mills (e.g., blogs) than from the corporate media. YMMV.

I liked lite-brites, and I found the whole shutdown of the cit(ies) just crazy. And Burdovsky et.al. should never have been arrested. At Chez Toaster we're still wearing our t-shirts — at least when we're not wearing our other t-shirts...

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