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Who's on the copy desk?

Does anybody at the Globe edit wire stories? From the front page of boston.com, this AP story on Rudy Guiliani's Florida efforts says:

In an unconventional move, Giuliani largely bypassed the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina, pinning his hopes on a fractured field and the prospect that his moderate GOP record would attract support in the delegate-rich states of Florida, New York, California and Illinois.

As Brian Mooney wrote in December, Giuliani didn't bypass New Hampshire. He took a conventional approach to New Hampshire - ads, mailings, events - until his early lead in the state disappeared and he sank in the polls.

Ironically, Mooney himself gave the same wrong impression in his article on Giuliani last week, writing:

Giuliani built this box for himself with his highly unorthodox strategy of finessing six earlier states and loading up for bigger, delegate-laden states, starting with Florida[.]

I don't see how campaigning vigorously until quitting is exactly "finessing."



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